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    Distributist Libertarianism

    Distributist Libertarianism (also known as Southern Distributism) is an economically center-right to right-wing, libertarian and culturally centre-right ideology, advocating for an economic system based on widely-spread property ownership and a society culturally based on Catholic social teachings. Distributist Libertarians do not believe that Lfree.png laissez-faire Austrian school economics result in an unfair concentration of power, but rather that the vast majority of concentration of power in capitalist economic systems occurs because of state intervention in the economy (for example; Intellectual "Property", Subsidies, Inconsistent Taxation, everything Keynes.png Keynes advocates for and such).


    Early stages of Distributist Libertarianism began to emerge among online circles through articles from Bill Kauffman, and Jon Kleve's "A Libertarian Defense of Distributism". However, the ideology didn't develop a core identity, and many Distributist Libertarians debated a to what made one a Distributist Libertarian.

    Then, Kyle J. Ewart seeking to establish a Distributist society that's more moderate than traditional Distributism and would be a mold to fit the United States created "Southern Distributism". Southern Distributism, entails that State's should have supreme power in most matters over the Federal Government. In order to achieve that, in the essay "Unlocking Existentialism in An Economy: Southern Distributism in a Nutshell" an idea was proposed that less taxation would starve the power of the Federal Government. This would require the government to give up certain arms that are no longer needed, such as the ATF.

    Additionally, he proposed that vertical integration should be banned to allow more competition within the market, and to have guilds within local economies to protect small businesses and workers.

    Despite the introduction of Southern Distributism, Distributist Libertarianism still contains many dynamic thoughts, from a more" Laissez-Faire " approach, to a more "Bull-Moose yet Hamiltonian" Southern Distributism approach.


    Libertarian distributism is the belief that we must structure our society in a way that maximizes human freedom and ensures a wide distribution of wealth. Essentially, a libertarian distributive is someone who believes that the goal of maximizing freedom cannot be achieved without first ensuring a wide distribution of property.


    • Distributist Libertarianism is a devout Catheo.png Catholic and a pacifist, but with the additional fondness of guns (will quote this Luke 22:36 whenever he can) and a hatred for the state doing more than it's allowed to do.
    • Distributist Libertarianism is an avid fan of the US constitution.
    • He is a fanboy of Hamiltonianism.png Alexander Hamilton, Jeffersondem2.png Thomas Jefferson, and Francis Marion.
    • His favorite song is "Praise the Lord, Pass the ammunition".

    How to Draw

    Flag of Distributist Libertarianism

    Distributist Libertarianism's design is based off the Distributist Gadsden Flag by u/Salty_Cnidarian.

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw three lines, Orange on top, black in the middle and yellow on the bottom
    3. Draw a grey shield filled in with white in the middle
    4. Draw a snake on the shield
    5. Draw eyes

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Orange #FD8000 253, 128, 0
    black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFBE00 255, 190, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Grey #585858 88, 88, 88





    Further Information


    Lockean proviso





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