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    Democratism, is an economically center-left to right-wing, diplomatically globalist, civically center-libertarian to authoritarian, and socially moderate to ultraprogressive ideology hanging around the center of the political compass, exclusive to the United States. Democratism usually advocates for social and economic equality, along with a modest welfare state, providing government regulation in the economy to promote public interest. In terms of economic policy, Democratism believes in environmental protection, support for organized labour, maintenance and expansion of social programs, affordable college tuition, (occasionally) universal healthcare, equal opportunity, and consumer protection. Much like the Republicans, most Democrats (especially the New Democrat faction) are neoconservative in foreign policy, preferring a more hawkish, interventionist approach in an attempt to spread Western liberal democracy to the Middle East. In terms of social policy, Democratism supports LGBT rights, criminal justice, immigration reform, stricter gun laws and (sometimes) the decriminalization of marijuana.

    Democratism frequently clashes with American Republicanism, being bi-partisan on every single issue.


    The early version of Democratism spun off from the Democratic-Republican Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, which split over the choice of who would succeed president James Monroe. The Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, both of whom supported Jeffersonian principles. Its original rival, the American System, went bust over the issue of slavery in the 1850s. In 1854, anti-slavery Democrats left the party and joined with some anti-slavery Whigs to form Demball's fiercest rival, the Republicans.

    Up to this point, Demball supported limited government, state sovereignty and slavery, while opposing banks. Following the Civil War, that all changed when Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected into presidency in 1932, came forth with a wealth of government programs called the New Deal. New Deal liberalism meant the regulation of business and the promotion of labour unions, as well as federal spending to aid the unemployed, help distressed farmers and undertake large-scale public works projects. The opponents to the new deal started calling themselves " Conservatives".

    Until the 1980s, the Democrats were divided between two factions: Liberals in the North, and Conservatives in the south. After Roosevelt's death, these already quite opposing groups grew even more polarized. This eventually led to most conservatives jumping ship to the Republican Party, thanks in part to the Southern strategy, a republican electoral strategy to increase their white voterbase by promoting racism and pushing against civil rights.

    In modern times, the Democratic Party remains with Social Liberalism, with some more leftist factions within it. Their most recent victory was the election of Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States in 2020.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Democratism is generally quite passive towards any ideologies near it, but extremely abrasive towards extremists and conservatives. He deeply cares about equality and equal rights, but not for conservatives. Everything he does has to oppose Republican Conservatism; this goes both ways. Leftists hate him for being too moderate, and rightists hate him for being too progressive. He only truly gets along well with few ideologies like Social Liberalism, Social Democracy, Progressives, Neoliberals and Third Wayers. Democratism haves disagreements come up about how some of Demball's party members have " too left-wing" ideas. Overall, Demball is not really well-liked amongst his peers.

    Stylistic Notes

    He will always try to oppose everything a conservative says, even if it makes no sense; this also applies vice versa. Democratism will wear a light blue tie if he tries to be formal or serious.

    How to Draw

    Symbol of Democratism
    Drawing Democratism is quite simple:
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill in the ball with light blue.
    3. Make a white circle within the ball, leaving enough space for the light blue to look like an outline, then fill in the white circle.
    4. Draw a D with the same color as the outline.
    5. Draw the eyes.
    6. Done! Now you can make comics about how conservatives are all scum and liberalism will prevail.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light Blue 0,174,243 #00AEF3
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF





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