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    Davilandism is the ideology of the user Davilanda13. It's environmentalist, capitalist, reactionary, anarchist and spanish Chauvinist.


    Cap.png Economy Lfree.png

    Although he likes liberty, he believes a totally free market is the best solution of all problems of state

    • Sec.png Taxes: Taxation is theft, and you know its true
    • Welf.png Welfare: Markets can do better the functions of welfare
    • Corp.png Intellectual property: ideas aren't property
    • Edu.png Education: Markets
    • Road.png Roads: Markets
    • PolState.png Security: Markets
    • Sec.png All things that state do: M A R K E T S

    Feud.pngProperty.png Property and Business EconAn.png

    He supports landlods and capitalists, he want to live in a good futuristic fief with workers, farmers and capitalists, and full of amongus, but without forget the fundamental staments and the traditions (or without being post modernists

    • Fiefs: Private Law Systems, compatible with an idea of anarchism like "stateless society", and also compatibles with that natural law.
    • Property: The property Is a fundamental right that we must protect againts positive liberties and statism.
    • All things enceptly fundamental staments of our society (family, tradition, church, liberty and life): Private
    • Bussiness: The bussiness would be absolutely free, because the bussiness makes better products and a better markets

    Austrobert.pngEconomic ThoughtAustrobert.png

    Yes, he is austrolibertarian, he beliefs in methodlogical individualism, marginalism, the ABCT, the methodological subjetivism, the spontaneous order, etc. He hates keynesian economics, neo classical economics and socialist and marxist economics.

    Awaj.png Civical Beliefs Feud.png

    He is anarchist, he believes that anarchism is when no state and he tinks that fiefs are compatible with an anarchist society, also, he thinks that government vigilance is just a justification of the state for give himself more power. So, he Is a state hater, the ancoms are statists, the minarchists and classical liberals are socialist, and in other words, the state Is gae.

    Ultranat.png Nation Modnat.png

    He is Cball-Spain.png Spanish Chauvinist, and he is a Hispanist.png hispanist, he thinks that the hispanic countries should accept that they have almost the same culture, and they should eliminated the state, the reason of the anglicanization of the hispanic countries.

    Isolationist.png Isolation Antiimp.png

    He thinks that countries shouldn't intervene in external affairs like civil wars, normal wars, goverment overthrows, etc, that's because they have nothing to do with external affairs.

    React.png Culture Trad.png

    He supports the return to pre elightenment culture (with Feud.png chivalric code and some medieval values). In LGBT matters, he is againt gay marriage and LGBT pride, as well, he thinks non-binary people are not valid,the same with trans people, and basically only Straight.pngstraight people are valid. In national culture, our culture should being the old spanish culture. The culture of the church and the family are the only way to end the state, which Is the source of idolatry and degeneracy.

    Christy.png Bodily Autonomy Conserv.png

    He is in favour with the right of choosing your own sexuality (but when you're mature enough, and the most), modifying your body (the same as above) and abortion, only when the life of the mother is in danger. This is because he thinks the baby's life is very important and we can't finish him, enceptly when the two lives are in danger and the O N L Y solution is the abortion.


    Davilanda Is obviusly a catholic, he thinks that the best society Is a catholic religious society, because the preservation of the traditional values Is one of the most important things un a prosperous society.

    • The duty of the catholic church with fief's peace: the catholic must garantee the peace of the fiefs, like in the Feud.png medieval europe

    Nrx.png Transition to Feudal Ancap system Anfeu.png

    Shit, my ancient ideology was retard. so, transition?, that's for gays, it's better a coup d'etat.

    Darwinist.png Social Darwinist ethics Cdar.png

    He is a bit moderate social darwinist, he thinks that the best should win ever, so yeah you can help poor people, but, is not really neccesary help the poor people, also he he thinks that in economics, the best is the winner ever, and this afirmation makes that companies makes better production and encourage innovation, and in culture, he thinks that the Hispanist.png best culture Feud.png should expand and the other cultures should be exclused. so, he's a bit off compass economically right



    Davilanda Triad

    Davilanda is conformed by 3 different parts, but they are the same person:

    • Religious Davilanda.png Religious : He regulates the behavior of Davilanda, he forces Davilanda to pray and he forces Davilanda to read the catholic Biblie, also he wants buy a saint benedict medal, he listerns gregorian chants, and he praises for all people on his life, and he try to follow celibate (thing that is contradictory with simpness of retard secular Davilanda).
    • Philosophical Davilanda.png Philosophical (Maybe the knowledger): So based Sigma male. He reads Kant, Aquinas and Hoppe, and he is literally the 50% of the ideology. Don't say retard things, he will cut all your body with his sword because you're commie and retard. Please socialize with him, he Is so alone because he's an based Sigma male and he's autist.
    • Simp Davilanda.png Secular or the worst of the three: He is the non political or religious part of Davilanda, so, he's literally a simp, and also an average SM64 enjoyer, oh fuck, please destroy him, he's an obsessive nerd who "Is so based and chad simp" (not really, he's just a soy fap "enjoyer"). If you says a bad thing about his crush… too late, he will nuke you because "you're a retard incel women's hater".

    All of these parts are really important, because Davilanda Is a synthesis of these parts, he debates with all people oh his class, he praises for all people he know and reads the bible, and he simps (and he have a temptation with fap sometimes) His crush really much. So, the religious Is the spiritual catholic, the philosopher Is the argumentative, and the secular Is the MF SHITTY RETARD SIMP.

    Rural.png Technological Beliefs Techcap.png Farm.png

    He thinks that technology should just used for comunication and some entertainment, but fundamentally we should appreciate the creation of God (the nature). He thinks that the urban zone should be reduced for cities (or great villages in this case) and with a combination between rural and urban anbient. So yes, he is agrarianist with some technological parts (like medicine, technological services, innovation, etc, and only in great villages).

    Philosophical Beliefs

    NatLaw.png Justice and rights Hoppe.png

    This is a complicated topic because of all the aspects that I have to get into, but I will do my best to explain the topic. The point is, where do rights come from? Rights come from human nature, understood as what characterizes us as human (for example, reason), as well as from morality and ethics where it is determined which rights are absolute and which are not. This is my first position on the subject (that is, my natural law position)


    Thomism.png Ethics

    Davilanda things that morality is an objetive thing, and also he believes in the 4 laws of Saint Tomas Aquinas (specially for the natural law). He hates moral relativism and degeneracy of the society, that decays more and more per day.

    Theocrat.png Existence of God Catheo.png

    Davilanda is theist. He believes that exist a God, and it's demonstrable.

    • Thomism.png Aquinas theology: Thomism is the fundamental part of his apologethics, like the quinque viae, and all his book "Summa Theologica"
    • Muslim 2.png Kalam cosmological argument: although Aquinas reject this, he uses this argument for justify his believes in god with atheist classmates.
    • Christy.png Faith argument (self): for empirics, he argument that you are alive for God, you're fine for God, i you aren't, is for a prove of you.
    • Simp Davilanda.png Love argument (also self): If God doesn't exists, Michelle doesn't exists, because the beauty of Michelle is too much that an outside being is needed to create it. But Michelle exists, ergo, God exists.
    • Virtue ethics icon.png Objetive morality argument: if there's no God, there's no objetive morality. But there's objetive moral, ergo, God exists.


    No, materialism is dumbass, that's simple, you can't say that (for example) the love is material, because love is an abstract thing and doesn't apply the rules of the material world for it.

    Egoism or altruism?

    Egoism is the decadence of the West, because when you think only of yourself, you have higher time preference, and you don't think in the future, and also egoism is anti-natural, the man tends to be social, and that's logical, because when you teamwork with others (through division of work), the work will be more efficient.

    Feels or rationality?

    Feels are so cringe, since these cloud your decisions and base them on nothing.

    we can know the truth?

    Sometimes, yes, but we need in trascendental things the God's intervention to know the truth


    Love,the love is a fundamental part of all my philosophy, and i talk about all loves. but also, fundamentally the romantic love, that make me feel in the heaven, also, the love makes me altruistic, and also Matthew 22:39 (Love your neighbor as yourself.).

    • Davilanda crush.png My neologism (Micheloid): (bad sense): my opposite or for me, scumism. (Good Sense): too beautiful

    My crush

    That's WIP, but i will do this because my crush made me charge my philosophy radically, and also she Is important for my philosophy. Oh, my crush, my favorite commie, she Is the inspiration of my faps break and the cause of my current philosophy, she Is so beautiful, she brightens the day with her smile, she is literally the best thing that ever happened to me in my short life. So, for her I'm optimistic and positive (a big change if you realize that before I was a shitty depressive).

    You must die for something?

    Yes, of course, see the apostles dyin g for the truth


    Oh... philosophically this breaks my mind. What Is being?, I think being is just exist?, Idk...

    Best philosophical epoch

    Ez answer,the classical and medieval european epoch. Yeah, medieval for my christianity and for Thomism.png Thomas Aquinas, and the classical for Platon and Aristotle, and also for giving me my most importants philosophical problems (like the problem of evil).

    Aristotle.png Movement (or charge) Thomism.png

    Movement or charge is "being potentially something to being something", for example, you can potentially have chils, but you don't have childs, so you need to have sexual relations for have childrens, you charged from potentially have childs yo have childs. Or other example, you can potentially move your arms, but you need muscles and bones for move your arms, and you move your arms, so, you charged from potentially move your arms to move your arms.

    Free will

    Some things of our nature are determined, but almost all things that we do are for our free will

    Natural science


    Lol, macro-evolution isn't a scientific theory, please give me an evidence of macro-evolution, like a new genus or even a new specie.

    Origins of universe

    Idk how God created really the universe, if God causes the Big Bang, or if God made the universe literally like the biblie says.

    Heliocentrist.png Heliocentrism or Geocentrist.png Geocentrism

    Sorry guys, but i'm Geocentrist.png geocentrist, there's not a logical and empirical evidence of the heliocentrism (all the "proves" are fallacies) , but there's many proves of geocentrism.

    Earth flat or a sphere?

    The only way to explain the things in this world effectively is with the round earth, cope flat earthists


    Yeah, i look like a medieval doctor, but i follow the modern medicine (Maybe with medieval aesthetics).

    Virus are live beings?

    No WIP

    Opinion of non science (all sciences) things

    Favorite country: Cball-Spain.png España

    Social interaction: ... *unironical autistic screeching :(*

    Shitpost: C H A D

    Best game: Super Mario 69 64

    Love: not fun, really painfully enceptly when you see your crush :wholsum:

    Favorite super hero (yeah, really inmature): Spiderman

    Also, WIP

    Ideological information

    • Economically: Capfeud.png Laissez-Faire Feudalism (Austrofeudalismo.pngAustrian School)
    • Civically: Urb.png Anarcho Feudalist UrbismAnfeu.png
    • Culturally: Plcn2.png Reactcross.png Paleoconservative Medieval Reactionary Feud.png (In Cball-Spain.png spain)
    • Diplomatically: Cball-Spain.png Hispanic Chauvinism Hispanist.png
    • Religion: Catheo.png Catholic "Theocracy" AnCath.png
    • Tecnologically: Farm.png Agrarianism with technological characteristicsTransh.png
    • Sexism: Patriarchal Masculinism.png Patriarcal Equality (Maternalism)
    • Homophobia: Catheo.png "Hate the sin, not the sinner" Straight.png

    Most influential ideologies: Reactlib-icon.png Reactionary Libertarianism Hoppe.png Hoppeanism


    He Is a catholic reactionary ancap, that hates non catholicism, and also hates all progressives and commies. He also Is a white knight, he caress daily a photo of his crush, and if you say a bad thing about her, he will shot you with an AR-15 for "incel and retard". Also he Is a nerdoid, and he don't know how to talk for another thing that isn't humanities or science (social science included)



    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - The true church of jesus christ, thanks for save me of evil, DEUS VULT!
    • Reactlib-icon.png Reactionary Libertarianism - wait, you're not just me but belgium?, also goldpilled
    • Hispanist.png Pan-Hispanism - The black legend is over!
    • Mexican Paleoconservatism.png TypicalFan1 Thought - Based, and, redpilled
    • Honk.png Satirism - I'm Icecream6969.
    • Reactcap-alt.png Reactionary Capitalism - Based!, just be more feudalist
    • React.png Reactionarism - Lol, i love you so *sounds Little Dark Age*
    • Crusadism.png Knight Templar, Teutonic Order.png Knight Teutonic and Knight Hospitaller.png Knight Hospitaller - B A S E D A N D R E D P I L L E D
    • SrDeyvidIcon.png Sr Deyvid Thought - Best Catholic friend, demasiado épico 😎👌🤑🤙
    • Davilanda crush.png Literally when the beauty is in a person - yes, you're Anti-Ancap.png anti-ancap enceptly for your anti-indigenism. Also, you're the best thing that happened in my life, i love you too much, my IRL waifu. If i describe you with a with, that word would be "beauty" 😘. I want to fuck you sex sex sex Troll.png.
    • Thomism.png Thomism - Saint Thomas-Aquinas, my favorite saint and MY inspiration for be a saint, i love your philosophy, your theology and your politics, the dumb ox 😎.
    • Lfree.png Laissez-Faireism - My economics
    • Feud.png Feudalism - Also my economics
    • Prud.png Prudism - YES, WE NEED THAT (but also we need prudent language and conduct)
    • Kek.png Kekistani Nationalism - YOOOO, you are literally me but non feudalist B)
    • Lfree.png The template of economics Keynes.png - i love economics so much
    • Cball-Bogotá.png Bogotá D.C - the best city in Colombia!, i love you Bogotá
    • Orth.png Ortodox Theocracy - You are the only non catholic church i accept, also you're based
    • Anfeu.png Anarcho-Feudalism - Me, but without industry
    • Theocrat.png Theocratism - Based, the chuch should regulate the fiefs and garantes peace, also, i think i can fine a solution for your statism, so fine :)
    • Feud.png Medieval Militarism - Chivalric code is based, also with modern guns and and resistent armor, you can defend the fiefs and the Holy Church without problems.
    • AnCrus.png Anarcho-Crusadism - Crusadism, but anarcho bankocrat, so based
    • Catheo.png Romanesque art Feud.png - Literally Micheloid art
    • Tradwife.png Tradwifeism - you understand that womens are good for cooking and cleaning, you're really based, also teach me to how perfectly clean dishes.
    • Pat.png Patriarchy - enceptly for authoritarianism, you in your actual sense are based, but accept that womens are in some cases better that men (not in ruling of course).
    • Urb.png Urbism - We need more fiefs like Lienchenstain, but please, unite us culturally and all will be REALLY fine :)
    • Icon.png1000ism, Icon.png 1100ism, 1200ism icon.png 1200ism and 1300ism icon.png 1300ism - Wtf, Based and very redpilled, i love you so much


    • Aang.png Aang - Best Avatar ever!, But you're a hippie and buddhist, that makes you a little worse
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - lol you based culturally right and cringe comunitarianist
    • Simp.png Simpism - I'm a simp, but you're submissive, it's bad. Wait, you're in the male hierachy? So, I'm a sigma simp?, sussy.
    • Confem.png Conservative Feminism - Stop being protestant (usually, in western countries), but, you're pro life, it's based 👍
    • Biphobe.png Biphobia - just a gay
    • Nazi Davilanda.png Nazi Davilandism - meh, you're like me, but you're (((totalitarian))), and wait a minute, YOU'RE AN INCEL?, EAT SHIT, INCELS ARE FUCKING RETARDS.
    • ModDav.png Moderate Davilandism - Me, but More gae
    • Tony.png Retroliberalism - Hum, good person, gae ideology
    • Icecream6969.png Davilandism - can me be normal?, please, i need a psychiatrist
    • Connihil.png Conservative Nihilism - Yes, you are in the right way, but, our society will break, and after break, we can return to our traditional values :)
    • CMNF.png CMNFism - both should be clothed also i hate doing fap, so, you're a bit disgusting
    • Kak.png My class - Sometimes you are good with me, but please, stop calling me nigger and also, stop copying me (lol, you can still copying me).
    • Antijap.png Anti-Japaneseism - Based Japophobia, but tipical libleft, very gae the second thing >:(
    • File:R-Lib.png Right-Liberalism - the only acceptable liberals, but elightenment is REEE (that doesn't apply with Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism)
    • Carlism.png Carlism - He hates democracy, just be anarchist, retard absolutist
    • 1400ism icon.png 1400ism - Renaissance is gae, but at least you aren't 1700ism.png The Elightenment century
    • 1500ism icon.png 1500ism and 1600ism icon.png - you're too moderate (especially 1600's) and yes, renaissance is fucking gay, but decent epoch (1600's are the cause of elightenment, so i hate them a bit)
    • 1800ism.png 1800ism - EXTREMELY MODERATE, but, industrial revolution is based, and romanticist art is good
    • Xirlan-alt.png - Based, but sate is gay, please be anarchist, and also regulations are gay, even if you're too moderate with that


    Literally the goverment.

    Take my discord: Davilanda H#6869



    1. I don't know really much english, so please if you see an error, please correct it
    2. Shit, i already know that some parts are so cringe (even for me), but really that cringe things aren't unnecesary, because the develop of my ideology Is also based in that cringe things.


    • Tony.png Retroliberalism- add me please
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?
      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - wait more time, please
    • METBOL.png Metbolism - You're like me but Ancap
      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - true, but also you're volcel, that makes you better than me XD
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - Add me?
    • Atacczoombol.pngTechnocapital Cultist - You ever heard of NRx? I think you'll like it
      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - men, NRx are just hoppeanos with state, so they're gays
    • SCT.pngSílas Carrasco - Can you add me pls?
      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - and you're who?
      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - shit, based culturally, but you're prottie, and authoritarianism Is gay
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Can you please add me?
    Xirlan-alt.png - Add me reactionary chad.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Add me to relations
    • Noelism-icon.png Noelism - Good news, Chilean leftoid constitution got BTFO'd. Also add me?
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - It seems you have mentioned some arguments (2 of you are made by yourself so I am not gonna really touch on them). The first being the Thomism.png theological argument, now, this uses an argument by analogy. More specifically, it was used by Paley through the watchmaker analogy. It would thus be asked what would we think if we found a watch on the ground, did it appear spontaneously Is it a dream File:Rene Descartes .png or is it thought through its complexity, how it was made in order to be a watch. Then the watch must have been made by someone on purpose right? Through this, Paley argued that the teleology of the watch would come to the conclusion that there was an intelligent creator, that being God, that created it. So through this argument, if there is a watch maker, there must be also be a world maker. Right? And that is obviously, in this case, God. However, Paley also compared a watch to a human, but I am not talking about that.

    Now, personally, I don't believe in the conclusion that god exists, nor this argument, so, I shall come up with a disanalogy of sorts. Situation A and B are thus too different to be able to work. Yes, we can take a look at a watch and look at the gear, how it was assembled onto the watch yada yada yada, but, there is something wrong here: If god, the interpretation of god, the main one at least, an all-good, all-powerful being would give our eyes a blind spot? Like, what's the point of a blind spot? If the omni-god, one which is omnipotent, omnibenevolent, a.k.a all-powerful and all-good, would give us something bad and useless? Like, if he does something bad, then that means he is not all-good, thus he is not omnibenevolent. I could go on about how the omni-god doesn't make sense, but I am just gonna stick to the Thomism.png theological argument.

    Paley would response to this by saying that just because we don't know there is a purpose doesn't mean there is one, however, this is contradictory, because his whole argument for god is that you should look at the world and see purpose. So if we see things that are working great, and others that are not working so great, now that's flawed.

    Let's take a look at Liberalsoc.png Bertrand Russell's analogy: Why would god give a bunny a white tail? So hunters can shoot at it? Now, yet again, that debunks the fact that god is omnibenevolent, since he gave bunnies a bad purpose, which well, is not an all-good thing.

    The point: If we invent purposes rather than recognizing ones that are inherently there, then we create purpose, not God, then if you believe that god made eyes so can we see then God must have also made fingers to be picked by noses and rabbit tails as bullseyes and blind spots as a way for us to be in a car accident.

    So, the counter-argument is (since this is too long and I am not touching the other arguments and other ways of debunking this) We don't get to just pick and choose and say God designed the stuff we want him to have designed and not the other stuff.

    (Ik its pretty weird to just make a really long comment debunking your beliefs in god, but, I was bored.

      • Icecream6969.png Davilanda13 - I never used that argument, you dumbass (joking Troll.png, but i never used that argument)
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