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    Democratic Falangism is an ideology largely shaped by the Spanish political party Falange Auténtica, which claims to carry on the legacy of the early, pre-civil war Falangist movement. Democratic Falangism attempts to maintain the primary focus of the original Twenty-Seven Points of the Falangist movement as laid out in 1934 by José Antonio Primo de Rivera, however, attempting to divorce these policies from the Fascistic and Totalitarian tendencies of the Falangist Party.


    Overall his reading, despite a claim to authenticity, of Falangism is quite selective and in most areas decently moderate. DemFal views politics and economics through a reformist lens, desiring election through liberal democracy and then the implementation of a Union managed Socialist economy. Although his system of economic management resembles Syndicalism, he differs in his desire for top-down implementation, rather than the Unions taking direct control of the economy through pressure or force. He maintains his father's nationalism, although expressing it far less radically, strongly believing in the preservation of the Spanish nation as an identity and opposing independence movements that would threaten to destroy it as a united polity. He extends this nationalism to other nations around the world, believing all polities except for Basques, Galicians, and Catalans should be extended the same respect and are owed the right to self-determination, meaning he is staunchly anti-Imperialist as well. DemFal believes in a consistent life ethic and the concept of universal human dignity, two things common in Christian Democratic thought; which is in line with the Falangist recognition of Catholicism as an integral facet of Spanish culture, although DemFal puts less emphasis on it than his father. He opposes all things that denigrate or violate the right to life and dignity, such as abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, torture, and discrimination.


    DemFal, despite being pretty solidly left-wing, will sometimes behave in a way more reminiscent of populist right-wingers. He loves marching in political rallies waving Spanish flags and singing patriotic songs, his favorite being 'Cara al Sol.' He will often use iconography and imagery reminiscent of the original Falange de las JONS and if he's feeling particularly edgy he will sometimes perform the Roman Salute, although criticism of this will often lead to him denying it being Fascistic, rather a sign of allegiance to Spain and José Antonio alone. Overall he is difficult to befriend as he is too edgy for most leftists and too leftist for most right-wingers.

    He will sing the praises of his beloved José Antonio and eternally yell into the wind about how Franco and the restoration of Monarchy undid all potential progress achieved in the Spanish Civil War, earning him few friends. He stands along Carlism and his son in feeling betrayed by Franco and undeservedly maligned in the modern Spanish culture. He is able to find commonality with the Carlists, although he is still incredibly critical of their overt Monarchism and Traditional Carlism's Absolutism.



    • Flang.png Falangism- ¡José Antonio, líder, presente! You may not be the strictest Socialist, but you want what's right.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - Socialism can only be achieved through Democratic and reformist means.
    • Utsoc.png Utopian Socialism - We can build a harmonious society without indignity or inequality.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - The Union is the building block of Socialist organization.
    • Pron.png Peronism - ¡Viva el gran conductor! We look up to you and your noble goals.


    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - We both care about the people's rights and think religion ties us together, but the more capitalist or centralist you get the less I like you.
    • Carlism.png Carlism - You may be a reactionary and a Monarchist, but you want federalism, Spain to remain united, and we both hate Franco. You're also a good Civil War reenactment buddy.
    • Euskadi Carlism.png Euskadi Carlism - You take after your father, but you abandoned the reactionary rhetoric and became a Socialist. Ummm, based? Why are you even still a Monarchist though?
    • Monflang.png Monarcho-Falangism - Wait what?
    • Antifa.png AntiFa - I SWEAR I'M NOT RACIST NO STOP PLEASE!!!


    File:Falange autentica.jpg
    The logo of Falange Autentica, use as guide for ball

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