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    EMBERism is the ideology of EMBER, a secret government task force controlled by the Authorities to kill vigilantes and to maintain the hierarchy from the webcomic Unordinary by Uru-Chan. the Authorities often portrays EMBER as a terrorist organization to trick the people so he can stop vigilantes and maintain the hierarchy to control the populace. EMBERism inhabits the Authoritarian Right part of the political compass.


    EMBERism like High-Tier Hierarchycracy believes in maintaining a rigid hierarchy where the High tiers rule the lower tiers and maintaining it. It does it through a secret police force to assassinate vigilantes messing with the hierarchy. It also maintains the hierarchy through terrorist acts doing drug deals to create hierarchies in low-tier districts and oppress low-tiers and kill those people when EMBERism sees fit.


    EMBERism is creepy and often very mysterious, most people sees EMBERism as a separate terrorist organization. EMBERism loves doing illicit things and is very shady often very demanding. EMBERism isn't hesitant to kill and will do so very brutally. EMBERism also loves to assassinate vigilantes and often targets them. While EMBERism is portrayed in public as a terrorist organization, it's actually High-Tier Hierarchycracy to kill his opponents and maintain the hierarchy.


    Business Partners and Bosses

    • High-Tier Hierarchycracy - I'm basically him but this is just me when I really want to get rid of some enemies.
    • Police Statism - Adhere to the hierarchy and you shall be fine!
    • Secret Police Statism - Time to assassinate vigilantes!
    • Kleptocracy - Protect the hierarchy and the Authorities by doing terrorism and dealing drugs.
    • Spectreism - My weird admirer, some weird large company but likes to deal ability drugs like I do and also hates some of my enemies.
    • Agorism - Hey kid want some ability amplifying drugs?

    Partners or Potential Targets

    • Arloist Thought - My nephew but I realize he's not a big fan of terrorism also he recently got brainwashed by vigilantes so...
    • Two-Faced Democracy - I am actually part of the Authorities masquerading as a terrorist organization to keep the Authorities in power and enforce their rule onto society, but democracy is cringe.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - We must preserve the hierarchy BY FORCE! But you hate me selling drugs to people and doing crime.
    • Narco-Fascism - I supply the drugs now DO WHAT I SAY! But I don't really care about nationalism.


    • Vigilantism - NUMBER ONE TARGET, TIME TO DIE!
    • Rei Thought - That's what happens to vigilantes.
    • Remi Thought - SOONER OR LATER I WILL END YOU!
    • Unordinaryism - The inspiration of all vigilantes I will make you suddenly die unexplainably.

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