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    DualPlay Ideologies ( Normal and Alt-Ego) are a self-insert created by the one user (DualPlay1) and his dark and schizophrenic ego. His views are not fully defined, he no longer defines himself as a communist, but he is not a capitalist or a corporatist either. As for the economy, he thinks it's too complicated and unfair, just like Democracy.



    •   Accelerationism - We must strive to overthrow the current, less fair system.
    •   Cryptocurrency System - The means of payment should be the only cryptocurrency for greater stabilization and standardization of the economy.
    •   Economical Denationalization - If the state took sectors of the economy, it would fall into more debt.
    •   Education Investment - Education is important in the future of mankind, completely reforming it.
    •   Unregulated Economy - The economy under a normal system should be intact, mostly uninterrupted by the state. Then it works best.
    •   Non-Prosperity - Instead of welfare programs, it can be lower taxes. And also welfare programs from the state heavily indebted and "pollute" the state.
    •   Piratism - Art (games, music, movies, images) should be for everyone and shouldn't be copyrighted.
    •   The Great Economic Reset - The economy should be reset to its initial state. And build new, fairer rules for the poorer.
    •   Anti-Corruption - Corruption destroys the state just as incinerator emissions destroy the earth.
    •   Anti-State Tax (State Tax-Free) - There should be no state taxes, although corporations can tax someone if you have used their services.

      Ethics & Lifestyle

    •   8 hour rule - Important to minimize the demographic decline, the problem of the world.
    •   Cannabis Legalization - If tobacco and alcohol are legal, why not marijuana?
    •   Gun Prohibitionism - Weapons accompanied people to attack others, so to end conflicts, all weapons must be abolished. Possibly for sports purposes. Although you have to pass a lot of tests to get a license.
    • In Vitro Legalization - why ban IVF when normally it's less safe.
    •   Polygamy Legalization - If marriages are only ceremonial, why can't they be polygamy? Although it may seem strange to others, marriages are ceremonial anyway.
    •   Same-Sex Marriage Legalization - Marriages are only ceremonial, so why ban them?



    •   Anti-Real Democracy - Democratic methods that actually change power after elections need to be overthrown because they are easy to manipulate.
    •   Ceremonial Democracy - It can make a kind of democracy, something like a ceremonial monarchy for example in Great Britain. So democratically, there are elections for a ceremonial president, but it is not really running the country, but someone else. And of course, when the ceremonial president wants to change something his way, he will be stopped by the authorities that actually rule the earth and there will be elections again.
    •   Helvetic Model - It's best to be a small country to make good money. At least there's less to maintain.


    •   Cultural Theism - God exists only in human culture though not for everyone.




    • [+30]   - You sound basic, and I think we've been talking to each other a bit.
    • [+25]   - Ideology a bit based, and of course friendship on a good level
    • [+20]   - We are very good friends, although the ideology is average.
    • [+15]   - We know each other well, but I am not yet a supporter of the free market.
    • [+13]   - You seem a little based, but too radical for me.
    • [+13]   - Same as Erissky. Though less radical in my opinion.
    • [+10]   - Monarchy is average, ideology is average... We know each other a bit.

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