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    The Decepticons are a malevolent race of robot warriors, brutal and merciless. The Decepticons are driven by a single undeviating goal: total domination of the universe. In the war that raged between the Decepticons and Autobots for millions of years, their home planet of Cybertron was drained of its once rich sources of energy. In hopes of finding new reserves for making Energon, their basic fuel, the Decepticons followed the Autobots to Earth. Under the leadership of the ruthless Megatron, they continued their efforts to destroy the remaining Autobot forces."―Narrator

    Political placement

    There has been much debate about the exact political placement of Decepticonism. This task isn't made any easier by the fact that Transformers is a multiverse, so the decepticons in one universe may be in an opposite place on the compass than the cons from another. Many argue it belongs in the authright quadrant because of its militaristic and expansionistic nature. However, that ignores its reasons for militarism. Many say the Decepticons are racist because of their desire to conquer organic species. However, using that same logic, all ideologies that tolerate animal cruelty are racist, which simply doesn't make sense. Additionally, race is defined as groups within species that share similar physical qualities. So there can be multiple races within a species. A mere google search about the Decepticons shows that they don't discriminate based on physical qualities between members of their species. So no, they aren't racist, but they are speciesist.

    Now then, where are they politically? Some may still say authright since their government is a military dictatorship, but military dictatorships have existed on the left. So really, what can be used to demonstrate their place on the compass is their cultural and economic stances. Though they sometimes do talk about their warrior heritage, this does appear to be primarily rhetoric. One thing that isn't mere rhetoric is their stance on religion. They view religious artifacts like the matrix as mere tools to use in their conquest of the universe, with religious traditions and scripture having no bearing on their ideology and them even denouncing religion on multiple occasions. Additionally, unlike the Autobots, the Decepticons practice a republican style of leadership with the most maneuverable individuals becoming leaders. In contrast, the Autobot's system of leadership is essentially a theocracy, with their leader being a religious figure. As for their economic policy, there's less detail on that, but it would be far-fetched to infer that everything is nationalized for (aside from stuff claimed by individuals like Swindle), there isn't much of private property. Though there are strict ranks, these ranks are manly military ones and not class based. Additionally, in some continuity's the Decepticons are lower-class revolutionaries who strive for an equal society. In general, the Cybertronian species is a very collectivist one, with there being a great emphasis on all individuals working toward the betterment of their society. So though not by overwhelming evidence, it can be said that the Decepticons belong in the Authoritarian left quadrant of the political compass.



    • N/A - Don't get us confused with Hasbro's other property. Our species is fundamentally different from all others and so are our interest so it's kind of hard to find common ground with any human made ideology.


    • Diamondism - While your ideology is favorable, WE will be the dominant ruling force in this galaxy!
    • Posadism - Only socialist aliens could become advanced enough to traverse the stars, and earth can only achieve socialism through nuclear war. Basedx2! Not only will the nuclear war weaken the organics defenses but the radiation produced by it could be synthesized into energy which will make creating a Decepticon colony on it much easier.
    • Imperialism - Literally how else would we achieve universal domination.
    • National Bolshevism - Equality but just for me. Based.... is what I would say if he replaced the national in his name with special.
    • State Atheism - What kind of god is Primus if he doesn’t help us on our quest to bring order to the universe through conquest?!
    • Cyberocracy - I mean us transformers are different from regular machines (having sparks and all), but any ideology that prioritizes technological life over organic life is based!
    • Stratocracy - “Peace through Tyranny!”
    • Transhumanism - Upgrades are great but humans shouldn’t have them.
    • Post-humanism - Congrats Go-bots you're actually closer to being real than we are. Which isn’t saying much.
    • Voluntary Human Extinction- Now if this ideology was extended to all organic life they’d be an indispensable ally.
    • Illegalism - Underground crime gangs are great places for recruiting troops. That said those troops might not be the most trustworthy. That said, stealing is a based method of amassing strength.
    • Marxism - He was basically the human equivalent of Megatron but he failed to take into account how organics are inherently exploitative towards machines. Still it would be interesting seeing an adherent of his and Meg’s have a dialogue.


    • Autocracy- No, we aren’t the same the same. In fact he was one of the people I hated him so much I worked with the bots to kill him and I mean kill him.
    • Nationalism- Again we have nothing to do with each other. We Decepticons want what is good for our species. Nationalism divides a species. That said it’s hilarious seeing fleshlings put so much effort into killing each other because of dumb scrap like colour.
    • Environmentalism- Organics are inherently exploitative so eliminating would be a service to the universe.
    • Michael Bay - Stop killing us off and making us look like bugs!

    Further Information






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