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    Djilaism is a left unity Yugoslavian ideology that promotes Left Anti-Communism and anti-authoritarian socialism based on liberal democratic principles. It heavily criticizes Stalinists and MLs, which Djilas believes are fake socialists and totalitarian red imperialists with a mask.

    Historically, Djilaism was a variant of Titoism that helped implement several foreign policy and economic reforms along with Kardeji in Yugoslavia. However, after Tito and reapproached Moscow under Khrushchev’s new ML regime and imprisoned Djilas for his liberal ideology, it grew more critical of Titoist Yugoslavia, which Djilas saw as “ML-lite” and “fake market socialist”. His imprisonment in Yugoslavia and sufferings in prison also made him adopt a more generic anti-communist ideology, which was a further development to his initial “liberal Titoist” ideology.



    • Democratic Socialism & Liberal Socialism - Socialism must be democratic and humane!
    • Social Democracy - The advancement of the political movement of the parties affiliated with the Socialist International is a good sign of progress of socialism in the west.
    • Reformist Marxism - I criticize the state capitalist Marxism-Leninist ideology from a Marxist perspective.
    • Orwellism - We are very similar.
    • Nagyism - "Had the Hungarian Revolution not only brought political democracy but also preserved social control of heavy industry and banking, it would have exercised enormous influence on all Communist countries, including the USSR. It would have demonstrated not only that totalitarianism is unnecessary as a means of protecting the workers from exploitation (i.e., in the "building of socialism"), but also that this is a mere excuse for the exploitation of the workers by bureaucracy and a new ruling class." -Milovan Djilas


    • Titoism - Initially we worked together to fight the Nazis and the Stalinites, but later you betrayed and imprisoned me. But still, Yugoslavia shouldn't have collapsed....
    • Leninism - You were a revolutionary who had noble goals for the working class and held some democratic values, but your ideals of violent revolution and "dictatorship of the proletariat" would eventually descend into Stalinist/ML dystopia.
    • Neoconservatism - I wanted Yugoslavia to drift further towards NATO and the west, but wait, why are you so right-wing?
    • National Communism - The beginning of the downfall of communism and what all communist parties will evolve into.


    • Stalinism - A reactionary state capitalist in denial and red imperialist who enslaved Soviet workers and Eastern Europe! You are no better than him!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Same as above.
    • Nazism - Genocidal fascist mass murderers who wanted to genocide our people. Thank god we destroyed you and liberated Yugoslavia! Wait a sec, the Titoist regime isn't true liberation but "soft" oppression, despite being far better than Nazis and Stalinists.
    • Khrushchevism - Your reforms were just a farce to sugarcoat MLs and protect the interests of the Soviet bureaucrats to prevent workers from growing class consciousness. Plus the social-imperialist invasion of Hungary never forget!


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