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    lol its here: Cyberdelic Egoism
    Reading recommendations are more then welcome/encouraged.

    Cyberdelicism leads to deology; a state of postphysicalisation caused by unlimited deoplay from demattering of deochildren and new futures, neo-dreams, anti-escapist soulism and post-civilisation era avant-garde art in endless sunflower fields & beaches in the middle of rolling hills, with vast gas giants circling over head next to the sun as art is on the side of the road where hoards of moving village trucks covered in art, gardens & with homes inside of them drive to the next overgrown city: the place of tree houses, new canvases & techno-mystic dens. The deochild as a posthuman concept; voidpunk, after-biology, free sentient existence: artistic violence & deoplay against all behemoths. Floating glowing mushrooms. Neo-reality emerges out of quantum foam and rises into the sky as a giant naked angel-mother: mother of non-binary falcons feast upon a prometheus of normativity. Big Nother unpersons the concept of normal completely. Dematteralised from all existence. A new past will emerge from the beautiful serene psychosis and that will be the future and then the mountains of time now flow three dimensionally instead of one dimensionally. Everything and nothing are one in the same as they always have. Matrix rain pours on the north pole from the skies of the gas giant, air can be pulled and turned into blankets, languages flowing from one to another is as natural in a conversation as topics changing. Entropy has dematterated along with death; an anti-death. On a bed of heroin needles, purple owls eat it. Purple looks like white, and white looks like rathin: a new colour. This is not escapism because reality only meta-exists. Earths were transported to orbit a dual star system while the gas giant is hugged by the angel-mother while we are visited by alien planets otherwise known as other dreams of the angel-mother, technology, biology & spirituality were never different. Reality is all just one big dream from the paleoreality, now neoreality is our reality and the cycle will continue beautifully as four dimensional sphere. Amphiradical eyes. From the angel-mothers breasts Aurora flows with rathin-coloured cyberspace rain. This is the erotic tesseract VR tree hence all neo-multiverses flow. A post-tropical plane of existence for the deochildren. Deology.



    • HelloThere314 Mega-Based, I would love to learn from you!
    • Arthurwp Also mega-based. Nice ball design idea as well.
    • Modular - Mega based, every idea is very cool. Glad to have you in the group. I especially would like to thank you for introducing me to Post-Anarchism.
    • Io - Mega-based, though I dislike the Ultraprog/RevProg label as it reminds of socialists, Regardless, may the breakneck speeds of progress exhilarate us!













    Have Read

    Nyx Land/N1x

    • Hello From The Wired
    • Trans Nihilism

    The Soul Of A Man Under Socialism - Oscar Wilde
    A Zapatista Response To: "The EZLN Is NOT Anarchist"
    Bob Black

    • The Abolition Of Work
    • Debunking Democracy
    • Imputationism

    Dr. Bones

    • Left Unity: Politics On A Soldiers Grave
    • Egoist Communism: What it is & isn't

    Are You An Anarchist?: The Answer May Suprise You! - David Graeber
    Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck - Nadia C
    Why I Am Not A Communist - Wolfi Landstreicher
    Mark Fisher

    • Acid Communism

    Spread Anarchy, Live Communism - Comite Invisible
    Postanarchism - Saul Newman
    The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee
    Questioning on Several Forms - Stefan Sumah & Anze Sumah
    The Futurist Manifesto - Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti
    Anarcho-Futurist Manifesto - Group Of Anarcho-Futurists
    A Dialogue Between A Priest And A Dying Man
    Alfredo M Bonanno

    • Armed Joy

    Renzo Novatore

    • I Am Also A Nihilist
    • Twilight Dance
    • A "Female"
    • I...
    • In The Reign Of Phantoms
    • Let's Exalt Life!
    • My Maxims
    • Of Individualism And Rebellion
    • Dreams Of My Adolescence
    • Cry Of Rebellion
    • Black Flags


    Society Of The Spectacle - Guy Debord
    Renzo Novatore

    • Towards The Creative Nothing

    Plan To Read

    Desert - Anonymous
    Endnotes 2, 3, 4 & 5 -
    Capitalist Realism - Mark Fisher
    Endnotes 1 - Gilles Dauve, Karl Nesic & Theorie Communiste


    Suggestions I've Read

    WIP (Discriptions will be added soon)




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