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    Democratic Scottish Socialism

    Hi everyone! My ideology is Democratic Scottish Socialism. The Self Insert Icon.png self-insert of the user Scottish Socialist. Democratic Scottish Socialism is Civilib.png civically liberal (though despises the liberal label), Semidirect.png democratic, Rfrm.png culturally reformist, economically Leftunity.png left, a {{PCB|Patriotism|social partriot}, and diplomatically Globalism.png Globalist.

    Big Thank you to Matteal as I have used his page for American Social Democracy to build my own, however I apologize as I did not ask for permission as he has left this site, but if he wants me to take it down I shall.

    My beliefs


    Dem.png Overview

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a Dem.png democratic ideology. Believing that, democracy is, without a doubt, the best system of government. And, that countries without democracy are totalitarian and evil. He supports a Secular.png secular (but verhemently opposes lacite seeing it as authoritarian and discriminate)Consti.png constitutional Parl.png parliamentary Semidirect.png semi-direct Liberal Democracy.png democratic Parti.png multi-party or non-party Fed.png federal Republicanismpix.png republic though a ceremonial monarchy is fine as well.

    File:Pop.png Democracy

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports a Dem.png democracy as his form of governance, since its brought us so much things like constitutional rights, civil rights, and equality under the law. Due to the importance of democracy, it must be implemented in as many countries as possible as quickly as possible. The very thought that you do not chose who governs and manages you is as abhorrent in politics as it is in the workplace.

    Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wants to give the population more say in government, and thinks introducing policies that bring direct democracy into the government are a good idea. And, is supportive of a Semidirect.png semi-direct democracy. Seeing it as the ultimate compromise between either a Dem.png representative democracy, and a Directdem.png direct democracy. So, Representatives should be largely responsible for governance, while citizens can have more autonomy through popular initiatives and referendums, ect. He sees representative democracy as being a sham that often falls victim to corporate power, while direct democracy as too bureaucratic and expensive to implement on a nation wide level. One policy of Democratic Scottish Socialism is that all budgets will have to go by referendums so that citizens have a say where their money goes. Another policy is that all constitutional amendments shall go to a referendum and that a constitutional convention shall be held ever 20 years (referencing Thomas Jefferson's letter to Madison about every law expiring after 19 years) in which citizens can suggest constitutional amendments on an online website (which rigoursly checks IP and census data to ensure there is little to no fraud)or "upvote" other suggested ones. The top ten would be put up for a vote in the convention chamber (made up of all elected officials, the supreme court and random, tax paying citizens) the amendments suggested by this online forum will be considered and if passed each one will be put up for a referendum individually.

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports a Republicanismpix.png democratic republic, leadership will be non-hereditary. However, while supporting republicanism, he will tolerate Conmon.png ceremonial monarchsas they cannot influence national affairs. But, if the choice was ever there to abolish said monarchy, he would vote yes on the ballot because he has no attachment to such figures and doesn't care if they are present or not.

    Parl.png Parliamentarianism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism favors a Parl.png parliamentary system over a Prez.png presidential system. This system would make policy decisions and implimentation of them faster. He wants a house of commons elected by PR. And a house of representatives elected by instant run off in consistencies that must be equal in population but have no restriction on size and all representatives cannot be a member of any political party or be a donor, and any form of whip in that house is illegal.

    === The Role of the President Democratic Scottish Socialism is a parliamentarian republican so believes in the existence of a weak but present president. Under Democratic Scottish Socialism president elected by the Condorcet method who has minimal powers such as vetoing bills (but they must stipulate the article in the constitution that makes it unconstitutional) and executive orders for things deemed "not worth parliamentary time" all of these however shall be subject to judicial review. The president must also renounce their political party upon taking their oath and promise to serve their country about self interest and their former party's interest.

    Civilib.png Civic Liberalism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is Liberty.png pro-privacy, with his government operating under many of the ideals of Clib.png classical liberalism while rejecting the liberal label for being pro capitalism. He's against mass surveillance that is present within our current society, believing that the Sec.png expansion of the surveillance state in the United Kingdom and Five Eyes Alliance hasn't been for the best interest of the people, but for the government to further its control over the general populace. He would enact reforms that FDF-Pirate.png weaken the surveillance state so it isn't so invasive into people's daily lives. As, he believes the government should be big enough to protect the people from harm and keep them safe, but should also should respect the personal privacy of daily citizens lives. Because, he's not opposed to things like PolState.png CCTV cameras in public places, as those can be useful for deterring things like Illeg.png crime. But, the further expansion of these services to include wiretapping into people who aren't even greenlit for investigations and personal things like phone calls leads to the ever increasing authoritarianism in Western states, and is a severe breach of privacy. The government should be there for the people when it is legitimately needed, and must be centralized enough to Welf.png provide services for the country. This would normally make him Civilib.png civically liberal. However despite being strongly pro privacy and pro freedom, Democratic Scottish Socialism is strongly against Liberalism as he views it as capitalist and not actually freedom because how can you be free when you exist at the whims of your boss or, at the very least, the market?

    Secular.png Secularism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is against any religious organization playing a role in government, however he believes that the government should subsidize religious organizations through a tax exempt status and possibly direct subsidies too due to religious minorities finding it harder to pull funds together to build a place of worship and also many religious organizations do charitable work and don't make any profit (at least from their place of worship). However religion must never play a role in the government or political affairs as it will be used by majority or plurality religions to oppress and disenfranchise other relgions and attack LGBTQIA+ groups which is why he seeks Secular.png the complete separation of church and state. There will be a strong wall between church and state institutions, religion will be separated from things like schools and government policy. Religious festivals and public holidays are fine, and the (local) government will recognize all religions' holidays who make up at least 5% of the total population of a jurisdiction as public holidays.

    Constlib2.png Constitutionalism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports the creation of a Constlib2.png written constitution that establishes a separation of powers in our government and protects our civil liberties. The constitution will be interpreted as a Krit.png strictly as possible because vaguely defined constitutions and allowing for differing intpretations allow it to become the weapon of tyrants howeerver the constitution must change to fit the times. In this regard, he takes serious issue with the current constitution in our government, because it hasn't even been written down and the lack of a proper and hard constitution allows for the ever present threat of an elective dictatorship. And he can get very annoyed when American liberals and "socialists" call to replace their constitution with a living one. Every ten years their shall be a new constitutional convention in which every politician, local, regional and national plus the president and supreme court shall attend the so-called Grand National Assembly in which ordinary citizens and politicians may come and offer possible amendments to the constitution, there shall also be a public online forum in which citizens can propose and "vote" for additional amendments which shall be read out and put to a vote in this convention. Any final draft of the constitution after an approval of the GNA will be put to a referendum to the people within one month.

    Fed.png Federalism

    In terms of how the bureaucracy is administered, Democratic Scottish Socialism prefers Fed.png local governance compared to a Unitary.png unitary government, mainly due to how a unitary government would be incredibly majoritan and ignore the voices of Scottish, Irish and Welsh people in favour of the English. However, states governments have to abide by most national laws (for example, minimum wage laws may vary from state to state), and the constitution though they have an important role in passing amendments.

    Merit.png Civil Service Reform

    Democratic Scottish Socialism seeks to abolish the First Past the Post electoral system, seeing it as nothing more than a tool of the elite to disproportionately hinder third parties' ability to compete, contributing to the two party dictatorship and the further elitism within these parties. Along with a ban on Plutocrat.png corporate lobbying and gerrymandering while also mandating full disclosure of party and candidate funds and donations and tax returns. These reforms he would propose would, along with his other reforms, strengthen Scottish or British democracy, prevent Corp.png cronyism in our government, and give more people say in the government. As he believes our government shouldn't be for sale by massive corporations, it should be for the people, and make our overall system more Merit.png meritocratic.

    Anti-Corrupt.png Whistle Blowers

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that people who expose government corruption shouldn't have to fear persecution, as the government and its institutions have a duty to be Civlibert.png inclusive and transparent with the population that is being governed. And, that any functioning democracy should work on ridding itself of corrupt officials in office. There would be an anti-corruption agency, this agency would be appointed by a president (presidents must renounce all party loyalties once sworn in) and the new director would then appoint a board of directors who would then pick the next director of the agenc after the previous one retired, this would ensure that governments can not manipulate the anti corruption agency to their benefit.

    Polycult.png Immigration

    Democratic Scottish Socialism's believes that immigration is necessary to any country to ensure there is population growth and a healthy amount of working adults to provide for the country. He believes that the labour market should be opened and that people can hop across the border to look for work, damned if it hurts "native" workers. This would result in the country producing more goods and services which would make them cheaper and grow the economy all while providing for anyone in need regardless of race, sex, who you love or where you come from. He also believes that we should grant anyone refugee status if they flee an authoritarian regime (Belarus, Russia, Turkey etc etc).

    Intercult.png Interculturalism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports Intercult.png interculturalism. He believes that multiple cultures should be allowed to exist within society, as the alternative to this is some form of genocide or other atrocity, but there should be a shared unified culture and cross-dialogue that engages these cultures to keep them from infighting with each other as it is impossible to build a society if everyone speaks their own language and none other. However this goes both ways, as immigrants must learn our language we should learn theirs's too, we should counteract neoliberal multiculturalism by accepting all of these immigrants into our unions and the size of our unions should swell until the bosses tremble in their steel toed boots.


    Socdem.png Overview

    Democratic Scottish Socialism's economic model is mainly modelled after SocDemCorp.png social democratic corporatism but also the gradualism of democratic socialism. He primarily believes in Regulationism.png strong market regulations to protect the interests of consumers and workers and fix failures in the market, Synd.png pro-labor union stances to fight for worker's rights while opposing a government mandated minimum wage seeing that as a government breach of power and taking the responsibilities of labour unions away from them, a Keynes.png mixed market economy, the creation of a Welf.png universal welfare state to redistribute wealth and to end neoliberal 3way.png workfare, a Georgist.png land value tax to replace landlords under public land ownership, and wants to model an economy off of the business model of Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives. He also supports policies that , which only contribute to the current Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal system. So, overall, he's your pretty average Socdem.png social democrat. He would classify himself as a LeftSocdem.png left-wing social democrat with these views, as he adheres more to ClassicalSocDem.png classical social democratic economics seen during post-WW2 than he does with RightSocDem.png third way neoliberalism which started to arise during the 1980's. He gets a lot of inspirations on economics from Marxists such as Yanis Varoufakis, and models his form of socialism off what he understands with some adjustments for modern day Scotland, along with western Europe and their, Welf.png welfare states, and Tripartism.png economic tripartism.

    Keynes.png Fiscal Policy

    Democratic Scottish Socialism subscribes to Keynes.png keynesian economics, he believes that the government should actively take a hand in the market and create fiscal programs that increase spending to boost growth in the economy. Supporting increases of spending during times of crisis to dampen the damage done during said crisis, to recover the economy. The type of keynesian economic branch he subscribes to would be closest to that of Newkeynes.png new keynesianism. The key element of this branch of Keynesian thought is the role of wage and price rigidities to explain unemployment and economic disequilibrium. So, the role for monetary and fiscal policy is to stabilize the economy and reduce unemployment through monetary policy. Though the Post Keynesian economic model of MMT is interesting but seems too utopian and fails to take inflation into account, it may work but it also seems really dangerous and could go horribly wrong.

    Univhealth.png Healthcare

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is fanatically supportive of a Univhealth.png Universal Healthcare system, believing that it is detrimental to the nation to have people who cannot afford to pay for healthcare to be indebted just because they cannot pay. With the current healthcare system we have being more expensive with providing less coverage than it if it was just universal. He often attacks many healthcare acts like Obamacare that expand healthcare coverage for people, as he views them as too moderate and dislikes universal insurance programs and would also prefer to transfer them into a universal healthcare system which would guarantee free healthcare at the point of use. Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that all clinics, hospitals, ambulances, drug factories and other healthcare providers should all be nationalized by the government and be completely free at the point of use. Democratic Scottish Socialism also believes that psychologists are just as important as biological doctors and they too should be nationalized and provide free therapy at the point of use as well.

    Corptism.png Corporatism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports Corptism.png corporatism as his economic base, though he would like to progressively go further. Sections of the economy will be organized into different sectors, which the government TripartiteCorporatism.png mediates disputes between labour unions and employers, preferably favouring unions, this platform given to both trade unions and businesses will work out things like wages and worker's rights without shutting down national or local economies alike due to disagreements.

    Welf.png Welfare State

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that the state should play a Patern.png Paternalism in one's life, to provide for the people, actively redistribute wealth, and promote equality of opportunity. With this, he is supportive of the Welf.png expansion of the welfare state, and for the government to provide goods and services for the people. He favours a Socdem.png universal welfare state as a way of redistribution of the wealth. Despite this, however, he isn't against Chilib.png private charities, and they will still exist. Given, they are certified to be a legitimate charity as altruism is one of the most natural and pure instincts, helping others out of sheer desire to do good is one of the most pure human thoughts. As, he realizes the importance private charities play in both his life and the lives of many others, which would still be there. But, he prefers government solutions for redistributing income, seeing as it is more effective in his opinion and that doling out money on a whim is not a show of good will but rather patronizing.

    Regulationism.png Taxation

    Democratic Scottish Soicalism favours relatively high amounts of taxation on the rich to fund a Socdem.png universal welfare state, and the upkeep in social services for the population. And, these taxes will better help achieve Equality.png equality of opportunity and outcome (to a degree) .The list of taxes that would be introduced would include:

    • Georgist.png Land value tax - A Land Value Tax will be implemented to redistribute land away from tyrannical lords and ladies, the more land you own, the more you get taxed for this land and you cannot simply raise the rent as that raise will be taxed too unless you genuinely improve the land that you own you will have to pay a much higher tax. Being a slumlord will no longer be considered a job.
    • EconProg.png International Wealth tax Internation.png - Idle wealth will be taxed at a progressive rate, on a yearly basis, from 2% of £10 million increasing gradually to 10% of £10 billion all the way to 50% tax on £1 trillion pounds should anyone reach those heights.
    • Soccap.png Value added tax - A VAT tax will be used, as they've shown to be better at raising funds. And, with the added benefit that they are very hard to dodge.
    • Envi.png Carbon tax - Taxing carbon emissions is important in the fight against climate change and to protect the environment. Pollutive industries of the economy will have a high carbon tax as a part of the environmental plan to develop new green technology and renewable energy. While also being very market driven as they simply tax a negative externality so there is no economic downside.
    • EconProg.png Progressive Corporate tax - A Progressive Corporate tax would be structured the same as the income tax (though at a higher rate to allow for income tax reductions) which will allow small businesses to pay very little in taxes, but large businesses would pay a lot this will increase competition and help end private monopolies.

    Corp.png Corporate Welfare

    Corporate welfare can be accurately described as "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor", and should end. He is against bailing out firms that are deemed "too big to fail". If a business is "too big to fail", then it is too big to exist so large businesses that need bailouts shall be offered loans, that must be constitutionally illegal to forgive, at a lower than market interest rate to allow the business to survive (in order to continue providing services or goods and keep workers in a job) but it must be regularly paid back.

    SyndieSam.png Unions

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports SyndieSam.png trade unions and the right of workers to unionize, seeing the collapse of unions in the Western World as disaster for both worker rights and the Progress.png progressive movement. So, in the labour market, there would be SyndieSam.png near total unionization of the working class, as unions are on of the best ways to improve better working conditions due to being able to "regulate" individual companies on a micro scale while governments cannot know how a private company treats workers behind doors unless they come forward which often requires legal payments made by the union, along with it being necessary for the Progress.png progressive movement to keep political power. Trade unions and how they would be organized would be through Demcorp.png democratic representation. However, unions should not be allowed to strike for electoral reasons (but political solidarity strikes such as those in Ireland against Apartheid SA) nor be allowed to strike due to the imprisonment of a coworker (to prevent police unions from striking over police brutality being punished). He is also strongly against Corp.png union busting. And, he thinks that companies that partake in such practice should be severely punished.

    Statesoc.png Nationalization

    Democratic Scottish Socialism would nationalize Statesoc.png general basic utilities, such as healthcare, water and electricity, education, libraries, and all that stuff. These public services would be directly ran by workers operating as a cooperative but funded entirely by the government or private donations.

    Microcompetitivismicon.png Hiring & Firing

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that DvCoordination.png at-will employment is terrible as it gives too much power to the employer compared to the employee, as an employee can be fired for even the most ridiculous reasons. He supports mandating firms having a Welf.png just cause when terminating a job from an employee but also mandate that employees must give their employer notice of at least 2 weeks before quitting. Along with this, being able to find new and better jobs should be a choice as well, so Synd.png occupational licenses should be mostly abolished to improve people seeking job opportunities and increase the number of small businesses to fight against monopolies.

    Farm.png Agriculture

    Democratic Scottish Socialism recognizes the importance that Farm.png small farms that are owned by families play in sustainable agriculture and the role they play in bringing access to healthy food. So, with this, he would promote family owned farms by taking away the corporate welfare that is given to big monopolies that do only not need these subsidies, but also actively squeeze out these small farmers. So, protecting consumer goods and breaking up these monopolies in this sector is important for the encouragement of sustainable agriculture and worker's rights. Farm subsidies should also be given to local producers to encourage local production. However as agricultural subsidises often make food more expensive by making farmers produce only a few kinds of foods thus increasing the price of all others, subsidies should be given to small family farms as a pro competition package rather than a general subsidy for food production.

    Cap.png Small Business

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes it is important to pander to small businesses and small business owners as they are working class themselves due to how they work from dawn to dusk just to make ends meet but also because small businesses are better for local communities, workers, and competition. So, there will be numerous policies that favour small businesses over big businesses. Such as File:Trustbust.png strong anti-trust laws, and File:Econprog.png taxing small businesses while harshly taxing larger one can achieve a thriving local economy.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Worker Co-operatives

    Democratic Scottish Socialism defends Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives, and believes that Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-ops as a business model have shown to be superior to other forms of traditional business models as in they fight capitalism more effectively than SOEs and small familial businesses. And, is in favour of an economy which has its primary business model made up of Cooperative Socialism.png consumer=worker co-ops. Medium to small-sized enterprises should be ran as Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives, although, this won't be enforced, as he realizes that an economy made up entirely up of this business model cannot sustain itself, and other forms of traditional business models will be allowed but restricted through other means such as a mandate of boards of directors having 50% of their board be workers which will allow workers to have thier voice heard not just at the ballot box but also in their workplace. Cooperatives will be encouraged through things like tax breaks and subsidizes for adopting economically democratic reforms such as workers voting with shareholders. Along with being a supporter of File:WPD.png workplace democracy, as he believes that workers should be allowed to democratically control the workplace where they work. It will allow the workers to have more say in the production they produce, while not directly handing over the means of production to the workers which could cause a reaction from the bourgeoise. With the further democratization of the workplace and economic control given the workers via these means, this would ensure the workers are actually getting the fruits of their labour.

    Plutocrat.png Wealth

    Democratic Scottish Socialism, while accepting the fact that people will be naturally richer than others, and that hierarchies will form as a result of this, seeks to counteract the harmful effects of wealth inequality with the creation of Regulationism.png high income and inherent taxes for wealthy families, along with wealth caps for CEO's, this will further weaken the influence of Plutocrat.png elitist billionaires while raising funds for our Welf.png social systems. He is incredibly opposed to billionaires existing, and knows them to be a threat to our economy due to their monopolization and our democracy. But destroyign billionaires in their entirety is currently out of reachso we should force them to contribute to the economy in taxes, respect environmental regulations, not offshore their wealth in other countries for tax avoidance, and not outsource our jobs to countries with lower wages. The wealthy people that do partake in these practices should be punished.

    Statecap.png Sovereign Wealth Fund

    Democratic Scottish Socialism will utilize as a Statecap.png sovereign wealth fund with his state-owned enterprises. The state should invest into these SWF's to create budgetary surpluses for excess liqudity. He takes particular inspiration from Norway's Nordmodel.png wealth fund, being one the largest's ones in the world, he would seek to replicate this specific success. Because, resource management needs to be done properly so we can get the most investment out of our non-renewable resources while we still are able to utilize them. SWF's should exist for all oil in every country as natural resources, especially one as lucrative and as dangerous as oil, belongs to the people of a country rather than whoever paid the highest price.

    NatProg.png Anti-Monopoly Laws

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports breaking up Corp.png massive monopolies. As everyone knows, it is not good to have monopolies dominating an economy. In this case, he would support bringing back the strong anti-trust laws that were present during the NatProg.png progressive era of the United States. Along with this, the CEO's of said companies shouldn't be allowed to own any shares in the companies that are broken up. It's not good for any economy to have huge businesses dominating the market, as it lowers the competitiveness and the ease of doing business in said economy, which is bad for economic output and growth of the economy. Amazon should be broken up into numerous (still large) businesses that own multiple warehouses close to one another to try to encourage competition and prevent local monopolies.

    Bankocracy.png Banking

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes in a Bankocracy.png strong central bank to regulate the supply of monetary units, as if the banking sector fails, then that brings our economy down too. This will ensure the economic stability of our economy. However, private banks will still be allowed to exist, given under extensive regulation. And, how the banks and credit unions would be ran would be dependent on the size of said bank. The banking sector should be controlled by Technocracy.png economic experts to ensure that it stays effective and totally independent of the government to ensure it is not politicalized.

    File:SocGeo.png Housing

    On housing, American Social Democracy views housing as a basic human right. And believes that this is yet another sector where the market cannot be trusted as houses should not be seen as savings or investments but rather as a normal commodity that is bought and sold, of course were this a perfect world commodities in their entirety would not exist. He wishes to establish a Georgist.png land value tax to replace Property.png property taxes. He supports MunicSoc.png municipal ownership. However, land value tax cannot be the only tax. As, the tax on its own wouldn't be enough to fund welfare programs. But, the reveune generated from this tax would contribute to the welfare state, making him a Socgeo.png social georgist. He believes that governments should invest millions into building affordable homes, breaking up suburban areas into several small towns rather than one giant mess.

    With zoning laws, he would mostly abolish (with an exception to environmental ones) Geolib.png single-family zoning to allow for the construction of millions new homes. As, the housing crisis that this country is facing is causing great social instability and prevents working people from owning their own home. He doesn't believe it makes a whole lot of sense to regulate land use. The land value tax coupled with the liberalization of zoning laws would fight off land speculation and GeoSynd.png strengthen tenant unions, tenant unions have an important role to play in lowering rental costs nationwide as while an LVT would force landlords to actually improve their property, it technically wouldn't force a lower rent so tenants must fight for that themselves and collective bargaining is far more effective than individual bargaining.

    File:Soc-h.png Employment

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wishes to combat unemployment through massive public works programs such as building and fixing roads, railways, weapons etc etc. He believes that "Workfare" is .awful as all it does is restrict welfare from those who need it in order to solve a problem that doesn't exist. He does not approve of a Postkeynes.png job guarantee because of it the idea of it being rather dystopic in that you must work in order to merely survive. No body should be forced to work to live, along with it being more flexible. Ideally, the unemployment rate should be somewhere around 5 - 6%.

    Soccap.png Currency

    Democratic Scottish Socialism's currency will be a new currency, called the Cball-Scotland.png Scottish Dollar, as hhe would love to see and independent Scotland. He believes in monetary and fiscal policies (while we are still capitalistic) that stabilize the currency as stability and trust are the most important parts of capitalism, such as the Keynes.png DSGE. His optimal inflation rate would be around 2% annually, which should lead to ModerInflate.png a stable rate of growth and unemployment. But would love to see a day when goods are exchanged out of the goodness of our hearts rather than for a monetary purpose.

    EconProg.png Wages

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is against the concept of Welf.png wage labor, taking the usual Marxist position however due to his belief in gradualism he does not think that we can achieve the abolishment of wage labour any time soon. Unions should, in tripartite agreements, negotiate a minimum wage every year to 5 years (depending on contracts, inflation and state of the economy) with the bosses, these wages will then be applied as a hard minimum for each sector. As the country would be federal the wages would be negotiated for the sectors within an individual state rather than the entire nation.

    File:Globcap.png Trade

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wishes to adopt a near unilateral free trade policy. Dropping all tariffs on all goods from every country as he believes that this will aggregate demand internationally, due to products becoming cheaper, which will lead to more jobs being created and hopefully higher wages. This could cause a spiralling effect due to Keynesian and socialist economics putting more money in people's pockets allowing them to purchase more goods and bring up the quality of life around the globe. However he can see how many companies and countries are exploiting workers to an insane degree to provide us with luxuries so he proposes a "Labour rights tariff" where products will be taxed if it is suspected that labour rights are not followed (tariff will cost more than the labour right itself is estimated to).

    He believes that the West, as flawed as it may be, is the best geopolitical bloc especially now when the USA cannot get away with overthrowing socialist leaders anymore and so developing countries should align with the west.

    Indust.png National Production

    The Indust.png Glasgow's industrial capacity is a joke compared to what it was in the 1960s. This is a natural process of exodus's to places where labour is cheaper and so we should not fight this deindustrialization. Instead we should develop new industries, fully embrace service jobs and invest in chip production as those are dearly needed in our world.


    Prgess.png Overview

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a Prgess.png culturally left-wing ideology. He sympathizes with SJW.png SjWs associated with progressivism in the west despite often viweing them as a little silly. He aboslutely detests Conserv.png modern day conservatism due ot their blatant sexualization of women (Angela Ranyer and AOC being the worst cases of this) being pro death (anti

    universal healthcare while being anti abortion) and heavily trans/xenophobic while Democratic Scottish Socialism has many trans and immigrant friends irl and online. Despite this he mostly avoids culture war issues due to them being so toxic and him getting very heated in them instead focusing on economics as many right-populists today often agree with many left wing economic policies so debate is often more constructive. 

    On social issues, he strongly supports Gay.png LGBT rights, File:Secular.png secularization, Abort.png abortion rights, PolState.png criminal justice reform, Fem.png gender equality, decriminalization of drugs (opposed to the legalization of hard drugs though), Humanismpix.png rehabilitative justice, Envi.png environmental justice, Equality.png racial equality, and other positions associated with the cultural left. He also believes in extensive Liberty.png civil liberties, like Sixlib.png sexual freedom, World.png freedom of movement, the FreeSpeak.png right to free speech and assembly, and the OOTS.png right to die.

    Gay.png LGB

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports Gay.png LGBT rights. He believes it's wrong to deprive the rights of others based off of victimless acts, he says this because Democratic Scottish Socialism does not know whether you are born gay or choose to be gay, however he doesn't care either way and wants to secure gay rights all over. Full legal recognition would be granted, such as the right to free expression and association, same-sex marriage, adopt rights, anti-discrimination laws, ect. He's opposed to their persecution based purely off of their sexuality and nothing else, they should be looked upon equally towards that of heterosexual people and must be protected from hate crimes. He is a fan of the pride movement (marching in a parade once) as he views it as the reason why gay people have rights and should be celebrated. He believes that representation is important as it helps to show people that there is nothing wrong with being gay. This topic should be Apolit.png a non issue, as the mere mentioning of this debate encourages homophobia and make it seem like a controversial thing.

    Trans.png Transgender

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes being Trans.png transgender is a misconnection between the sex you were assigned with at birth. He supports the right of transgender people to change their gender and believes that gender dysphoria is a real thing. He doesn't fully understand trans people, as he knows it to be a complicated thing, but loves them as he would any other person. He believes gender to be a made up social construct and that it's eventual abolishment would be a good thing for society. If someone wants to change their gender from male to female and female to male, they should be allowed to do so, transgender people should have full legal recognition. As transgenderism is an illness gender reassignment services should be provided by hospitals and surgeons for free at the point of use as would any other surgery be.

    Fem.png Feminism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a Fem.png feminist ideology and a supporter of women's rights. There is no fundamental difference between a man and a women. Both should sexes and genders (however make believe this is) be treated the same, dealt the same punishes & rewards, and given the same Ballpermission.png civil freedoms. These would include: reproductive rights, equal pay, maternity leave, and the right to bodily autonomy. He is against prostitution and porn unless it is done completely indepedant of any boss due to the amount of exploitation and trafficking that happens as a result of those two industries that only exist to provide a "luxury" service. However, he is against affirmative action for women. As he believes that an equal pay law and empowering of unions could enforce equality in the workplace far better than a government can.

    FeministPhilosophy.png Sex Education

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is in favour of teaching FeministPhilosophy.png sex education, as it has served for being a vital way in combatting teenage pregnancies, STDs, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Many lives are ruined by something that could've been easily prevented if these topics were taught. On the federal level, we should educate children on everything that includes: basic biology, Gay.png LGBT matters, and other things relating to these topics for harm reduction.

    Modtransh.png Technology

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports the development of Ectrans.png green technology to combat climate change, along with being supportive of Demtrans.png democratic transhumanism in terms of things like job automation, as if it is to happen, then that money should go to Welf.png social programs to provide new jobs and train the the unemployed in new trades eventually all boring, repetitive and poor quality work that no one wants to do will be replaced by machines. He opposes Neolud.png those who think that technological development is bad.

    FDF-Pirate.png Copyright Reform

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is very supportive of FDF-Pirate.png pirate politics, as he believes the current copyright system gives all the power to massive corporations while stifling innovation in the market, which creates a system where these multinational corporations can infinitely extend the copyright of their works to keep them from going into the public domain. Along with how these tech companies mass farm users internet data just to increase their already massive profit margins, which creates many issues in of itself, and just the fact that it is unethical to do that.

    MegaCorp.png Big Tech

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes it's important to tackle the power of MegaCorp.png big technology companies, He would like to see an internationally funded social media platform that penalizes and isolates neo nazis (rather than banning their subreddits or their accounts entirely which just makes them flee to different places) while supports journalists in totalitarian countries and warzones to provide news coverage that meets as many people as possible.

    Pro-ChoiceRemade.png Abortion

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is Pro-ChoiceRemade.png pro-choice, and supports the right of a women to have an abortion. Since abortion rights are essential to a women's Liberty.png bodily autonomy, he sees the choice to abort a fetus as the choice of a mother as if a human is entirely depedant on another human and is worsening their quailty of life they should have the right to say "No! I don't want this.". As a mother that bears a child she cannot financially support will strain our welfare services further, which will be detrimental to the Welf.png welfare state. Abortion should be allowed for nearly the entire duration of the pregnancy for any reason on demand, with 24 weeks being the cut off point. Anything else past that point would be reserved for things like rape or incest or a threat to the woman's life. He supports the Consti.png constitutional protecting of abortion rights. He hates how abortion is something that is either shamed or idealized. It's something that should be allowed for bodily autonomy, not something a government or community should be able to regulate.

    FreeSpeak.png Freedom of Speech

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports FreeSpeak.png freedom of speech, seeing it as necessary for a country to keep the market place of ideas running. However, there will be notable restrictions on freedom of speech, such as things like defamation, hate groups, and protecting the public welfare of citizens. So, he's not a free speech absolutist, and he believes there should be restrictions on hate speech to protect minorities, as he knows that a world were all ideas are tolerated is one where the intolerant would destroy the tolerant.

    Egirl.png Pornography and Prostitution

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that all porn and prostitution that is not managed entirely by the woman (or man) selling her own body should be banned, the "workers" should be given help and treatment to counteract any possible damage done by being sexually exploited by their bosses. However if porn stars or prostitutes run their own channels then it is purely an individual's choice.

    Virus total.png Mandates & Lockdowns

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that vaccine mandates are important to secure public safety and interests, and is both Virus total.png pro-vaccine and pro-mandate. He also supports Covidism-icon.png lockdowns imposed during the pandemic. As these helped save the nation from a deadly virus however now that herd immunity and vaccintations are rolling out these are no longer needed.

    OOTS.png Euthanasia

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports the OOTS.png legalization of euthanasia. If a mentally ill person chooses to voluntarily end their own life, then that is their choice and their choice alone. Seeing the Necrocracy.png right to die as essential to bodily autonomy, and for it to not only be immoral because of the human suffering it causes, but also cost ineffective as well. Tax money shouldn't go towards people who choose to voluntary end their own lives. However, there should be regulations in place to prevent this from being used as a cure all decision, since this can be easily abused.

    GRights.png Gun "Rights"

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is strongly anti gun believing them to only be good for gunning down children in schools and thus most handguns and all auto and semi auto guns should be banned however he would support owning single shot guns for hunting.

    Mediastocracy flair.png News and Media

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that Mediastocracy flair.png mainstream media is a decisive tool that has allowed for corporate money to stay on top, with the population being ever so clueless about alternative options, or the way they are being manipulated. He wants to bring back the Fairness doctrine to try to reduce polarization and to increase socialism in the west.

    Scientocracy Small.png Education

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes our Scientocracy Small.png education system is in need of reform. And, that education should be free from nursery, to college and university. With how things are taught, he is in favour of impartially, as things like History shouldn't be taught through a nationalistic lens but they should teach about the biggest failures and moral bankruptcies of a nation (such as the trail of tears or Scottish people colonizing the Empire). Public schools will be Secular.png secular. On the topic of LGBT, he's in favour to teaching topics relating about sex & gender to children, but also believes things like bullying are wrong as well, so he supports laws that prohibit discriminate against students based on their sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools as he views that this will make LGBT kids feel more comfortable with their sexuality.

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is in favour of establishing a National Education Service (NES) which nationalizes all private schools and eliminates tuition as well as increasing the secondary school age from 18 to 19 as this will allow millions more children to get the very best education they can which will benefit the nation greatly in the years to come as children will grow up to be experts in certain trades at a young age, our culture will be refined with more authors etc etc

    File:Secular.png Secularism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is wary of the influence of Religiousaltval.png religion on society and a Cdem.png cultural religion. He sees organized religion as corrupt and self-serving, he would prefer for the societal influences of religion to decline and for society to be based off of secular ethics. He's also concempt with what he calls "neo-secularism", which just means that religious beliefs have modernized and the cultural influences of religions aren't there. However he fully respects the beliefs of religious people as he is agnostic and makes no claims about what there is or there isn't and it is more believable to him that a God created this universe than nothing did as something can not come from nothing. And even is for the (local) government funding of places of worship if there is no place close in a community of at least 5% of the total population.

    Enlightnenment.png Culture War

    Democratic Scottish Socialism doesn't want to focus on Enlightnenment.png culture war issues too much, believing that these issues are propagated by Mediastocracy flair.png media outlets that are focused on pitting people up against each other for their own profit, which gets in the way of actual economic issues. However, on the actual culture war issues themselves, he's mostly just against Conservative.png conservatives. So, he tends to propagate culture war issues since they are so commonplace and everyone has opinions on them.

    NarcLib.png Drugs

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that drug war was unilateral disaster that put many innocent lives in jail and only contributed to the Klep.png prison industrial complex. He supports treating marijuana and LSD the same as alcohol and tobacco but believes a state monopoly should be formed on all four of these due to their destructive and corrosive nature to society. Meanwhile hard drugs should be confiscated on discovery (but police should not have the power to frisk or strip search anyone on suspicion on drug carrying) however if it is in small (individual) quantities then the person should be let go (with their drugs) but if it is in large quantities (for sale) the person should face up to 20 years in prison, depending on whether it can be proved that someone died from their drug sales.

    Klep.png Criminal Justice Reform

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that prisons should teach useful trades and skills that can help inmates rebuild their life once outside of prison but also believe that if a crime is victimless then the person who did it should never be sent to prison. Democratic Scottish Socialism is also in favour of keeping the death penalty abolished, ending paid bail, ending private prisons and prevent anyone being sent to prison with no chance of parole, or even with a delayed chance at parole.

    Envi.png Green Environmentalism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a strong supporter of Envi.png environmental justice, he sees protection of the environment as upmost importance, as climate change is something that is not only very real, but something that actively threatens the lives of billions of people. It as a necessary to end fossil fuels as fast as possible even if it causes a major recession along with the Protect.png trade deals for our country needing to respect environmental standards, as Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal capitalism has lead to the exploitation of the environment by creating a World.png race to the bottom, which causes businesses to disregard environmental standards for their own profit margins. The government must start subsidizing green alternatives while taxing and prohibiting fossil fuels to weaken the fossil fuel industry and lower CO2 production. and make a transition towards nuclear power. Along with greater investments being put into Ectrans.png green technology, seeing it as a a popular, though often sillyand immature, factor in defeating climate change. Although, he would prefer for the government to just Statesoc.png nationalize most of these industries relating to natural resources, were these state owned businesses would contribute to a sovereign wealth fund which would go to things like the welfare state and other government expenditures. He supports initiatives like the Cball-EU.png European green deal, and would seek to restore that in Scotland since Brexit.

    WaterEnvi.png Blue Environmentalism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a less enthusiastic supporter of WaterEnvi.png blue environmentalism as well as Envi.png green environmentalism. There should be universal laws that apply to the environment of the ocean and other bodies of water. So, laws that regulate plastic, chemicals, and other things that get spilt into the ocean will be applied, among other things like coral reef protections.

    Deepe.png Animal Rights

    American Social Democracy supports animal rights. As, animals are living beings at the end of the day. He supports the the banning of most animal testing. As, animal testing isn't even guaranteed to produce good results, at the cost of inflicting unnecessary suffering to other living beings. He would also improve the living standards of animals being farmed for food, as the way they get treated is just excessively horrific. As animals are as alive as we are we should not kill them for food unless we have to, as that is murder. We may use their products however as their are "compensated" with food and housing.

    Equality.png Racial Egalitarianism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is against the far right phony concept of Racenat.png racialism, since the concept of race as we define it doesn't exist. With this, he is a Civnat.png civic "patriot", seeing a country is defined by a common way of life and culture. So, he is favour of complete racial equality, seeing racial and ethnic inequality as determinantal to a country that should be actively fought. As, all men, regardless of their back round, are created equal, and are entitled to the same rights with due respect for their differences.

    MLK.png Colorblind Society

    Democratic Scottish Socialism, being against Racenat.png racialism and for Equality.png racial equality, is in favour of affirmative action programs for coloured people as past racism and the effects of social ostracization and segregation have lead to much of the coloured community fall into dire poverty fall no fault of their own, this means that it is the government's duty to fix this with some extra programs targeting ghettoes and impoverished coloured people.

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a huge backer of Blm.png BLM (like most only heard of them) after George Floyd was murdered. He is apathetic to identity politics viewing it as a little silly and distracting from more important issues. While he is a full supporter of the progressive concept of intersectionality

    Klep.png Criminal Justice Reform Klep.png

    Reform.png Reformism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a Reform.png reformist ideology. However for totalitarian regimes revolution is almost always preferable to reform, as any reform will not solve the larger issues and simply kill reformist movements. Therefore for dictatorships such as Iran and Saudi Arabia the only answer is revolution the tyranny must end though Western support would kill any movement there as it would be called a western puppet organization.

    Autism.png Mental Health

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is strongly in favour of assitance being giving to autistic people in schools and preventing autistic people from abuse outwith. He beleives that in may cases autistic people are smarter than neurotypical people, though this is entirely anecedotal.

    Youth.png Youth

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that 16 year olds are perfectly capable of voting as they know what they want (not any less that a 40 year old does) and that most 16 year olds should have a job that makes enough so they pay taxes. So therefore 16 year olds should have the right to vote in all referenda and elections

    Health and Safetyf.png Public Health and Safety

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wants taxation on unhealthy products (such as a burger) and through a state monopoly set the prices of soft drugs + alcohol and tobacco to way higher than the market price where the revenues will be directed to drug therapy complexes and clinics. Democratic Scottish Socialism also supports stringent health and safety legislation and a corporate manslaughter law to protect employs from suffering the consequences of employer neglect.


    World.png Overview

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is opposed to Imp.png imperialism and Strato.png warmongering, so he supports the Pac.png withdrawal of our troops from most conflicts we are involved in. Since he supports Welf.png multilateralism, he would be a Internation.png peaceful internationalist. He is very receptive to ideas like World Federalism2.png world federalism and Anat.png anationalsm, as petty nationalism is a plague that does nothing but divide societies and tear worlds apart in hellfire and carnage.

    Antiimp.png Liberal Internationalism File:LibInternat.png

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is in favour of Liberal Internationalism to fight for human rights above economics and RealPolitik for do Democratic Scottish Socialism it does not matter where you fly the red flag of socialism or the black flag of fascism. If you are a fascist, you deserve death and shall be given it. Democratic Scottish Socialism is in favour of sanctioning Iran (but providing food, water and medicine), Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Turkey and others to force them to accept basic human rights.

    Leftnat.png Self Determination of Nations

    Democratic Scottish Socialism is a strong believer in self determination, that said if a nation "self determines" to ignore human rights then it's government should be taken out as human rights and dignity are more important, but usually go hand in hand with, than democracy. Democratic Scottish Socialism also believes that "nationalism" (the non tribalistic form) is inherently socialistic as it is about working for your community, though a larger one, rather than just yourself.

    Ecoglob.png Environmental Globalization

    Democratic Scottish Socialism defends climate treaties like the Paris Agreement and other ones that Ecoglob.png further coordinate environmental efforts between countries, believing that we have to work as a united world against climate change. All countries should be actively pressured to adopting climate protections, regardless of their wealth, as we must all work together with one another to save our planet!

    Humanismpix.png Nuclear Deterrence

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports Humanismpix.png global nuclear deterrence efforts, as nuclear bombs have been one of the greatest forces of peace in the wordl due to the doctrine of MAD. If both sides know that a war will wipe them both out then neither will start one with the other and it forces conflict to proxies which, while very devasting to locval economies, are significantly less bloody that a full blown war between imperial powers.

    Postconan.png Anti-Colonialism

    Democratic Scottish Socialism supports countries fighting for Sep.png self-determination against Colonial.png colonialism with his Antiimp.png anti-imperialist mindset, Neoimp.png neo-imperialism is something that should be actively fought against, as Globcap.png global capitalism is a modern day evil that actively strips countries of their autonomies and cultures which enslaves developing countries to developed countries, and has created a CronyCap.png neo-feudalist system that is controlled by Corp.png multinational corporations. However, he's critical of movements that are not fighting against oppressive regimes, and is less likely to support those movements than he is to support the movements of people fighting for independence against authoritarian regimes.

    Internat.png Foreign Aid

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wishes to provide lots of foreign aid in the way of cheap, low interest loans from the IMF and former imperialist powers investing in infrastructure then handing that infrastructure to the government to ensure it is not manipulated to take over a country by stealth. These investments in infrastructure and education while adopting a unilateral free trade policy would allow developing countries to rapidly industrialize and advance lowering global poverty massively.

    Strato.png The Military

    Democratic Scottish Socialism wishes for every NATO country to increase or decrease their military budget to 2% (exempting money for Ukraine) of the country's total GDP to contest Russia.

    Necon.png NATO

    Democratic Scottish Socialism sees NATO as a necessary evil due to Chinese and Russian imperialism and it should be expanded to contain SEATO and Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to form a global alliance against fascism and Dengism.

    Cball-UN.png United Nations

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that the United Nations is an incredible institution that has helped and saved the lives of millions via its humanitarian interventions and acting as a forum to prevent many genocides (though many still happen regardless) and war.

    Cball-EU.png European Union

    Democratic Scottish Socialism believes that the EU is generally a force for good though needs reform, such as abolishing the commission and council and adopting Mixed Member Proportional for the Eu parliament. This will lay the real foundations for a continent spanning democracy of progress able to resist both the US and Russia and even China. Allowing for a true multipolar world order.


    • Way too interested in politics and history
    • Loves PDX games and kittens
    • can get mad very easily

    Ideological Relations

    Yes.png Based

    Meh.png Bringe

    No.png Cringe

    • Protect.png Protectionism - High wages, low prices
    • Isolation.png Isolationism - Dumbass who thinks that his nation can thrive without forigen assitance.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - I hate you with every fiber of my being.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Is there aught we hold in common with the greedy parasite?
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Capitalist pig
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Go outside and touch grass edgy teen.
    • World.png Globalism - Anyone advocating for this is dead to me. Imperialism with a human face.
    • Fash.png Fascism - Being edgy is not a political ideology.
    • React.png Reactionarism - I'm a degenerate now? Have you ever thought of looking in the mirror and seeing how the times have changed, and thought to yourself, maybe you are the degenerate?
    • Statecap.png State Capitalism - Fuck you! Fake socialist
    • Dengf.png Dengism - "The transitionary state will come after a couple hundred years of totalitarian state capitalism guys, i swear!1!1!1!1". But seriously, any "leftist" who are apologizing for you are not leftists.

    Further Information

    Consti.png Literature

    How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith A Brief history of Capitalism by Yanis Varoufakis (current) Das Kapital by Karl Marx (surrendered for now)