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    Developed Socialism is a political catchphrase that was prominent in Eastern Europe under Soviet influence, used to characterize the Soviet economic model during Brezhnev era. It was coined by Leonid Brezhnev In 1977, with it's purpose to centralize communist economic theory under one current.






    • People's Democracy - At least we both love Ho Chih Minh and Erich Honecker......
    • Market Socialism - Kosygin and Honecker likes you, but you are way too revisionist for my liking.
    • Stalinism - Comrade Stalin made many mistakes, such as the cult of personality and autocracy, but his contributions to the theorization of Marxism-Leninism were tremendous to the world socialist movement. He also helped defeat fascists, industrialized the USSR with the collectivization of agriculture, and made it a superpower.
    • Juche - DPRK real Korea! But why did Kim Jong-Il abandon Marxism-Leninism by removing it in his 2009 constitutional amendment?
    • Jaruzelskism - A military intervention in Poland would be a catastrophe, but you must declare martial law to crush the counterrevolutionary protests on the streets.
    • Khrushchevism - Opportunist and voluntarist who enacted the unnecessary de-Stalinization. Crushing the 1956 Hungarian uprising was based, though, and so was your "we will bury you" speech to the west.
    • Conservative Socialism - Fellow Soviet nostalgia enjoyers! But why are some of you so reactionary and supportive of the church?
    • Democratic Socialism - Reforms will never get us to anywhere….comrade, Allende’s failure already showed us that capitalism can only be overthrown via a violent communist revolution.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Same as above, but slightly better and Juan Velasco was based.


    • Neoconservatism - Death to western and American imperialists! Imperialism is only good when we do it.
    • Capitalism - Death to capitalism and the international bourgeoisie!
    • Maoism - Call me a revisionist you like when you suck up American imperialists and Kissinger.
    • Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - Same as above but terrorist. Absolutely disgusting.
    • Hoxhaism - Like the two above but even more dogmatic.
    • Dengism - He proved why Mao’s system would lead to capitalism. Also, why did you invade Vietnam, you traitor? At least many of your western followers also love #AES
    • Gorbachevism - Traitor! You ruined everything I tried to create and sold the entire socialist movement to the west! The GKCHP should have killed you!
    • Yeltsinism - Same as above but even worse.
    • Socialism with a Human Face - The invasion of Czechoslovakia was totally justified to restore socialist orthodoxy.
    • Jihadism - American-funded terrorist scums! Damn you for ruining Afghanistan!
    • Social Democracy & Left Anti-Communism - You literally sides with the west and helped them to stop the global progress of socialism! You are the true social imperialists, not me!


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