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    Divinialism, aka. Divinalism and Divinicism, is an off-compass LibLeft ideology that seeks to turn humans into divine beings. Divinialism promotes the understanding of the divine and divinity itself, such as evolve humanity and non-divine beings into divine beings, where the main focus of the life and existence is on the spiritual-divine evolution of everyone, until everyone reach the divine state of existence.


    Divinialism believes that humanity's ultimate goal should be to turn everyone into divine beings, be it by spiritual or scientifical means. The divine would come in different levels and forms and would be provided by a God known as The Divine, God of all other gods. Divinialism advocates for the primary development of deistology, technodeism, scientific deism, spiritualicism and similars in order to try to reach a divine state of being through technology. Divinialism also believes on the respect of all other forms of spirituality and religions, since they are about helping people to evolve spirituality and reach a highly level of being.

    Personality and Behavior

    Divinialism is pretty respectful and religious. It believes it is already in a higher state of divinity than every other ideology, even adopting the pronoun "it" to itself. Divinialism is also capable of rigging the laws of physics like Soulism.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Divinialism



    • Soulism - Almost as divine as I am. Free yourself from the limits of the physical realm, brother!
    • Olympianism - Proposes a great way of reaching a divine lifestyle, even though you could expand it beyond Greece.
    • Kardashevism - If being a type V civilization means achieving the divine, I'M IN!
    • Meta-Humanism - There's a higher plane, above humanity, and we can and will achieve it.
    • Scientific Deism - The Divine truly exists, and you can see that for yourself by becoming divine.


    • Religious Transhumanism - Great scientifical value, but I'm not sure if this Omnissiah thing is supposed to be, like...The Divine. Also, what is the purpose of getting physically stronger, but not spiritually stronger.
    • Abrahamic Theocracy - Your beliefs and practices are cool and all, but you kinda don't have specific goals. I can help you with those!
    • Communalism - All beings are equally divine...not in that way, though.


    • Dawkinsism - The Divine is true! Stop calling me crazy! You just wait until I become ULTIMATELY DIVINE!
    • Reverse Soulism - Why? Why would you enjail those poor souls into such an oppressive reality?


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