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    Democratic Anarchism (DemAn) is a libertarian, economically and culturally left ideology that wants to destroy the state ideally using democracy, with some revolution.

    Ideological Foundations


    DemAn supports more local governments, preferring communities to have more power than the government. It also support this, to slowly take more power from the central government, and give more to independent communities.


    DemAn is slightly reformist, believing that revolution is sometimes impractical on the modern world. They argue that revolutions sometimes creates more problems, and the violence that they create is sometimes unnecessary.


    DemAn is critically supportive of violent revolution, believing it to be only necessary once all forms of reform have been exhausted. They argue that while horrifying, violence is sometimes necessary


    DemAn is staunchly opposed to left-unity, arguing that most authoritarian leftists are counter-revolutionaries who move society away from socialism, and that the unity nearly always just benefits the authoritarians. They are therefore, opposed to left-unity

    Personality and Behavior

    DemAn is very professional with other people to convince them that anarchism is good, however when alone they act like any anarchist, using drugs, protesting and having sex.






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