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    Degrowth ("Décroissance" in french) is a left-wing political, economic and social concept, according to which economic growth brings more harm than benefits to humanity. It is based on ideas from a diverse range of lines of thought such as Environmentalism, ecological economics, Ecofeminism, and environmental justice.

    According to Degrowth, the industrialization process has three negative consequences: dysfunctions of the economy (mass unemployment, precariousness, etc.), alienation at work (stress, moral harassment, multiplication of accidents, etc.) and pollution, responsible for the deterioration of ecosystems and the disappearance of thousands of animal species.

    The ideas of Degrowth come largely from the axiom, "We cannot infinitely grow in a finite world". Degrowth emphasizes the need to reduce global consumption and production, and advocates a socially just and ecologically sustainable society with well-being replacing GDP as the indicator of prosperity. Degrowth highlights the importance of autonomy, care work, self-organization, commons, community, localism, work sharing, happiness, and conviviality.


    How to Draw

    Flag of Degrowth
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it light green.
    3. In the center draw a snail in black outline.
    4. Fill the shell red, and the body white.
    5. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light Green 150,204,88 #96CC58
    Black 0,0,0 #000000
    Red 244,0,0 #F40000
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF



    • Eco-Socialism - Shares my concerns for the future sustainability of Earth and of humanity, and has good solutions.
    • Eco-Anarchism - Down with the polluting economy-obsessed state!
    • Decelerationism - I agree, our modern obsession with racing ahead especially in economic figures, is really damaging.
    • Technogaianism - The only transhumanist who shares my vision for a post-growth, post-capitalist world.


    • Eco-Social Market Economy - Has some good ideas about society, but can't see that markets and the profit incentive are inherently counter-productive to sustainability.
    • Fiscal Conservatism - Agrees that government bailing out large corporations is a sham, but is also a capitalist who believes in growing the economy. Yuck!
    • Voluntary Human Extinction - Fellow Earth preservationist, but not a humanity preservationist... come on man, that's too far!
    • Kaczynskism - I appreciate the spirit, but your methods are questionable to say the least.


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