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    Doectism is the ideology of the Penis Land ''faction'' on the server. The faction is decentralised and works by Terrorism and Stealing. It is an Authoritarian Unity theocratic ideology that believes in its founder having divine power over its people, and it is wants to create a society around the Penis man statue (Formerly known as Pepsi man)


    Doect was the creator of Doectism, the first 3 members where MisterEmp, Rossfloor, and UnableAllix who joined after the Pepsi man had been grieved so it had a giant mega cock. It was then attacked by a few members of the Ancom.png Ancom faction. After the war ended Pen-ISIS (Doectist militia) commit terrorism onto the ancom faction during the Ancapf.pngAncap v Ancom.pngAncom wars, one of the forms of terrorism was stealing Peace Treaty's, and sabotaging Ancapf.png Ancap territory to cause conflict.


    The first war started after Doect had built a giant dick on the Pepsi man statue, some members of the ancom faction went up and tried to destroy it (Lead by Lemon_Sour) During this war Doect was banned for saying ''Get off my land fa--ots''.


    During Ancapf.png Ancap v Alba war, Pen-ISIS continued to attack Ancom.png The commune, the war lasted a while and during it ''Unban Doect'' was spammed in chat and also Meh012 from Ancapf.png Ancap lands joins Pen-ISIS.

    The Brave Hero's






    Still unbanned

    Ancapf.png / Meh012

    Still unbanned





    The Main Threat

    Ancom.png Lemon_Sour

    Ego.png Jul415

    Ancapf.png Crazando

    Ancom.png Retzyn

    The Enemy Factions

    Ego.png Union of Egoist's (Somewhat neutral)

    Ancapf.png Ancapistan

    Ancom.png The Commune

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