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    Deez Nutsism is the ideology of Brady C. Olson, who ran as an independent presidential candidate in the 2016 election under the alias Deez Nuts. He filed himself as a candidate in late June, 2015 as a joke, but began to actually pick up traction. He was endorsed by Warren G., Ice-T and WelvenDaGreat (the man behind the original Deez Nuts skit).

    Deez Nuts expressed antiestablishment and Libertarian.png libertarian views, and endorsed Sanders.png Bernie Sanders and Conserv.png John Kasich as the Demcr.png Democratic and USAGOP.png Republican candidates, respectively.

    He polled with 9% of votes in North Carolina, behind Hillaryism Sprite.png Hillary Clinton (38%) and Trumpism.png Donald Trump (40%). He also scored with decent vote percentages in a few other states.

    Following this, the Federal Elections Commission announced its intent to punish future satirical candidates for president for false filings with a federal agency. Even if Deez Nuts did win, he couldn't have been sworn in do to his age, 15 at the time, which would've been unconstitutional.




    • Antcent.png Anti-Centrism - Okay, this is too far.
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - You're another mainstream supporter of the two-party system, but good on you for deporting illegal immigrants.


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