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    Distributist Social Democracy

    Distributist Social Democracy, clipped to DistSocDem, is an economically center-left and culturally variable ideology which seeks widespread ownership of the means of production and a strong welfare state—combining Social Democracy with Distributism. Such an economic model is in sharp contrast to Social Democracy's common present-day manifestation, which is more neoliberal in character. It can also be seen as Social Distributism without the influence of Fourth Theory.

    Rather than wanting to 100% change Distributism to suit “socialist views”, he believes that both Social Democracy and Distributism must co-exist and reform themselves to create a merger of the two, leaning into both socialist, democratic and religious values.

    DistSocDem finds that a lot of welfare programs and business regulations, when achieved through reform rather than revolution, can lead to higher prosperity for the people, rather than systems of unregulated (laissez-faire) capitalism or socialism, ideologies whom he sees as equally flawed and exploitative, while favoring economic mechanisms such as cooperatives and member-owned mutual organizations as well as small businesses and large-scale competition law reform such as antitrust legislations.

    How To Draw

    How To Draw

    Flag of Distributist Social Democracy
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with orange-yellow
    3. Add an orange line at the left
    4. Draw a dog with a rose on top
    5. Add the eyes and you are done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Orange-Yellow #FCC52B 252, 197, 43
    Orange #FC8922 252, 137, 34
    Grey #B0B4BC 176, 180, 188
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0




    •   Enlightenment Thought- Thanks for building the blocks to creating my mother but alongside my dad I worry that you might have created a chain of events going far left socially. Still your cool and your moderate social views on some topics are the best and your views on private property are quite impressive.
    •   Liberalism- Surprisingly decent considering my family's history with you. My issue arises with your goals of achieving justice in social issues rather by addressing economic issues. Still the democracy you have is cool but please just chill and not tell me what I can focus on in issues.
    •   Social Liberalism- Better than the above but still struggles with the issues I mentioned and also try to chill a bit regarding issues alright?


    •   Reactionary Liberalism- When I said calm down to the above I did not mean THAT YOU HAD TO REVERSE SOCIAL PROGRESS TO THE START. Also feudalism is cringe and welfare with regulation is ideal. Sorry Loser.


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