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    • Dong Chi_minh Thought is based on Dong Chi_minh's (董志民) idea, who is famous for tying his wife -- a mad woman -- up in chains, and has 8 children.

    As the gender conflict between men and women getting stronger in China, lots of chinese -- of course, most are men -- start to worship him, as a great leader of men in China, just likes Mao Tse_tung or Lenin. The netizens call him Chainin (Chain and Lenin are homophonic in Chinese), and start to put Lenin's and Mao's quotations and stories on him (Dong quotes), like:

      • "The women of the world have nothing to get, but their chains."
      • "People say long live the him, he said long live the people."
      • "Today we hooray for Dong, just because of the women are coming again."
      • "The women in China seem to be too many, there's a need to tie thirty million more."
      • "The more the women against me, the better I did."
      • "Kids miss mom when getting hurt, men miss Dong when getting hurt."
      • "We should support whatever the women opposes and oppose whatever the women supports."
      • "When the women advance, tie them up; when women stop, tie them up; when women tire, tie them up; when women retreat, tie them up."
      • "They say 'respect the women', whose women? Feminists' women. As they are feminists' women , just let feminists respect them."
    • Nowadays, Dong Chi_minh Thought is considered a weapon against extreme feminism. The Dongists would like to call the Chinese women -- especially the feminists -- "Chink_chick (支女)", which is synthesized by "shina" with "woman", even though the word "shina" is used to offend all the chinese. As for the men who support the feminism, Dongists call them "gurtleman (龟男)", which is synthesized by "turtle" with "gentleman".

    Need to be tied

    • As extreme feminists are getting more in China, their hate speech is spreading rapidly on the Internet. As a reply,Dongists like to comment below their remarks "Chink_chick, need to tie (支女,欠栓了)" or "My chains are itchy (铁链痒了)". They may also post "Dong quotes".


    • Dongism is very energetic and infectious.He likes to give speeches that call on men to unite,and tie the women up in chains.In fact,he does it from time to time.

    How to Draw

    Dong Chi_minh Thought

    Flag of Dong Chi minh Thought
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with red.
    3. Draw the chain.
    4. Write russian characters "ДОН Зъ МИН" like them in the picture, which pronounces"Dong Chi_minh".
    5. Done.




    • Misogyny - Feminists should be banned, but not all the female.
    • Anti-Girlism - The girls are not as important as boys. If your wife hasn't given birth to a boy, then keep her pregnant
    • Manosphere - Your "Manosphere" is weak, but keep trying.
      • "taking the red pill" - Boys also should eat their nutrients.
    • Maternalism - Take care of the kids and give birth to more boys!
    • Reactionaryism - I don't want to live in the middle age,but I do want a middle-age kind of marriage.
    • Men's Liberation - Male is able to do anything, but……
    • Incelism - Your attitude to women is right, but A woman should be the property of A man, not men.
    • Ultramisogyny - Your direction is right,but too "far right".
    • Patriarchal CFNMism - How could you……




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