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    Democratic Progress Party

    The Democratic Progress Party (DPP) emerged during the Polcompball Anarchy subreddit parliamentary elections as an alternative to the United Leftist Coalition Party, who DPP theorists saw as too broad of a union to make cohesive and directed change. In lieu of growing right-wing opposition, however, the Democratic Progress Party has carefully reevaluated its position in the electoral climate.

    Ideological Composition

    The Democratic Progress Party is functionally homogenous along cultural and society beliefs, with only a handful of distinct economic ideologies including Democratic Socialism, Market Socialism, Social Democracy, and Social Georgism.



    • Democratic Socialism - You're one of favorite economic models for the DPP. Plus democracy is awesome!!!
    • Market Socialism - Private markets should exist alongside nationalized industry. Awesome!
    • Social Democracy - For the more moderate members. Still, your commitment to equality is admirable.
    • Social Georgism - Makes working within the system work!
    • LGBTQ+ - Queer rights are essential for any truly egalitarian society.
    • Cosmopolitanism - When everything boils down, we're all citizens of the world.
    • Participism - What a novel alternative to capitalism.



    • Conservativism - Clinging on to the past for what? Look to the future!
    • National Conservativism - If being closeminded was an Olympic sport you'd take gold.
    • Nazism - What you have done to humanity is utterly deplorable.
    • Fascism - We are staunch pacifists, but I would look the other way if you were beat with a hammer.
    • Alt-Right - You are simply a conspiratorial idiot.
    • Corporatism - An unchecked authoritarian corporate hellscape.
    • Ethnonationalism - Like nationalism but worse. Just admit you're racist.
    • Pinochetism - A dictator propped up by him. I'll never forgive you for what you did to Allende!
    • Authoritarianism - The antithesis of democracy!!


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