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    Demosism, or neo-pagan ego-hoppeanism is a slightly off-compass libertarian ideology, culturally and economically far right ideology. It is the combination of Egoist and Hoppean ideas, supporting ethnically homogenous File:Ethnonationalism.png covenant communities that remove undesirables (such as believers of Abrahamic religions, left-wingers and homosexuals); those covenant communities would work under the principles of egoism. The ideology is against spooks such as the State, religions that encourage charity, monogamy, social equality, society itself, humanism, socialism through radical individualist lens (much like egoism) while rejecting the idea that spirituality, race & private property are undesirable spooks.

    It supports the revival of pagan spirituality , ethnic homogeneity and polygamous patriarchal families. It is heavily mysognistic to the point of following unironically the meme about the existence of only one gender and women being the property of men. It views the State with its laws, charity-encouraging religions, monogamy & feminism as spooks that limit the ego of men (much like Anfash), and thus they should be abolished to give full freedom to people's egos. It wishes to restore cultural values before the affirmation of Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire.

    It supports free-market capitalism as the best way for men to pursue their egos, and that every form of restriction against it (taxes, protective tarriffs, I.P., working rights legislation, copyright, pretty much everything Keynes wants) is an unjust limit to the Unique of each man. It is also influenced by social darwinism believing the strong should prevail over the weak and spooks just hold them from doing so. It supports a radically freed & decentralised economy based on cryptocurrencies

    Demosism also considers combatocracy as a superior system than liberal democracy so long as the State continues to exist.

    Technologically, it wants to return to times before the Industrial Revolution, viewing modern tech as oppressive against people's egos. Despite that, it's also anti-environmentalist, believing land should be shaped and farmed like the owner wants, and that one should be able to cut a tree and then replace it with something else.

    Personality and Behaviour





    • Paleolibertarianism - You understand the dangers of excessive authority and social progressivism, yet you don't go far enough and trust the State's benevolence of not expanding itself. Forming covenant communities to resist spooks is better.
    • Egoism - Fellow based spook hunter. Stop saying I'm not a proper egoist though, gatekeeping is a spook.
    • Esoteric Fascism - Your quote on Christianity is based af.
    • Objectivism - A w*man, but a based one at that. Your views are very good.
    • Ethical Darwinism - Fellow off-compass conservative libright. But I disagree with your views on morality.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Technology is not always bad. I don't really want to die at the age of 21.
    • Primalism - Food.


    • Civic Nationalism - You are literally a spook created by the State to keep its ethnicities enslaved. I HATE YOU!!!!
    • Christian Theocrat - I hate you with every cell of my body. You need to be physically removed
    • Jewish Theocracy - Spooked monotheist and moralist who started everything what's wrong with this World.
    • Islamic Theocracy - You may be slightly better than the two above, but you are still a spook.
    • State Atheism - Spook that wants to limit spirituality, something very fullfilling for someone's ego
    • National Matriarchy - Stay quiet, property.
    • Authoritarianism - The State needs to be abolished
    • The entire left side of the Political Spectrum - You need to be physically removed because you displease my ego
    • Democracy - Combatocracy is a much better system than you
    • Protectionism - I AM THE NOMAD CAPITALIST!!!!
    • Feminism - Women are property. Feminism is a spook.
    • Cannibalism Legalization - What... the... fuck....
    • Kleptocracy - State power is a spook. Especially this level of state power
    • Industrialism - The Industrial Revolution and its consequences...
    • Simpism - My opposite on gender issues
    • Communalism - Spook.
    • Antifa - I hate EVERYTHING about you.
    • Totalitarianism - I read Hegel.
    • Environmentalism - Even though we agree industrialism is evil, you regulate people's lives way too much. It is greatly fulfilling for egoes to cut down a tree, man!

    How to draw

    File:Demosism flag.png
    Flag of Demosism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a black (#141414) diagonal line down the middle,
    3. Fill the bottom in black
    4. Draw a yellow (#FDFD00) line a bit above it,
    5. Fill the space in between the 2 in yellow and the space above in teal (#036A66),
    6. Add the coat of arms of Hoppeanism, and replace the symbols on it. Write 'EGO' instead
    7. You're done!


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