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    Dawkinsism is a new atheist ideology that advocates everything that is religious, spiritual, supernatural, psychic, extraphysical/metaphysical, psychic and esoteric are actually delusions and that must be treated and countered. Dawkinsism also supports state atheism united with conservative politics, always supporting countering on leftism, communism and on USA invading other countries, mainly muslim countries.

    Dawkinsism advocates hardcore sciences can explain everything, and soft sciences and humanities are useless and should be considered as pseudosciences and as delusions, except the ones who are favorable to new atheism itself and counter all forms of delusions.



    • New Atheism - I am one of your creators!
    • RationalWikism - Thanks for worship me as your supreme leader, but if you were conservative I would promote you a lot.
    • James Randism - Great work my friend, what I call as delusional you call as charlatan.
    • Awtokism - If you were a thing, we would be best friends.
    • Jacobinism - You did nothing wrong with delusional people, sadly you did not stand for so long.


    • Sam Harrisism - We might disagree on the spiritual question, but we are good friends yet.
    • George W. Bushism - Afghanistan was justified, Iraq was not.
    • Conservatism - What I support politically!
    • Feminism - I fully support you, so why don't you like me?


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