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    Deshret Monarchism is the ideology of King Deshret and his followers. Deshret Monarchism ideology is kinda unclear but due to its allusion to Ancient Egypt and its utopian beliefs, it's best to say it is an Authoritarian Left but very Culturally Right ideology. Deshret Monarchism's first instance was in Ay-Khanoum which was a triumvirate city ruled by King Deshret, Nabu Malikata, and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata before Nabu Malikata's death. Afterward Deshret Monarchism existed in its own civilization before a calamity happened which destroyed the city. Today the ideology Deshret Monarchism still exists among Eremites which has watered down to just the devotion of King Deshret. Deshret Monarchism should not be confused with Neo-Deshret Monarchism which is more a radical movement in Sumeru by Eremites.

    Beliefs and Characteristics

    Deshret Monarchism is both based on the ideas and the rule of King Deshret. Deshret Monarchism believes that King Deshret should be the king of civilization. Deshret Monarchism ruled in a triumvirate with Rukkhadevata and Nabu Malikata. After Rukkhadevata parted ways, he ruled in a diarchy with Nabu Malikata until Nabu Malikata's death. Afterwards Deshret Monarchism ruled autocratically.

    Opposition to the Heavenly Princples

    Deshret Monarchism is very opposed to the heavenly principles denying the gift from the heavenly principles. Deshret Monarchism believes in transcending the laws of this world. As such Deshret Monarchism is constantly trying to find ways to fight against the heavenly principles. Deshret Monarchism believes in using forbidden knowledge in order to be used against Celestia. This opposition against Celestia stemmed from the destruction of the Seelie civilization.

    Ideals and Utopia

    Deshret Monarchism's final goal is to build a utopian civilization in the desert free from worries, schemes, and slavery. As such Deshret Monarchism wants to transcend the laws of this world in order to "shock even the wisest gods". After the departure of Rukkhadevata and the death of Nabu Malikata, Deshret Monarchism sought to bring back the time when Rukkhadevata and Nabu Malikata were still together. One of the main reasons of his ideals in utopia were of resurrection and eternal life. After the destruction of Gurabad, Deshret Monarchism wants to construct Aaru as a city where noone has to experience hunger, age, decay, sadness, or thirst.

    Golden Slumber

    Golden Slumber is an eternal paradise made by King Deshret himself. Those who give the correct prayer will enter the Golden Slumber but once in the Golden Slumber they can never return. Their soul is sent to an eternal dreamland which is like another plane of existence. The Golden Slumber is a place of eternal peace where all scars and transgressions against one another don't matter anymore, where all troubles cease to exist. This is eternal paradise and eternal oasis per say. The Golden Slumber is implied to be a hive-mind as there is no 'I' in this golden slumber, there is only 'we' and 'us' which makes up this whole collective conciousness. Once in the Golden Slumber, it is an eternal dreamland where one can sleep for eternity and become part of this collective consciousness.

    Foreign Policy

    After the death of Nabu Malikata, the old Ay-Khanoum civilization was starting to fall apart into numerous warring tribes. Deshret Monarchism was very imperialist with vassal states surrounding his royal city. Envoys from these cities would often report to King Deshret. King Deshret has lots of influence over vassal states domestic affairs and foreign policy even being able to build a canals connecting all the vassal states to the eternal oasis. Lots of vassal states conquered territories and tribes in the desert in the name of King Deshret.


    Deshret Monarchism is the personality of either King Deshret or his followers. As King Deshret himself, Deshret Monarchism aesthetically wise is like any Egyptian pharoah. Deshret Monarchism is very reminiscent of the past. Deshret Monarchism is very ambitious and will dead set himself on a goal which can cause problems to the people around him. Deshret Monarchism is very reminiscent of the past and will always try to preserve the past no matter what even creating a utopia for himself to reminisce of the past. Deshret Monarchism can be quite insane sometimes and is very rebellious against Celestia even refusing the gnoses when he was given a chance.

    As the follower of King Deshret, Deshret Monarchism is very devoted of King Deshret and is very proud of King Deshret. He likes to find King Deshret's artifacts sometimes and praises King Deshret a lot.



    • Nabu Malikata Theocracy - The goddess of Flowers taught me everything and how I miss you so much!
    • Paleoegyptianism - Me in real life.
    • Triumviratism - Me in Ay-Khanoum, unfortunately I had to let go of him.
    • Absolute Monarchism - I am the king and the pharoah.
    • Utopianism - I want to make a utopia and a paradise for my people. An eternal oasis!
    • Noocracy - I am the god of wisdom as well!
    • Soulism - I shall transcend the laws of this world no matter what it takes!
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - There is no 'I' in this eternal dreamland, only 'we' and 'us'.
    • Dreamism - There is nothing we need to do in this dreamland, only sleep for true peace.
    • Eremitism - My descendant who still honors my legacy to this day.
    • Idealism - I'm the most idealistic out of all the gods.
    • Aaru Village Model - I built Aaru as a place where no tears will be shed and no aging, truly a paradise. It became a refuge after the forbidden knowledge started ravaging my civilization.
    • Ei's Eternity - Thanks for making a cool novel about me. I am looking forward to your next series where they will play card games on horses!
    • Imperialism - I want to build a large desert civilization under my rule.
    • Neo-Imperialism - I have a lot of vassal states and some vassal states conquer territory for me like Gurabad.
    • Progressive Reactionaryism - I want to build an ideal paradise in order to bring resurrection and eternal life for the two gods Nabu Malikata and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.
    • Anti-Deathism - I like resurrection and eternal life to bring back my friends and to transcend the laws of this world. Anarchy is cringe though.
    • Necrocracy - King Deshret is currently dead but I will still devote to him. Also King Deshret was devoted to Nabu Malikata after she died.


    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - You are a product of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata but some of you make some stupid lies about me being a tyrant. Also you tend to discriminate and persecute my people. Setaria is based though and I like what Kusanali is doing now. Also you created the best game known as Genius Invokation TCG!
    • Neo-Deshret Monarchism - I love your enthusiasm and devotion toward me but please stop attacking Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. I am great friends with the Greater Lord and without her sacrifice, you wouldn't be here today. Not to mention you are a product of Akademiya trickery.
    • Reactionarism - I want to bring back the time when Nabu Malikata and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata were still with us. But I still want to build a utopia and a great paradise.
    • Rukkhadevata Theocracy - We both ruled Ay-Khanoum together and although you left me afterwards because you thought I was a little crazy, you sacrificed yourself to save my people from the Forbidden Knowledge afterwards which I thank you for that. I sacrificed myself afterwards for my people as well.
    • Pacifism - Unlike the other gods who fought each other a lot, I decided to be peaceful and share the throne with the other two gods.
    • Dracocracy - Although we don't see each other eye to eye, I made a deal with Apep so that I can be free to build my paradise and for Apep to swallow me if anything goes wrong.
    • Diarchy - I became him after Greater Lord Rukkhadevata left. I want her to come back though.
    • Autocracy - After the death of Nabu Malikata, I basically ruled my own civilization by myself. BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE NABU MALIKATA! AND WHY CAN'T RUKKHADEVATA JUST COME BACK! I REALLY WANT THEM TO COME BACK!


    • Celestia Theocracy - I shall oppose your heavenly principles and the destruction of the Seelie civilization makes me hate you even more.
    • Abyss Theocracy - I tried to use forbidden knowledge in order to usurp the heavenly principle but then forbidden knowledge ravaged the civilization. Rukkhadevata and I have sacrificed ourselves to get rid of the forbidden knowledge!
    • Totalitarianism - I am not you as some of the scholars often associate you with me.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - YOU TOO!
    • Progressivism - I am never letting go of the past no matter what it takes!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!
    • Anti-Imperialism - Why wouldn't anyone want to be under my paradise?
    • Machiavellianism - What do you mean my idealism is very stupid?
    • Pragmatism - You too?
    • Reverse Soulism - I'm a god you dull creature and I'm going to transcend your oppressive laws of physics whether you like it or not!
    • Dark Yugiism - Let's see which children's card game is the best, IT'S TIME TO DUEL!!!

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