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    Notice: This is a fictional ideology made for poking fun at things, this page does not promote or condone real-world violence.

    Destructive-Chaosism is an off-compass anarchist, egoist, nihilist, chaosist, accelerationist and aggressivist ideology that combines Stirnerite egoist and illegalist principles with the promotion of radical anti-social behavior and violence as a means of resisting society as a whole. It sees riots, destruction of public and private property alike, causing industrial disasters, civil unrest, civil wars etc. as desirable. Many call it a terrorist but it is far more dangerous, as while terrorists are normally religiously or politically driven, Destructive-Chaosism is simply dedicated to causing as much destruction and chaos as possible simply for the thrill of it, as it sees its violent actions as its own war against society and its morals. Is accelerationist but has no end goal, just blowing shit up.

    "It's not terrorism, it's mass-causality trolling" - Destructive-Chaosism

    It's basically what the media imagines the stereotypical anarchist to be, but taken to a ridiculous new extreme.

    • Economic views: None, just blow up the banks
    • Civic views: Egoist, illegalist and chaosist
    • Social views: Doesn't care about progress or tradition, just wants to blow shit up

    Friends: Egoism, Illegalism, Insurrectionary Anarchism, Chaosism, Unconditional Accelerationism, Terrorism

    Frenemies: Posadism and Jihadism (blowing shit up is based, but doing it for communism or sky daddy instead of pure egoism is cringe)

    Enemies: Authoritarianism, Anarcho-Pacifism

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