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    Democratic Confederatism, more precisely known as Confederate Democratic Confederalism or Confederate Communalism, is a a far-left, culturally variable, libertarian or anarchist ideology which unites the struggles of Kurdistan and the legacy of the Confederate States of America.


    Democratic Confederatism's ideas for social organization are mainly influenced by Libertarian Socialism, Bookchin Communalism and George Fitzhugh's ideas, mainly on how "slavery is a form, and the very best form, of socialism". It believes in a form of self-imposed post-slavery in which all property and the means of production are collectivized in a direct democratic, extreme libertarian social order.

    Culturally, Democratic Confederatism is slightly less progressive and/or variable than Democratic Confederalism due to reactionary influences, however still shares most of the social views DemCon does. Democratic Confederatism is more commonly in favor of Ethnopluralism.

    Democratic Confederatism believes strongly in preserving the CSA's legacy, as well as defending the independence of Kurdistan. It believes their struggles are connected in some various ways.




    • Slavery - I will defend you, but you must be collective and self-imposed, otherwise you're imperialism.
    • Black Nationalism - Look, i don't hate you. Just maybe... go back to Africa?
    • Anarcho-Communism - Stop calling me a racist pig jus for being proud of my heritage. I am your friend, not foe.


    • Capitalism - You created the conditions for slavery to end and as a result exerted your oppression onto everyone.
    • Lincolnism - You ruined everything. You ruined our heritage, you ruined our future, you ruined slavery and the future for libertarian socialism.
    • American Model - No, you are an evil empire! You are far worse than any "shackles" of slavery.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Americuck's ally! Stay away from Kurdistan fascist!
    • Neoliberalism - Oh yeah, cause real slavery is sooo much worse than wage slavery. F*ck you!



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