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    Not to be confused with Dream.png DreamSMPism.

    Flag of Dreamism

    Dreamism, also known as Schizophreniaism is an off-compass ideology, inhabiting the libertarian centre quadrant of the political compass. He sees the 'real' world as oppressive and limiting, restraining the individual from pursuing their true wishes. To combat this, he advocates for the creation of one's entirely personal reality. As space is limited here on Earth, this personal reality is to be created by prolonged self-isolation, without any outside interruptions. This would result in freeing the person's mind, now being able to explore and create anything they wish.

    Dreamism doesn't care about the real world. He isn't even sure if it's real at all. What matters to him is only the absolute freedom he has in his mind. He sees death as another stage of this - death is an endless sleep for him, without any need to sustain bodily functions. Those things are the the only reason he has to wake up and leave his dream world to... another world? He doesn't care.

    How to achieve this?

    In order to ensure absolute freedom to everyone on the planet, he needs to isolate every human on earth from each other, so they won't interrupt each other. In this stage, he can be viewed as extremely authoritarian, however we must keep in mind that he does not need to sustain a stable state for long.

    Another way of becoming a Dreamist is to simply isolate oneself. This process would be much simpler and effort-free, compared to the previous one. In this scenario, each human would create their own private space, which perfectly isolates the inhabitant from any outside forces. Each person would then simply lay down and think. After a period of time, they are sure to enter their own dreamland, in which they are free to do anything they please.

    Personality and behaviour

    He is rarely seen. He is either in a permanent state of daydreaming, or asleep entirely. He often talks nonsenses to himself, doesn't respond to outside stimuli and never actively participates in communication.

    When forcibly waken up, he enters a very confused and paranoid stage and immediately attempts to fall asleep again.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with grey (#9A9797)
    3. Add a white (#FFFFFF) spiral
    4. Add closed eyes
    5. Or opened eyes with eyebags

    You are done!



    • Nihil.png Nihilism - No meaning in this world, I agree! Let's go sleep forever.
    • Absurd.png Absurdism - You accept that whatever meaning you create will be pointless. Let's dream!
    • Autism.png Autism - I also struggle with the real world.
    • Egoism Small.png Egoism - Outside factors are a spook. I'll rather keep to myself and dream.

    Schizocracy - B-brother?


    • Voidism Small.png Voidism - Reality sucks, but we will never be able to destroy the whole universe.
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - Drop the guns big man, let others decide for themselves. I like the attitude though.
    • File:Soulism.png Soulism - Let's smoke weed, but forget about the laws of physics denial stuff. Too powerful for us to ever overpower.
    • Intvrt.png Introversionism - Good ideas, but why so much violence and authority?
    • Makoto.png Makoto's Eternity - You love human dreams but again you still love authority.


    Basically any authoritarian ideology ever.

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