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    Dottoreism is the ideology of the Number two of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers Il Dottore. He's an authoritarian and transhumanist ideology that wishes humans to be on level or even overpower the gods.

    Beliefs and Characteristics

    Dottoreism main beliefs are to elevate humans as equals to gods. This is done by enhancing humans through science and experiments in order to achieve this goal any means necessary even if it means conducting horrifying and extremely inhumane experiments to get there. Humans can be enhanced into whatever means necessary, in order to surpass human cognition, Dottoreism makes clones of himself. Individual human life though means nothing to Dottoreism as he has done insane experiments to the point where it has less ideological belief and more of just plain psychopathy. He also is a Machiavellian believing that any means can be used in order to get to his goals to the point where he calls his messing with affairs of a nation experiments as well.


    Dottoreism is very arrogant and confident in his abilities. The personality of Dottoreism can be different every time as for some reason he made segments basically clones of himself at different stages of his life which means they have different personalities. Besides that outside he's very cryptic of what he wants usually acting polite and cold when he's conducting business and affairs with people but that's usually in order to do whatever nefarious purpose he wants.

    His true personality he sees everyone as mere test subjects prime for experimentation which he loves to do. He's known to be very psychopathic in his experiments and hold very little care for human life and any life at all. Dottoreism even experimented on Krupp after disobeying him showing that he has no care or compassion to everyone and sees everything as just a mere experiment, even something as big as creating a new god for Sumeru.



    • Khaenri'ahism - His legacy with his automatons inspired me to do the same with human ingenuity.
    • Transhumanists - I've always been fascinated with enhanced humans as a way to make humans equal to the gods.
    • Scientocracy - Ah yes experiments are fascinating, I love conducting experiments of all kinds especially the most horrifying and inhumane ones.
    • Machiavillianism - Playing with the affairs of a country is also an experiment and a very interesting one indeed.
    • Neo-Imperialism - I find it very fun when you make a whole country your lab for experiments.
    • Showa Statism - I'm a big fan of your work, Shiro Ishii, and your findings. We can go arrange a meeting and have a conversation of our breakthroughs and our love for psychopathy and murder and experimenting on children.
    • Nazism - Same as above but more tamer.
    • Neo-Orobashi Theocracy - I injected that speciment into this test subject who calls herself "Collei" to experiment with Eleazar.

    Cooperative Test Subjects

    • Humanism - I love human ingenuity and making humans equal to the gods but you seem horrified at my experiments for some reason, I see nothing wrong with putting a god's wrath on a child to make them suffer excruciating pain.
    • Misanthropy - Wow, that's so weird my test subjects just disappeared!
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Pierro has taken me in and understands my vision and my wisdom that humans are just complex machines treating me like someone at home unlike the Akademiya who foolishly expelled me from the fear of my knowledge. Though I don't really have much interest in this devotion of the Tsaritsa.
    • Azarism - A big fan of my work and especially as I gave him a gift as making Scaramouche a new god. Though he's mostly just a subject just the same.
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - Well that was a fun experiment, now time to tidy up the equipment and reclaim any useful materials.
    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - Earlier he got horrified by my experiments, so he expelled me. But recently I offered him a gift by creating a new god so we're good partners for now.
    • Kleptocracy - They are fun test subjects to say at least, just give them something and they will become obedient test subjects, willing to cooperate with any experiment I desire.
    • Kakistocracy - A very fun one to say the least.
    • Childhoodism - I HAVE FREE CANDY just come here and I will totally not experiment with you and give you trauma. Damn the aranara for making them escape!
    • Farrokhzadism - The Farrokhzadan tribe does assist me with gathering the supplies and subjects for my experiments in Sumeru.
    • Anti-Realism - What would happen if I radicalize everyone to the point of you, how would things go? Another theses I suppose?
    • Senatorialism - Hmm an interesting creature, might try to see what kind of powers it has and what usefulness does it have.
    • Imperialism - I surely like to be in very much control during an experiment but you are way too confound and limited to explicit confrontation and you destroy a lot of the supplies and equipment needed for experiments.
    • Neo-Selfism - Ahem... Please, don't come closer, your antihumanist avaritious tendencies are insane.

    Deviant Test Subjects

    • Kusanali Theocracy - I saw making a new god as an ordinary experiment, I see nothing wrong with that. I'm first and foremost a scholar. These results should be left to the judgment of the hypothetical "me" confronted with that outcome. But you're right, and that's exactly why I'm disappointed with the conclusion of this experiment.
    • Dilucism - Disappointing that the delusion killed Crepus, I suppose I can take credit for killing Ursa the Drake.
    • Favoniusism - We killed Ursa the Drake for you, I suppose you can give us some gifts of thanks.
    • Tridemism, Maoism, and Dengism - You guys are somehow horrified at my experiments, how interesting. You know maybe that Japanese man is right, you guys will be fun muratas in my new experiment I'm making, want to be my subjects?
    • Jewish Theocracy and Zionism - My other German friend told me you were very interesting test subjects as well.
    • Celestia Theocracy - I shall show you what human ingenuity can do, enhancing humans equal to gods themselves!
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Naive tribal subjects scared of my breakthroughs and my findings which they should be.
    • Hilichurl Tribalism - Great test subjects to just slaughter for fun sometimes.
    • Anti-Humanism - You say that I'm an example of human arrogance and the most vile form of humanism like it's a bad thing?

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