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    Duncanism is the ideology of BERNHE0504’s French Bulldog, Duncan. He is very LibCenter, believing that it is always the correct time to consume random items and to do whatever you want. Spooks don’t exist, unless an action results in Duncan:

    • Having to take a bath.
    • Being told “no”.
    • Having food withheld from him.
    • Being picked up.

    Doing any of these things will result in the participant being unpersoned, eaten, shat out and then pissed on.


    Duncan is already extremely BASED, so therefore, it would take mere weeks for supporters of his to flock to the capital and take over the government.

    Beliefs [don’t take this too seriously]

    Duncan’s belief systems are heavily influenced by his personal opinions. He doesn’t care what people think because he assumes that he knows best. God help us.


    Duncan doesn’t know what abortion is because he’s a dog.

    Body Autonomy

    Duncan thinks that everyone should have the opportunity to roll around in grass at least once in their life.


    Duncan is (or at least acts like he’s) permanently on drugs, so all drugs are legal.


    Loud noises scare Duncan, so fireworks, guns and screeching feminists are banned.


    Duncan is known to be a bisexual, so gay marriage is allowed.


    Duncan loves his sister, so sexism is banned.


    Duncan longs to be a woman and is extremely effeminate, so he would provide free surgery to everyone regardless if they want it or not (Duncan is starting to get a little auth).

    Duncan Gallery


    • Duncan hates when people walk on sidewalks around him, so every sidewalk within 50 km of his presence is considered private property.
    • The death penalty is only reserved for those who violate the law. Any. Law.
    • The subject of Duncan being neutered is not allowed to be talked about.
    • If Duncan enters your house, it is his house until he leaves. You will still pay for all goods expended by Duncan if he decides to stay.
    • Duncan will go on walks whenever he wants to and other dogs must be unpersoned on sight if they bear his presence.
    • Duncan hates spicy food, so it’s banned.
    • Other than that, Duncan is a benevolent ruler. Oh God, Duncan just became auth.


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