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    Distributist Social Democracy

    DistSocDem.png Distributist Social Democracy, clipped to DistSocDem, is an CLeft.png economically center-left and Cultcenter.png culturally centre (but variable) ideology which is essentially, like its own name suggests, an altered version of Socdem.png Social Democracy that functions operating inside an economic system where PCB-Distributist.png Distributism is fully implemented unlike normal Socdem.png SocDem which would function in a Capitalism.png Capitalist economy.

    Rather than wanting to 100% change PCB-Distributist.png Distributism to suit “socialist views”, he believes that both Socdem.png Social Democracy and PCB-Distributist.png Distributism must co-exist and reform themselves to create a DistSocDem.png merger of the two, leaning into both socialist, democratic and religious values.

    DistSocDem.png DistSocDem finds that a lot of welfare programs and business regulations, when achieved through Reform.png reform rather than revolution, can lead to higher prosperity for the people, rather than systems of Lfree.png unregulated (laissez-faire) capitalism or Statesoc.png socialism, ideologies whom he sees as equally flawed and exploitative, while favoring economic mechanisms such as Marketsoc.png cooperatives and member-owned mutual organizations as well as small businesses and large-scale competition law reform such as antitrust legislations.

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