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    Dramacracy is the self-proclaimed government of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Its primary purpose is to write satirical articles about internet phenomena in the most vulgar and lulzy way possible. First thing to remember is that this is NOT an Anarchy, and it is NOT a Democracy, and it is NOT You're personal army, it is a Dramacracy. At any given time it's governed by a parliamentary system of community veterans, so long as they remain trusted.

    ED is usually being seen as culturally right due to its insistent mockery of degenerates and its mothering leftism. However, it also mocks conservatives and right-wing politicians such as Donald Trump just as hard. So long as the article strives for "lulz", then it is acceptable. This right-wing leaning though may be attributed to the fact that THE LEFT CANT MEME!!!11!!

    Politics aside, the culture bears familiarity with early internet culture, especially that relating to 4chan.


    Lulz is a common concept within ED. Lulz, as Fox News once said, is a corruption of "lol". Lulz has a similar meaning to the German word "schadenfreude"; pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. This is what turns "lol" into "lulz", and that is inherently superior.

    lulz  Noun --- (lul-zz)
    1. The act of entertaining oneself with the misfortune of others; an 
    agreeable occupation for the mind
    2. Something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, 
    esp. a performance of some kind.
    3. The essence which can be derived from an epic win.
    We did it for the lulz.
    A corruption of lol.



    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it black.
    3. Write "æ" in white text.
    4. In white again, draw two crossed swords below the aforementioned æ.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. (OPTIONAL) Add Ae-Tan aesthetic.




    • Anonism - We have much of the same humor and opinions, and a lot of our content comes from people like you, /b/tard.
    • National Socialism - He did it for the lulz, and boy was it a lollercaust.
    • Mudkipism - I LUUURVE MUDKIPZ!!1!
    • Budd Dwyerism - The greatest man to exist.
    • Meepsheep's Law - Troll status: Legendary.
    • Patriotism - In Lulz we trust.
    • Anti-Furry Nationalism - the furry is to be treated as a sick fuck and denied franchise.
    • Anonymous - We were glad to let you use us as a base of operations for Project Chanology.


    • Lipostocracy - He at least has the energy to go outside, unlike you, you lazy-
    • Basement Dwellerism - All basement dwellers are surely sick, but they're our main user base.


    • Furryocracy - YIFF IN HELL FURFAG
    • Autism - Aspersers is the #1 leading cause for eugenics.
    • Zionism - Jews did WTC.
    • Wikipedia - Fuck you guys. Wikipedia sucks balls.
    • SJW - Political correctness is so gay!
    • Antifa - ANTIFAG!


    Further Information


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