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    E-Girl Feminism is a feminist ideology that believes in female emancipation and empowerment, that can come from legally monetized internet work (whether sexual or other), as it is one of the few industries in which women are in moderate demand, earn considerable amounts of money, and have the opportunity to be their own boss. EGirlFem also sees this as a means of dispensing with conservative cultural notions regarding women, especially relating to sexuality.



    • Libertarian Feminism - You taught me to empower myself by becoming my own boss.
    • Cyberocracy - You who taught me that the internet is the future of business.
    • Cyber Feminism - Girl power through machines? Sound neat. Not sure if we have the technology for it just yet though.
    • Simpism - So sweet. Thank you for the tips~!
    • Discord Moderationism - Don't forget to subscribe! By becoming a subscriber, you receive access to my private discord server!
    • SJW - I really like you, but as a friend.
    • Capitalist Transhumanism - Technology makes money.


    • Bernie - All the boys went nuts when I posted that tiktok where I wore your shirt! But you are commie!
    • Avaritionism - At one side you are supercapitalist, but in other side gangs and killers can kill and rape me for free. That's why I will create security service of my subscribers in your regime.
    • Anarcha-Feminism - I know that freedom and feminism can go together nicely, but you still need a framework.
    • Liberal Feminism - Private property and girls running the world? Neat. But the quotas and box-ticking stuff is a little demeaning. I want to become a millionaire and do it on my own.
    • Agorism - I admire your money-making initiative, but best stick to the proper channels.
    • Libertarian Conservatism - Free market are cool, but I could do without all the shaming.


    • Piratism - If you didn't pay for it, you shouldn't get it for free.
    • Conservative Feminism - Where did those traditional values get us? Who forced them on me in the first place? I'll do what I want!
    • Marxist Feminism - You aren't liberating anyone by taking away the chance for me to grow my business!
    • Patriarchy - We're coming for you.
    • Masculism - WRONG
    • Tradwifeism - EWWWWW!!!! PICK ME VIBES!!! YUCK!!!



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