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    Distributist Progressivism

    Distributist Progressivism is a center-left ideology. He believes in an economy rooted in Catholic social teaching and widespread distribution of property. But he also combines such advocacy with Liberation Theology, often putting him in leagues with progressive causes like minority rights. Many movements in Latin America could be characterized as Distributist Progressivism.

    Personality and Behavior

    Distributist Progressivism is usually depicted as a stoner Christian who believes marijuana can bring one closer to God and aren't sinful; as such, against the discretion of his father Classical Distributism, he can be seen with Rastafarian Theocracy. He loves social justice causes and connects them to the Bible. He will talk about how, for example, LGBT rights are perfectly consistent with the Bible and how David and Johnathan were a gay couple.

    Stylistic Notes

    Distributist Progressivism can be portrayed with red eyes like Soulism.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a line in lime green (#32CD32) vertically on the leftmost third and fill it in. The rest of the ball should be white.
    3. Draw a hound in grey (#B0B4BC) carrying either a torch (#898E95) with green flames stretching leftwards (#32CD32) or the black Progressive umbrella (#000000).
    4. Add the eyes and you're all set. As said before, you can make them red like Soulism and/or add a straw hat like Agrarianism.

    Ideological Relations





    • Hoppeanism - Hans Herman can go and Hoppe back into Hell for his opposition to democracy, his economic inequity, and the “physical removal” part of his ideology.
    • State Capitalism - Having the worst parts of capitalism and communism mashed together with the added bonus of a centralized government? No thanks!
    • State Liberalism - Stop demonizing the poor and religious communities! Haven’t you heard John Stuart Mill’s harm principle? Or John Rawl’s Theory of Justice?



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