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    Dutch Patriotism was a republican Ideology in the Dutch Republic.


    After the Netherlands gained independence from Spain, the Dutch Republic was founded. Despite the name, the Dutch Republic was ruled hereditary by Orangist dynasty. The attempt to transform the Netherlands into a monarchy led to a conflict between the Orangist Stadtholders and the Regenten (regents).

    After the death of William II in 1650, the first Stadtholderless era came, during which time the Netherlands and the now republican Commonwealth of England were drawing closer together. However, this period came to an end with the Rampjaar, i.e. the beginning of the war with France, who was once friendly towards the Staatsen, and the re-established Kingdom of England and the crisis that followed.

    The second Stadtholderless era started after the death of William III in 1702 and led to the decline of the Dutch Republic and after the Orangist revolution, the a low-level civil war called the Patriottentijd started which was crushed by the invasion of the pro-Orangist Prussia.

    The last time where the Republicans came to power was during the French Revolutionary Wars and the new puppet state of France called the Batavian Republic which ended with the restoration of the monarchy by Napoleon.




    • Patriotism - You're kinda based, BUT STOP COPYING MY NAME!



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