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    Dodobird220ism is the Left-Wing to Far-Left ideology of Dodobird220.


    Private individuals can own and operate private small businesses like Restaurants, Cafes, Corner Stores, Hair Salons, Tattoo Shops, etc with private licenses, These businesses must do all of the following:

    1. Pay their employees the same amount as their boss which will be an agreed-upon amount with the government. If the business makes an excess profit, it will be either distributed EVENLY among the employees or given to the government. If a business makes losses those are written off by the government.
    2. Only operate one location. If the business's product/service gets really popular, they can put their recipes/procedures in the public domain for free so more people can enjoy their product/service because, remember, businesses must serve the people, not their owners. The government can also force the business to release its recipes/procedures.
    3. Meet health and safety guidelines.
    4. Not to expand the business without approval from the government.

    All money amounts would be adjusted for inflation.

    Most other businesses would be nationalized/globalized.

    Social Programs

    Dodobird220ism believes in COMPLETE Universal Healthcare/Mentalcare/Dentalcare/Pharmacare, Free Housing, UBI's, Free Green Transit through the entire country, compulsory 14 years of schooling (including JK and SK), free optional up to 8-years of Post-Secondary education, and much, much more.

    Social Policies

    It wants a big government but still with extremely libertarian(no fascism/capitalism tho) and progressive social policies. It believes in mandatory unions and workers self-management. They also are strong proponents of youth rights, with the exception of kids 10 or younger. Dodobird220ism believes that violence is only ok against Fascists, and also believes (Most) Conservatives are Fascist. It believes in equality for all no matter their gender identity, sexuality, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and most other factors(except for fascist and capitalist political views). It is very into the decriminalization of all drugs, and the legalization of marijuana and alcohol. People in possession of any decriminalized, but still not legalized drugs must attend mandatory counselling. They are very pro-abortion and pro-prostitution(with birth control). They are also very much in favour of rehabilitation over punishment. ALSO CLIMATE CHANGE IS A BIG PROBLEM AND IT WANTS TO DO EVERYTHING IT CAN TO STOP IT.


    It believes in a democratic republican system with only non-fascist political parties. Elections would be using proportional representation every year with mandatory voting to elect members of the house(unless you are a member of a commune) and members of the parliament MUST vote on every bill and if they are unable to they must call or message the speaker with their vote. The government would only have one house, which would then elect a Prime Minister who would be the head of state and head of government. The Prime Minister would then appoint ministers to run separate departments. Provincial/Territorial governments would not exist but local governments would.

    Diplomatic Policies

    Dodobird220ism is EXTREMELY Internationalist and believes in a global(socialist) republic and the abolition of all nations. Also war is only justified if it is against fascists/capitalists.






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