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    Darkoism is the ideology of PolCompBall user Darko Tanić, hence the name.

    It is an authoritarian left, mostly socialist, socially conservative or centrist, patriotic, and non-aligned (when it comes to foreign affairs) ideology which adheres to democracy. Darkoism has a vision of seeing South Slavs, Illyrians and Balkaners transform into a federation based off democratic socialist values with social conservative tendencies. Darkoism likes to compare its values with particular people of the past rather than ideologies, and this can be seen from the values that are apart of Darkoism and were influenced by such people as Josip Broz Tito, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Milovan Đilas, Huey Long and Bob Katter. It prides itself off pragmatism and synthesising. The main goals of Darkoism are:

    1. Uniting South Slavs, Illyrians and Balkaners.
    2. Becoming a Non-Aligned superpower.
    3. Installing social corporatism/tripartism as the nation’s economic system that balances the interests of the working class, the nation and corporations. (I might be biased towards the first two)
    4. Sticking to a more moral, religious and culturally conservative society mixed with progressivism rather than the post-60s progressivism that the modern left preach, so that society does not push any unneeded radical social ideas and sticks to reformed economic ideas to help people instead.



    Darkoism supports a Social Corporatist Tripartist economy such as what is seen in modern Scandanavia, although would like to put in certain elements from Italian fascist corporatism. Darkoism also embraces statism taking inspiration from Ismet Inonu’s and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s Kemalist economics, and the Titoist Illyrian Model that preaches workers self management.


    Darkoism supports democracy in theory, however acknowledges that modern society (which it has a mostly negative view of) was caused by liberal democracy and the globalists who forced it upon the world. Therefore it supports a guided democracy with authoritarian elements that makes reform easy. He believes elections should not be tampered with, but does support centralisation of power (a strong state and president, a unicameral parliament and even corruption for paternalistic reasons. It should be acknowledged that any caught committing corrupt acts for personal greed rather than for the benefit of the people should be imprisoned and will receive harsh penalties. The system as a whole is comparable to the Sanacja regime in interwar Poland.

    Darkoism supports Federalism as he realises every community in a nation is different and needs to be represented by locals. On the other hand, he wishes for a strong federal government that has powers above state/provincial and local governments should a valid reason present itself.

    Darkoism believes all citizens should have the right to vote, regardless of age or criminal record.

    Main Inspiration Figures

    Huey Long (1893-1935)
    Jack Lang (1876-1975)
    Bob Katter Jr, Bob Katter Snr & Robbie Katter
    Josip Broz Tito & Joška Broz
    Milovan Đilas (1911-1995)
    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938)
    Ismet Inonu (1884-1973)
    Feng Yuxiang (1882-1948)
    Maurice Glasman (1961-present)
    Walery Sławek (1879-1939)


    Feel free to add self inserts here as well
    Serbian Socialism Can you add me, comrade with a weird friendship towards Đilas?

    The Boys

    Titoism - Literally my hero.
    Democratic Socialism - I’m not a rip off outdated version of you!
    Longism - I named my bird after Huey.
    Djilasism - I’ll never forgive Tito for what he did to you…
    Kemalism - Non-socialist version of Tito, pushed for non-alignedment and statism while being a benevolent authoritarian.
    Katterism - You might be a little crazy, but you are the last politician in Australia standing up for working class values. Chill with the conservatism a tad.
    Peronism - You are basically South American Huey Long Dong, but you you harbouring the ustaše which is uncool…
    Euskadi Carlism - Weird monarchist version of Titoism, epic!
    Conservative Socialism - More socially and economically radical version of me.
    Agrarianism - Farmers are the backbone of the country, without them we would starve. Simple. They are some of the hardest workers.
    Serbian Socialism - You would be way cooler if you accepted Djilas’s critiques. We still could definitely work together though even if I am less radical.

    Too Similar for My Own Good (Lower Mid)

    National Syndicalism - Too radical, economically and especially socially, like ConSoc but all over the shop.
    Fascism - The Mussolini had so much leftist potential, then you became maniacal.
    Communism - Ew, a Commie! My idol definitely wasn’t one…
    Strasserism - Do I really need to say why?
    Ba’athism - You are fighting the Western and Islamic terrorists, but your kinda oppressive.


    Stalinism - Send another assassin after Tito, he will send one to Moscow and he won’t have to send another.
    Nazism - Get in the pit.


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