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    Demographic Posadism is a far-left, authoritarian, ideology that advocates for the demographic population in third-world and other traditionalist countries.



    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Let's abolish all families worldwide, and depopulate all countries with collapsing religions!
    • Neo-Marxism - Greatest irony of right-wingers - any society (doesn't matter progressive or reactionary) based on family values (especially based on nuclear family) will decline and go extinct after rapid growth because young population becomes too busy to start new families and instead of that, they feed elders. And neither any religions (including Islam. Don't believe? Just google about "Middle eastern demographic transition") nor bourgeois states have a solution for that! So enjoy decline and collapse, rightoid f*ckers!
    • ⟒☊⍜-⌇⍜☊⟟⏃⌰⟟⌇⋔ - Did you know that fewer people would improve the ecological situation?
    • ⋉⟒⍀⍜ ⏃☊☊⟒⌰⟒⍀⏃⏁⟟⍜⋏⟟⌇⋔ - Red society will inevitably collapse from the shortage of humans.


    • Marxism - Nah, I never really cared about dialectical materialism in the first place so fuck you LOL. Also, I'm more successful than any "revolutionary" idiots.
    • Islamic Theocracy - I hate you more than the average Western rightoid. But thanks to dialectics, you starting depopulating and aging like Western counties[1][2].Future would be great without pisslam!
    • Jihadism - Demographic transition go brrrr...Happy collapse for your society, rightoid cuck.
    • Khomeinism - Hey primitive whiny bitch, you just started all by yourself. Remember that time, when you established a new law about "family planning for better development of country?"
    • Fourth Theory - Russia is already losing its population. But hey, western countries have low fertility too!
    • Reactionaryism - Traditionalist values make situations worse and cause massive famines, civil wars, and widespread diseases.
    • Reactionary Modernism - What.. is.. that? I stand defeated...
    • Alt-Right - You will never have a ethnostate, and your race will become extinct, just like rest of other races.
    • Dengism - Fuck your one child policy!
    • Ilminism - False Korea will have less than 1 birth per woman! HAHAHA! Oh fuck, ROK is automating.
    • Capitalist Transhumanism - What do you mean by "automation will fix the human shortage"?

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