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    Darknight Yuusha Model

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    Darknight Yuusha Model is a Leftunity.png Left Unity ideology that is economically left-wing, culturally variable, Civically Moderate, specifically center-statist, and nationalistic ideology, belonging to Nuoh Okita.png DarknightYuusha


    As mentioned before, Darknight Yuusha Model is Economically left-wing, culturally variable, civically moderate, and nationalistic, the main difference compared to his previous ideals is his return to a truly progressive-conservative social policy and a socialist economic rhetoric, made responsible for his increasing distate for fascism and how the author has decided not to give up the socialist pride that he initially threw away in favor of the descent into a pseudo-social fascist road that made him obsessed with culturally right idpol, as he saw that road as a mistake to begin with and how it wouldn't help it when defeating the elites by siding with overtly traditionalist and maniacal groups of reactionary thought regardless of economics

    this seems to be a return to the former ideology of Admiralism, Darknight's first self-insert during his debut in Polcompball, and one might be right in saying this might be a full on circle, as both Admiralism and DNY model share left-wing economics, progressive-conservative social policies, a civically balanced democratic structure, and a patriotic and anti-imperialist aura, however, unlike Admiralism, which is reformist and social democratic, DNY model is revolutionary, anti-capitalist, and even more economically left wing, citing his loss of faith over social democracy and reform as a whole, since he concluded that no matter how much effort is put in working with the current system, it will end up being undone anyways given the system's self-serving interests, which wouldn't also help in acheiving long term goals he would emphasize, speaking of the current system, he dropped representative democracy completely in favor of a more direct and participatory democracy, since the current system also had bureaucrats in the "democracy" that had ulterior and self-serving motives and ends, this radicalization is all thanks to what he saw were the utterly corrupt and/or oligarchical natures and tendencies most liberal/representative "democracies" have in the world, which included his own country, and how the strengths of the elite classes has been consolidated more than ever and how they prove to be a harm in society's development thanks to the omnipresence of capitalism and the spread of harmful and divisive identity politics which benefit those very elites, he also becomes even more skeptical of authoritarian socialism and Marxism-Leninism than ever due to the corrupt bureaucracies most authoritarian socialist states have.

    the overall sense is that Darknight Yuusha Model emphasizes on a revolutionary, patriotic, and socialistic rhetoric, one that would hope to liberate the shackles of the people and workingmen from imperialism and capitalism under the banner of a truly democratic society, both in the economical and the governmental sense.

    Equality.png Economic Markets.png

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    Soc.png Socialism, the democratic mode of production Guildsoc.png

    The Socialist Democratic Composition

    In it's essence, socialism must embrace a democratic workplace under control and ownership by the workingmen, whether it be from guilds, cooperatives, or into the old and soon to be deservingly phased out traditional capitalist business models, in a structure of this workplace democracy, several sorts of decision making processes like deciding wages, hiring, negotiations within workplace issues, and election of leadership will be by the workers, in regards to leadership within a workplace, there will be a worker-owner head of workplace, functioning within the very purpose of serving as a cohesive negotiating body, ensuring that the power within workplace democracy will be made stable, resisting to the corrosion of division and chaos, further to solidify the balance of power within workplace democracy shall be an economic law of workplace stability, that under the paternalistic watchman role of the government must balance and supervise the power between the head of the workplace(the owner) and the collective of working individuals within, all in which to the contributive elements of the working democracy, the negotiating head, and the watchman do for the sake of preventing exploitation, injustice, and shady dealing.

    A Guild in being

    Cooperative Democracy

    Unions, a radiant-turned-dull relic

    Libsoc.png The solution to needs and demands Marketsoc.png

    Markets and Planning, the necessary utilization

    Adequate coordinating effort

    The Cohesive Decentralization of the economy

    Distributist.png A fair game economy for the masses

    Welf.png The rights to welfare and it's provision

    Agsoc.png Sectors, development, and the workingmen within Eco-Cooperativism-small.PNG

    NonMarxSoc.png Necessary economic virtues Marx.png

    Mode of production

    Darknight Yuusha Model's type would be that of socialism, market/guild socialism in particular, combined with a few elements coming from social corporatism and social distributism, where within the workplaces of cooperatives, guilds, and enterprises, there will be a partnership in which the workers will have primary control over in the means of production, being given the ability to hold democratic decisions within the workplace, to have their rights enforced, and to reduce power of owners that dare harm them out of genuine exploitation, with that said, the owners will still have a small, yet crucial niche, within the workplace, and that they will serve as watchmen within the democratic workplace to help in negotiations as to ensure satisfaction between the workers and owners and to prevent corruption that can seriously disorganized the workplace if left unchecked, in addition to prevent shady dealings and abuse, thus, they will be at least be given a rather small, yet notable level of control, He also hopes to address the voices and issues both the consumers and producers have, as he recognizes the need for both of their needs to be satisfied in the face of the democratization of the economy in the means of production.

    Regarding the state's role, in smaller and medium enterprises, the state would only serve a rather minimal role akin to a watchman, doing some small scale supervision to ensure minimalization of exploitation, but on large enterprises, the state will play a more significant role and will play a part in the publicization of said large enterprises as large enterprises in general aren't trustworthy when privatized due to the tendency of significant presence of monopolization and exploitation done by large private businesses, however, he wants publicization, not nationalization, monopolization has proven to create oppressive hierarchies that gear the economy to a select few which can create a thriving state of economic exploitation as mentioned before, whether it be by wealthy businessmen or state bureaucrats, oppressive hierarchies are still oppressive hierarchies regardless, thus, he prefers nationalization as a short term means to transfer enterprises into the public, and into a longer term for the transition towards socialist guilds, the state will still remain in it's paternalistic role to prevent the large guilds from going haywire and chaotic however.

    Class horizontality

    Addressing class issues, very much is Darknight Yuusha Model an advocate for class struggle, especially considering how material conditions are a driving force in history and how those on the top overly oppress the classes below them out of their own pleasure, therefore he wishes to horizontalize society as much as possible, ensuring that the material conditions will provide a truly equal outcome in the form of society fulfilling the necessary conditions for widespread equal opportunity and the right to serviceable living conditions, to answer why to horizontalize instead of abolishing classes is because as much as classes are unfair, they are ultimately abstract concepts, and thus are inevitable in society, this leads to the question of class collaboration, whilst he doesn't see this as a bad concept, due to the aforementioned exploitative upper class individuals still remaining a powerful threat to the people's livelihoods, he believes that it can only work at it's true potential once those very individuals are punished dearly, imprisoned for eternity or even executed in the case should they refuse to redeem themselves for the crimes they have committed against the lower classes.

    An economy under the common good

    A mixed-market economy utilizing a market socialist economy under adequate regulations and a sizable amount of local planning is a system ideal to achieving a common-good based economy, under which the markets shall be safeguarded under regulations to prevent monopolies, duopolies, and oligopolies that dare threaten the competitive spirit, those regulations also serve to prevent exploitation and shady action from arising, should economic exploitation ever arise, then the rights of workers and the consumers shall be harmed, in addition he wants a more mutual and cooperative rhetoric within the market, rather than a Darwinian and destructive one, as whilst he sees the market as a potential force for innovation, businesses aiming to trample one another won't help in that regard, thus he promotes multiple alternative options within a market.

    A sizable amount of decentral and local planning will also be added into the fray of the economic constitution, mainly done under the premise of a guild system combined with a somewhat participist ideology, one particular example of this localized guild planning comes from essential and civic services in general, those essential services shall be tied to local guilds, in which there shall be a merit-based system which also utilizes an expertise vote, serving the basis of hiring and firing individuals, there will also be councils(workers and neighbors) of citizens who are interested in such industry, under which there will be direct democratic decision making where the councils make suggestions, processed through rounds into a plan for the guild and enterprise in society, as essential and civic services are rights, whilst there will be multiple options, there would be no competition when regarding basic needs, although for consumer goods, a degree of fair competition would exist, regardless, there should be a mutual relation in those organizations.
    Anti-trust laws shall be also put into effect in order to crack down on monopolization in order to ensure fairness and equality of opportunity within the market and prevent lesser enterprises from being trampled, the same notion shall be implemented into guilds and cooperatives, as one guild/cooperative should not become too powerful and that greater guilds shan't trample over lesser ones, likewise, strong anti-usury laws will also be in place to prevent, dissuade, and crack down on corrupt loans done by filthy and greedy usurers who would attempt to centralize wealth and the competition in the economy to themselves.

    Property matters

    A mix of private and public property shall be within an economic system like this, acknowledging the benefits and the necessities of both playing a role in society, some things like small and medium enterprises shall be private, others like large enterprises, energy, and essential services shall be public, and to things like housing, education, and healthcare, there would be a mix between both although with the latter two leaning more towards publicization as essential services are a human right that shouldn't be commodified.

    as much as the existence of private property is acknowledged, it must be widespread in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the greedy and powerful elites, a similar reason can be said for the aforementioned examples on why those are collective property, and that is to prevent the elites from having a grip in the economy and direct it to serve their never-ending greed in which that shall hinder society, the people's livelihood, and development for the common good of the nation and community as a whole.

    Land and Housing

    Land itself as well as the right to a home to live should belong to the common good, thus, it's a must that LVT should be implemented alongside a mix between widespread ownership of land and state-provided housing to ensure the minimalization of homelessness, furthermore, as land should belong to the common good, landlordism is clearly an evil that will be outright demonized and deemed unprofitable, in which there will be a process before it would be banned altogether, rent too will be abolished in the process.

    Enterprises and Cooperatives

    A mix between private and public enterprises shall be made when dealing with enterprises, under which there will be private enterprise for small and medium sized ones, and more collective and publicized for larger enterprises and essential services, following with the plan to democratize economically, enterprises, private or public, shall be transformed into guilds and cooperatives.

    Cooperatives are to be endorsed and promoted as their use to increase the presence of workplace democracy, strengthen the rights of workers, and bring in a basis of promoting an economy under the common good, and because of the aforementioned value cooperatives bring, in a similar fashion seen in Vietnam, Cooperatives will be brought in many benefits traditional businesses do not, and such benefits will be given so long as anything exploitative/shady isn't done, furthermore, with the reasons mentioned alongside the benefits given to cooperatives, in the long run, cooperatives will become a strong basis for the economy whilst they phase out traditional business models(although traditional businesses won't be illegal).

    A Guild Framework

    Guilds shall form a strong basis in the economy, consisting both in the national level and the local level where the latter will have some sort of association in the larger guild in a particular industry under mutual support, although for some areas this shall be taken and adjusted to a more regional level, and those guilds will orient mainly towards the workers combined with a small level of control by owners, being organized to best suit a particular area of contributive and productive talents whilst forming a contractual relation with the public, the economic democracy of guilds will depend on the genuine situation, being generally directly democratic most of the time, but a level of centralization and expertise voting shall be done if necessary, especially when regarding larger guilds.

    Categorized into two: civic services and consumer goods, those guilds will be present in both the regards to local and decentral planning alongside the market economy, when regarding essential and civic services, there shall be emphasis on decentral coordinated planning in a local area through a communal and democratic structure, and when dealing with consumer goods, guilds will also exist alongside cooperatives, as mentioned before, local guilds can provide alternatives, although a fair competitive market will exist in consumer goods, there wouldn't be competition in the industry of essential services, regardless, both categories must have councils made up of either consumers or producers, in which there will be laws that allow the members of that council to access those services.

    The Workers' union

    The concept of unions seem to be useful in the road to socialism, as they help organize the workforce to unite for the sake of getting better rights and working conditions, especially under conditions where the proletariat have been denied of their rights, this sort of organization of workingmen can potentially extend to increasing class consciousness, in addition to being utilized in hard-pressuring capitalists(eg: strikes) to the point socialism can be reached, these very elements make unions bring quite glamorous utility to the table, at least on the short term and to an extent, on paper.

    Even with how glamorous the potential utility unions can bring, such is proven they can only go so far, despite their potential usefulness to organize workingmen and encourage the need to fight for worker rights and better conditions, this very motive can also bring a contrary effect, in which capitalists can manipulate this to their advantage by bringing in mere concessions that will benefit their gain, this isn't even the only downside, they can also be potentially corrupted by self-serving individuals, resulting in the working class being weakened through an internal conflict of divide, an effect most especially noticable when socialism has been achieved and the union's utility coming to a close, this concludes to the problem that has really made the concept of a trade union ultimately an afterthought in the end, in a twist of irony, they can be a hindrance not be cause they are socialist, as rightists say, but they are a hindrance for their mechanics and functions only thrive under capitalistic environments.

    This brings the question with the data of positives and negatives of the unions gathered, and this is about union busting, often is it used to quell strikes that genuinely fight for the sake of the workingmen's plea to adequate needs, alongside avoiding any sort of negotiations to reconcile over dissatisfaction, which is outright deplorable, but when it comes to suppressing whatever greedy or self-serving bullshit, it does mean that union busting itself isn't entirely bad, for this very reason, any union busting committed to quell any fight for the good being of the worker and/or to avoid any sort of rational negotiation is considered a crime, but in the very scenarios that a union ever goes rogue and starts to do harm through shady and corrupt means and intentions, a green light of approval will be signaled.

    their usefulness and importance is only at it's strongest during a time where traditional business models in the capitalist society, and because he hopes to phase out capitalism in favor of a more guild and cooperative oriented society, those strengths end up being diminished as a result of a lack of importance thanks to the necessary rights of the workingmen already achieved under a socialist society where capitalist enterprise is replaced by more democratic structures, whilst he won't discourage unions and will attempt to achieve some utilization and reservation in guilds and cooperatives, much of the niche of the unions are now relegated to a more secondary or even tertiary role once those ends are realized, furthermore, under the transition to a more guild-based democratic economy, unions should be based on the lines of an industry as a whole, not an individual workplace.

    Healthcare and education

    Both healthcare and education as mentioned before will be given both public and private options, although both of them would be mostly public, for the case of healthcare, universal healthcare will be implemented, but this shall only apply for permanent residents and citizens, for the alternative local option for healthcare, those will come in the form of cooperatives and guilds, in which both will provide health insurance through co-determination should the public option fail to satisfy, they will have to follow national regulations like anti-abortion laws and anti-price gouging laws for medicine.

    To address education, most of the educational sector will be public, adequate funding will be provided to ensure an increase of quality for educations in public schools, not only that, it will also be free to lessen the burden of students for learning alongside preventing any financial burden for parents going to suffer for trying to provide their child(ren) to have a right to education, there will be however alternate local educational guilds and cooperatives that will be available in the event of dissatisfaction, they will however follow regulations and rules set by the national government and education system, and as they are essential services, should not compete.

    Welfare and social programs

    There shall be a wide variety of social programs such as infrastructure and rural development, scientific advancement, housing, education, environmental protection, those shall be supported for the sake of improving the socioeconomic conditions and livelihood of the people, especially towards those struggling in an economic fashion, taxpayer money would also be directed towards such all, with the same reason on why they are directed towards those programs.

    as for the welfare state, there shall be a strong welfare state alongside a social safety net to provide for the people, however, one must put effort and labor in order to receive and retain welfare benefits, as Lenin once said, he who does not work shall not eat, as laziness is undesirable in a society and so is one leeching of those very benefits whilst not contributing to the nation, additionally, as it's purpose is to help those struggling, welfare shall be mainly directed towards the lower classes and the disabled, with welfare directed to corporations and upper class citizens being discouraged significantly or abolished entirely.

    even with the significant presence of a strong welfare state, private charities won't be discouraged as a method for helping the poor, they would be encouraged instead but they must follow regulations in order to ensure their legitimacy, and if such charities turn out to be scams, they will be dismantled

    Banks and credit unions

    An economically democratic motif for banks shall be applied through the use of mutual savings banks, credit unions, and cooperative banks, all of which are to counter the monopolization of credit and therefore prevent economic exploitation and injustice, such has resulted in consumers having overall greater confidence, and this decentral and collective methodology also results in those banks being generally safer during recessions due to a lack of central monopoly that can potentially result in a catastrophic domino, though to ensure stability, a national bank and common national currency will exist, though the national bank will also undergo economic democratization.

    Taxation and Wealth

    The disparity of the extremes in wealth can be a huge detriment in society and cause a huge imbalance of power in addition to the denial of rights to a life with the basic needs provided, making it clear equal wealth distribution a must have for society, addressing the wealthy, for millionaires who gained their wealth through legitimate and non-exploitative means in addition to paying their fair share of taxes, they will be spared, but to those who commit vile acts of exploitation, their assets will be seized by the state and redistributed to more ethical enterprises in addition to much of the wealth being redistributed to the people, to prevent unfair wealth accumulation further, a maximum wealth cap of 100 million(250 million if this may not work) shall be implemented

    A set of taxes below, mainly with a progressive taxation framework, will be implemented with each of them having a reasonable purpose for it's implementation and function

    • Income tax - relatively small to ensure that not only will unfair wealth accumulation be curbed to prevent and oppressive stratified class hierarchy but also to ensure that the income of people will still be enough that they could make a living for themselves
    • Wealth tax - Undergoes an economically progressive framework in that it is increased the higher the overall wealth like owned assets, will be adequately high for upper class citizens, somewhat like the income tax, meant to prevent a non-horizontal and oppressive class structure from forming.
    • Inheritance tax - Only towards upper class citizens, namely the wealthy ones like millionaires, incentivizes wealth distribution and equal distribution of property to the common good
    • Land Value Tax - the more land you own, the greater the taxation, meant to prevent land hoarding and help with the process in redistributing land
    • Sales tax - will not be implemented on water, vegetables, fruit, meat, and medicine, which are all healthy necessities, on items like luxury products, junk food, and legal soft drugs like tobacco and non-medical marijuana, it shall be implemented, meant to promote healthy products that suit basic necessities to curb unhealthy consumption.
    • Carbon tax - increased taxation on pollutive carbon-based products and non-green economic energy sectors, part of an environmentalist plan to promote green energy and punish capitalists utilizing and incentivizing pollutive means harming the environment
    • Parasite tax - To whom those who do not work with the ability to do so, shall not eat or rest, this tax emphasizes this rhetoric by increasing the rate and height of taxation for individuals who leech off from others whilst not contributing with their labor.

    The Wages

    One's amount of income should be based on the contributive labor one has made in the very hours of work, not on position, firmly putting his stance on his sympathy towards labor theory of value, as position shall be given based on merit, though to a realistic sense, to prevent possible underpayment, there will be a minimum wage, so ideally on average, the lowest a minimum wage would be tolerable is 12-15$, jobs shouldn't be insufficient to provide the person a right to live sufficiently, guilds and cooperatives can also hold negotiations by the workingmen to adjust wages and income for the better.

    Trade and tariffs

    Darknight Yuusha Model considers calling himself as a mutual protectionist, usually leaning towards protectionism for my economic nationalism and believing the use of trade to help nations gain resources they're unable to produce by themselves and not much beyond that, wanting a fair trade policy where I wish to strike a balance between free trade and protectionism, as he not only understands how cross-national trade can benefit the nation and help the economy flourish if dealt with correctly, but also acknowledge the importance of economic sovereignty and self-reliance and that foreign economic dominance is an act of subjugation and therefore sinful, he also acknowledges how both free trade and autarky are flawed to their cores, as the respective problems he just mentioned are prevalent in such trading systems, the former lacking the necessary protection against economic imperialism done by major powers which allows exploitative practices to happen and forcefully indebt the nation, and the latter for it's fanatical isolation and economic stagnation due to the lack of cross-national economic dialogue, both of these problems mentioned would serve to harm and degrade the socioeconomic conditions and livelihood of the people.

    Foreign investors, whilst sometimes beneficial, can also be a major hindrance due to the threat of monopolization that can very much leave very few jobs left to the citizens of the nations faltering economic independence and causing massive potential economic injustice, so when dealing with them, there shall be a policy of skepticism where should there be any usefulness for some foreign investors, they will be allowed to come, but should also follow relatively strict laws to prevent the effects of monopolization and job displacement, otherwise any deals made by them are passed over if there isn't anything significantly useful found.

    Agrarianism Addressed

    Farming, whether it would be on the national scale or the local level, remains important to the nation when regarding it's resources, thus it's made clear that farmers and peasants are to be considered workingmen and that they too deserve a greater part of what they contribute, therefore, both the methods of mass collectivization and mass privatization are undesirable and harmful as they seize the control of the agricultural sector to the hands of the few, instead, there must be a guild system, consisting of a national agricultural guild and local farming guilds where the former ensures cohesion amongst other guilds and the latter allows the right of autonomy towards individual peasants and farmers in addition to encouraging said peasants and farmers to form democratic family-based cooperatives, there will be labor laws implemented by the guild and commune to prevent all the elements of the proposed guild system from going haywire however, ranging from preventing the national guild from centralizing power to preventing individual farmers and peasants doing infighting against others in a hoarding struggle.

    The Industrial Question and the basis of the proletariat

    Either way, it doesn't make sense that only either factory workers or farmers should be the basis of the proletariat, both serve their contributions of labor to society and therefore farmers and industrial workers are considered important, even though the latter's industrial society and industrial revolution were no miracles of sorts, it is no disaster either due to some long term positives, to this end, industrialism is simply a stage of development within humanity, meaning there will be at least some sort of industrialization for society within the road of socialism, to say agrarian societies cannot be socialist is false however, as farmers and peasants commit to contributive labor for society and thus, even as society progresses towards or beyond industrialization to a higher stage, the importance of the agrarian sector of peasants and farmers alike will be retained in the future.

    The Energy Sector

    As the economy shall be based on the common good, and shall provide for the common good, so too shall energy, in which it shall be publicized and distributed in a more widespread manner to ease the accessibility, in addition to that, the resulting non-green economic energy sectors shall begin a transition to adopt environment-friendly policies and measures, such as the implementation of a carbon tax, the incentivization of worker-cooperatives and local guilds within the sector as a whole in the economic energy sector, and more especially the general transformation of fossil-fuel factories into more environmental-friendly industries and workplaces, mainly under nuclear

    Economic Regionalism

    The goal of achieving a common-good based democratic economy that ensures equity, fairness, justice, and security for the people and workingmen will remain the same within each areas for the long term, the methods and policies of reaching such goals however will be different, as nations differ in socioeconomic material conditions and situations, ideological policy adjustments will be made, particularly when regarding the short term whether it be leftward or rightward, being generally more rightward on the cases like Singapore, Poland, and America, with the former having a lack of self-sufficient resources and the latter two having a strong presence of anti-communist and anti-socialist sentiment, a more leftward stance will be taken in underdeveloped third world nations like those in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, under which the potential of independent economic prosperity of those nations are still untapped thanks to neoliberal dominance, coordinated by self-serving elitist kleptocratic governments in those areas added with the insult to injury by a rhetoric of dependency to the 1st world major powers and their elites.

    Sec.png Civically Liberty.png

    Dynamics of The state and the people

    There should be a delicate balance of power between the people and the state as to ensure that the people have the power to retain their liberties when society is under peacetime, and that the state is able to safeguard the people and fight against criminals and/or terrorists that dare threaten society in addition to protecting the nation from imperialists and foreign invaders in addition to that, exposing and fighting corruption(eg: whistleblowing) will be a necessity in order to keep the delicate balance in check, such delicate balance of power will also be a key in playing a part in a concept of a dual-failsafe between both the state and the people, in which should either of the two entities fail(the state/people) suffer inefficiency within a situation, the other will be given the ability to deal with the problem the struggling entity is dealing with, for example, if the police force is unable to protect the citizens from criminals, then the citizens themselves will be able to protect themselves thanks to gun rights, another example will be if the people are struggling to fight off terrorists, then the state in addition to the military's strength will counter them, to answer where I am in the civic spectrum, I'm civically moderate, particularly statist in summary.

    The question of Vanguardism

    Vanguardism, to his eyes, is high-risk and high-reward, as a strong guiding hand, if utilized correctly, can bring the nation to prosperity and quell threats that dare slow or even halt the progress of development entirely, however, the guiding vanguard can also become a threat in of itself if it ever falls into corruption and ends up being a self-serving elite class, and because of that, it's only usable in a niche under situations where a country is faced with threats such as instability, division, terrorism, imperialism, and etc, and due to how he wishes for a government under the rule of the common good, the vanguard party will ultimately step down from power once the country has reached significant development and is on a good enough shape that a democracy can thrive.

    He also acknowledges how the dogmatic bureaus of vanguards can tend to put itself in a lose/lose situation, since the concept itself fails to acknowledge that the left is not merely just one party, but one broad coalition consisting of those who fight for the proletarian struggle to seize the means of production against the bourgeois elite, albeit one under differing viewpoints(so long as it doesn't include idpol bullshit), and that tendency to reject this reality from vanguards results in an ideological dogmatic cult under strict idealistic principles or a divided party plagued with hypocritical double standards, either of which result in bureaucratic deficiency and ultimately a descent into corruption, making it clear that the need for other leftists to voice their dissatisfaction against the vanguard is a must have to prevent this, as the party isn't always the smartest and that total dependency on it's self-proclaimed wisdom can prove to be redundant, he also puts the emphasis that the process on the road to socialism is a gradual one, even in the making of an eventual revolution, even as vanguards can prove to be cohesive, a degree of bottom-up decentralization under a participist motif both in economics and government should be done to prevent any top-down bureaucratization attempts.

    Even with all these criticisms, the question of cohesiveness should still be addressed, therefore, a degree of a loose movement/organization of a socialist ideology will be needed to prevent disunity.

    The Democratic Structure

    Reworking, WIP
    When finding the ideal structure of government, the best, or the least bad of all of them would be a democratic one, as it would be the main duty for the government to serve it's people, it thus must be governed by the people and be for the people, the answer to democracy will have to be addressing some important things that would affect how the democracy would be structured as, such as how could the differing opinions of people be addressed? how would each of the region and locality's people have their voices recognized and represented through? and what should be the methodology used to maintain the democratic balance within all levels? as these questions are answered, the structure becomes apparent that the overall repertoire must be direct as possible, combined with a constitutional framework.

    in all levels, the citizens should at least have a voice in the democracy, from local, to regional, and to the national level, a direct democratic methodology shall be used in the regional and local levels, the local level in particular will be utilizing a participatory system due to the adequate size being there to make it function properly, there shall be people's councils composed without any official head in both the regional and local levels, because once we proceed to the national level, there will be at least some sort of representative, where regions and localities will be represented in the realm of national decision making via a national council composing of secretariats and wards, serving as an intermediary body, these secretariats and wards must however follow the people's desires, in which decision making and voting will be mostly done through referendums via people's committies and popular conferences, and by occasion shall there be some sort of meeting of secretariats and wards, and should they disobey, they will be either recalled or forcibly resigned should they refuse to be ever recalled.

    Each level will also have a Constitution of laws, with the local and regional constitutions being decided on by their respective councils to address domestic matters, and a national central constitution, built to hold the country together, written with a blueprint of balancing measures to prevent imbalance of power between the constitutions, which includes restricting itself from abusing power to override the regional and local constitutions but at the same time ensures the necessity of local and regional constitutions to act with cohesion with the national law, laws within constitutions shall be implemented/repealed through either a general consensus(the usual method) or a 3/4 majority agreement(just in case).

    On the issue of voting, ranked voting would be the systematic method of processing votes, since unlike first past the post, which is a failed system that greatly limits the freedom of decision to a situation akin to where there is no other choices between yes and no, ranked voting allows the voter to make decisions under much greater freedom, virtually eliminating the dictatorial and oligarchical political polarization apparent under FTPF

    The Communal structure

    The commune itself shall be the very basis of the democratic government's structure, composing of a national commune, regional communes, and local communes, all in which serve as some sort of coordinating body for guilds and affairs in their respective areas under democratic processing in both a governmental and economical sense, these communes will be equivalent to the state, regional government, and local township respectively.

    Likewise, under the commune, it's structure would function under a democratic processing system composed of citizens, though there will be some sort of communal legislation through the means of a ward, which will help serve to elect it's assembly composition under a direct referendum, and that members should undergo a regular routine of reporting and meeting back to the citizens of the commune, in addition to that, checks and balances shall be implemented via a communal constitution that mandates the necessary balance of power between all three levels of communal structure to prevent either accumulation of centralization or incohesive chaos amongst the communes.


    Federalism would be considered as the ideal system in the central-decentral government spectrum as it allows regions to represent their people and culture better within the nation through stronger separate regional laws within each regional government, where they will adopt a participatory democratic system calling citizens from it's area as further means to represent this motif, however, despite the call for federalization, the need of social cohesion is a must in society as to prevent chaos and disunity amongst the country, thus it is a necessity for regional governments to be subject to follow national laws and the constitution.

    on the occasions where a country is small and homogenous however, a unitarian government is more effective, as it doesn't really make sense to decentralize a country that is rather uncertain to suffer the potential hindrances of a unitarian governmental system due to it's small area and homogenic composition.

    Law and the police force

    As the very threat of crime can result in criminals causing havoc within society, in which the lives of people can be ruined as a result of this, the police force is a necessity to ensure the protection of lives and the enforcement of law, to ensure this, there shall a competent and potent police force in addition to funding said police force as to ensure that the cops are to be as efficient in dealing with crimes

    despite such support, I am also opposed to police brutality and corruption, and because of this, there shall be regulations to ensure that the police won't be corrupted by an overflow of power and that they will not commit acts of abuse against the people they serve to protect, in addition, whilst I support funding for the police, I don't want said spending to go overboard, and that such spending is not meant to transform the police into a tyrannical and corrupt bureaucratic organization, but rather to ensure that the police are to fulfill the role of serving and protecting the people through efficient and benevolent methodological management of power

    Penalties for crimes

    Generally, I would use a mix of rehabilitative and punitive justice when punishing criminals, as there would be at least some form of rehabilitation when punishing crimes whether minor or major, and it's generally more prevalent on minor crimes, though as crimes get more severe, punitive means would be more often used, and as for the death penalty, it will be instated, but this will only be reserved under the condition of the criminal being guilty of a heinous crime beyond any shadow of doubt

    as for fining, whilst I do understand that punishments shouldn't be too harsh, fining is also prone to corruption as it could result in the criminal refusing to stop committing crimes and buying one's way out of justice, because of this, fining will only be used once on the very first time a crime is committed, after this, if repeated for a 2nd time and onwards, community service would be used instead as punishment

    News and Media

    With the ever growing dangers of polarized media, regardless if private or under the state, resulting in bias, slander, and misinformation, further bolstered by manufactured consent, bringing in a harmful generation of conformist illiteracy, it is a must that the fairness doctrine should be implemented in order to prevent this, as under the power of the fairness doctrine, opposing viewpoints will be represented equally and fairly when serious/controversial matters are discussed in media, which will serve to curb the performative activism omnipresent in the current times.

    Freedom of speech

    Very much a Staunch supporter of freedom of speech and the free marketplace of ideals, in addition to acknowledging that humans indeed have free will, I am opposed to censorship against ideals most of the time even rather vile ones, not only is it rather immoral to strip the rights to freedom of speech of a person just for views, but also when it comes to countering the aforementioned vile ideologies like wokeness and alt-right, it's very much ineffective due to the risk of legitimizing said movement, all of this is also a major factor in playing a role within the dual-failsafe of the state and the people.

    The Paradox of tolerance, whilst decent theoretically as a measure to protect the free marketplace of ideals, has become awful in practice most of the time ever since it has been effectively ruined by several people who use it as a justification to silence all other opinions they oppose, speaking of censorship and protection of the free marketplace of ideals, while I genuinely oppose the former for the most part, it may still be utilized under the following conditions as to fulfill the importance of the latter.

    • Condition 1:The threat and it's proponents has gained a significant foothold in the political realm
    • Condition 2:Said proponents are going to dismantle the free marketplace of ideals and silence anyone who dares disagree with them.

    if only one of those conditions are met, then social ostracization through popular support against such threats would be ideally better as to reduce their power and foothold whilst not running the risk of legitimizing those threats through censorship

    As I also oppose censorship for the most part, I'm also a strong opponent of hate speech laws, alongside the aforementioned reasons why I'm generally opposed to censorship usually, hate speech laws can also have a very discriminatory nature, as very often said laws are meant to protect certain people of certain groups from harm, certain individuals that are willing to harm others and get off unpunished for their crimes will abuse those laws to achieve that, while the advocates of those laws argue that it's a good measure to prevent toxicity, those laws only serve the contrary as they outright deny the free will humans have by forcing a conformist aura to the people to nullify any differing opinions of significance, and such is only proven further through supplementation by all of the aforementioned reasons.

    To reform or to revolt

    The ever growing lust of power of the elite classes which results in reforms becoming overturned or turned into meaningless victories/mere concessions that strengthen their position, in addition to a huge majority the current systems in countries being generally corrupt and/or elitist institutions that corrupts those that participate in them to bring in change, further compounded with the elites and the system spreading divisive political trends favoring the elite system that created as a tool to divide the people and further alienate those who oppose the system has brought the conclusion that reform has been a lost cause and an unviable option to bring in meaningful change for the better, and that revolution is the way to bring in meaningful change to defeat the elites and serve the people, however, for the most part, revolutions would be bloodless, generally resembling forms like civil disobedience, however, should violence be done against those who peacefully revolt, then a revolution of violence will be inevitable, though violence against innocent civilians should be prevented as much as possible in either case

    However, achieving goals is best done under a gradual process, yes, even a revolution needs to be gradually built up to pristine and ideal conditions where it would ignite, he also acknowledges that the system is still very aware of it's greedy needs of it's own survival and will do anything to counter change at all costs, which will result in the determination of methods to vary, though a common method involved is through building up popularity in the local level, another method includes pressuring the capitalist institutions via methods like mass strikes and have unions seize those institutions(which will then transform into guilds), despite the varying methods that can change, strengthening the movement and consciousness of a revolutionary movement will still remain unchanged as the desired objectives to build it up.

    It should be noted that one must be careful and cautious with the high risk of hate, powerful as a weapon to unite the people against the system it may be, it also runs the potential consequence of degenerating the revolution into a transition of a similarly oppressive system painted under a different color, a consequence most notably demonstrated in the French and Russian revolutions, while they have undeniably made positive long-term effects, such hatred allowed those revolution devolve into a stage of abusive bureaucracy, resulting in them having much less success than anticipated, to avoid this very consequence, the revolution must prioritize the love of the people it was sought to fight for the greater good above the anger and hatred against the system that has dissatisfied and failed the people it has governed with neglect, this prioritization shall also come with the purging of individuals who will drive the revolution under terror and hatred on the highest and most prioritized order.

    Trad.png Cultural/Social Progress.png

    Progressivism or Conservatism

    Darknight Yuusha Model considers himself as a progressive-conservative in a way, infusing both progressive and conservative elements to my societal ideals, another thing to take account is that the terms "progressive" and "conservative" are broad and ultimately arbitrary in meaning and context within his eyes in addition to acknowledging that the politics regarding culture/society aren't one dimensional, and that the situations and material conditions of each separate country should be also taken to account for such(even being argued so far as to be the greatest defining factor of understanding what is progress and what is conservation).

    Because of these very reasons, He has leanings depending on how developed an area is, being more conservative on very developed areas and more progressive on underdeveloped ones, for example, in the case of the west, a highly developed region, He leans culturally right, as the west has progressed enough in culture to potentially achieve a prosperous state of being, but many so-called liberal "progressives" in the west want to rid such potential by ridding the beneficial traditions kept and replacing them with intersectional idpol and decadent cultural liberalism backed up by capitalist contradictions, so it's a necessity to conserve the beneficial traditions and cultural values that help western society flourish after decades of societal development, on the flip side, in the case of many third world countries, several of which are underdeveloped, He leans culturally left, seeing how many backward customs such as gender inequality, racial divide, caste systems, rule of the clergy, and literal slavery still exist within them, it doesn't make sense to be a conservative in that issue as third world societies currently are infested with such detrimental customs that it's a necessity that those societies must significantly progress to a point where only the beneficial traditions remain and the detrimental customs are phased out and abolished(ofc without the inclusive idpol and cultural liberal materialism bullshit).

    Pro-life rhetoric

    Taking a pro-life stance, Darknight Yuusha is generally opposed to abortion, seeing how the unborn aren't merely clumps of cells, but actual life forms, and thus he wants to ban abortion on every case except for life/health risks, yes, even in the cases of rape and incest, although those crimes are very heinous themselves, to deny the right to life for a fetus is still unjust, so he instead proposes alternatives for recovery, like for instance, caretaking the child, although adoptions will be available in the case one isn't ready to fulfill the purpose of nurturing.

    These goals and laws however are more so feasible in the long term under which there are conditions that make these things viable, the same cannot be said when regarding the short term, especially with the issue of unsafe abortions that can prove to be life threatening, so he generally proposes to introduce limited abortion laws that will allow it only during the 1st and 2nd trimesters, 2(3 if necessary) non-rape/life saving abortions are also allowed during a woman's lifetime, under which those amends will counter the issue of unsafe abortions, this will be further backed up by means of assistance to mothers like welfare, comprehensive sex education shall be induced to further prevent unneeded abortions, once the issue of unsafe and risky abortion has been dealt with, more strict abortion laws like the one he proposed above can be finally implemented thanks to improved conditions.

    In staying true to the pro-life name, to be pro-life should extend beyond caring just for the unborn, this rhetoric must also care for mothers and families too, citing his genuine disdain for the current "pro-life" movement for it's disregard of this realization and their genuine refusal to provide care for those mothers, which ends up going so far as to defend rape of all things, thus he refuses to side with it, instead hoping to form a new pro-life movement that abolishes such a rhetoric of limited understanding in favor of a clearer one that ensures the sanctity of life for the family and community

    Gender Fairness

    Men and women in the end are fundamentally equal to each other, and thus, there must be equal treatment under the law, equal benefits, equal punishments, equal pay, and equal rights, with that in mind, I support the first wave of feminism completely as well as the second wave for the most part(excluding the pro-abortion), however, from the third wave and onwards, will be opposed due to the heavy amount of infectious idpol and how those waves promote individualistic degeneracy that can serve to break the balance of men and women in addition to inflicting harm to women as well, one particular example is their promotion of sex work in general, in which it has a history of harmful exploitation against women.

    Gender roles, whilst they shouldn't be abolished with the presence of people willing to fulfill those roles under their consent, shouldn't be strict either, in a sense, I utterly oppose the amount of modern feminists and "red-pilled" masculists whining about the patriarchy/matriarchy in the areas it ceased to exist, but at the same time, oppose the notion of the patriarchy/matriarchy as those concepts serve to prevent gender egalitarianism and create a realm where one gender oppresses the other through a Darwinian hedonist fashion, and in areas that such things exist, there will be a fight to abolish those concepts.

    Racial egalitarianism

    All men, regardless of race, are fundamentally human, and thus must be treated equally in rights, punishments, and benefits, alongside being given the ability to participate within democratic decision making, whilst a significant portion of the world has progressed on the issue of race, the problem of a significant portion of races having poor living standards still remains, in which it is still a certain issue, however, those issues can't be solved through identitarianism and racial guilt, as these solutions only serve to further racial tensions, but rather through solidarity, as the greatest cause of these problems is socioeconomic injustice, and to defeat the root cause is to unite the masses to defeat it, as lower class people even coming from different races that are struggling socioeconomically are still fundamentally the same people who suffer economic injustice, to quote Fred Hampton, "We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don't fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism.".

    The LGBT dilemma

    The mere emphasis of the issue of LGBT, whether it would be favoring it or antagonizing it has been has been a huge mistake for society, just the simple discussion of it can just spark an explosive aura of toxicity than can utterly ruin the lives of many through heated conflicts where no belligerents are to resolve this through fair matters and only through victory in sheer arrogance, thus, such a matter must be completely depoliticized as a whole where pride culture, the movement, hate rants and discussion about it in general will be taboo in society, although such a fight to depoliticize the subject in addition to it's cultural significance would be best done under a balanced platform where social egalitarianism through equal rights, benefits, and punishments is implemented, to put it simply, if LGBT individuals want equal rights, then it's best to rid oneself of flamboyance, never to talk about this subject at all, and focus on the smaller things in life in addition to more important issues.

    speaking of pride month, he wants the entire month to be replaced with a new event called "solidarity month" as a replacement to it, for pride month promotes identity politics that divide the people through an obsession of identity and flamboyance in the facade of "social egalitarianism", under which the capitalists use this facade as a means to spread hyper-consumerism and neoliberal ideals to further their own greedy ends, Solidarity month contradicts those intentions, favoring true social equality by promoting the need to solidify and unite the masses beyond the boundaries of identity against the capitalist class, under solidarity month, a motive to legitimately help the lower class through means like charity shall be present throughout the whole month.

    gay marriage's legalization shall be left up to the states, as this matter could be rather divisive amongst the people, despite my support for the traditional nuclear family as both a mother and father figure is needed for children to grow up healthily, since this topic can be quite divisive which could result in toxic societal decay, this matter will be de-emphasized.

    to address the issue of transgender matters, whilst I'll recognize them by their gender, there will be conditions if one would have that sort of recognition, one, a person must have genuine gender dysphoria, two, one must not be flamboyant, three, one must be 18+ in age, and four, one must not abuse their gender dysphoria/status as trans as fodder to justify a barbaric display of behavior towards others, in addition, transitioning services should be approved by the state, and even then, to prevent consequences from the aftereffects of post-transitioning discomfort, transitioning shall be reserved as an option when all others have failed.

    Religious matters

    A generally secular law in regards to religion is preferred, as religion, whilst being good to provide for the first footsteps and frameworks of several laws and morals, should generally stay out of the government for the most part, tolerating Christian/Islamic/Insert Religion here Democracy at most, as it has been constantly used as a tool by theocratic clergymen to alienate and manipulate people into doing things out of their own self-interest, in addition to those very clergymen using religion as a justification to commit their own atrocities and suppress the power of the people, in spite of this, there should also be freedom of religion as one still has the right to believe or not to believe in a religion so long as one respects others, as state atheism is merely an irreligious theocracy in function, as anti-theistic bureaucrats do the same thing clergymen do, and that they use atheism as a tool to fulfill their own greedy ends.

    Drug laws

    Overall leaning more anti-drug than pro-drug, as the effects of hard drugs have resulted in driving the mentality of people to a point where it harms both the user and the others around, thus, selling hard drugs will be banned(but not possession, this is discouraged however)and that there will be a strong crackdown against drug dealing, however, drug users should be rehabilitated instead of punished as drug users aren't the root cause of drug abuse, merely victims of it, drug dealers on the other hand should be severely punished since they're the main cause of the spread of drug abuse, and as for soft drugs, ideally they should be legal, but not encouraged(unless for medical purposes) and regulated, though that issue can be complicated so the law for soft drugs would vary in regions.

    Right to firearms

    The right to bear firearms can prove to be a strong benefit, with an armed people readily defensive and worthily responsible, firearms prove to be useful in playing a part in the dual failsafe of the state and the people, further benefits include significantly greater resistance against imperialists that dare ever threaten to subjugate or conquer the nation, although guns rights can prove to bring great benefits, there comes it's problems of unnecessary violence at the wrong hands, even so, this still doesn't justify a strong gun ban, as the reasons why such unnecessary violence happens has more to do with the mentality of the shooters and not the guns themselves, as guns are inanimate and thus cannot have the sentience to shoot by their own.

    With that being said to prevent such violence from happening, there will be background and health checks every year to find out if a firearm wielder is eligible to retain the rights to bear those firearms or not, having a one/two strike policy as punishment should there be failure, furthermore, one must gain a license through a test to prove one's worthiness in addition to those with firearms being recommended to ensure that their guns wouldn't be robbed by irresponsible criminals, to top it all off, certain firearms far too dangerous for one to wield like flamethrowers will be banned.

    Opposition to sex work

    To say that sex work is empowering is incomplete to it's description on how truly awful pornography in general is, as it empowers a continuous cycle of lust and frustration, where men and women are equally degraded in the name of profits done through prostitution, merely showing a facade of "love" through perversion and delusion of the mind, as love partners are now only seen as dolls to masturbate in the descent into sexual frustration, no longer will men and women flesh out themselves as respectable characters in this process, and such an industry will even go to lengths just to harm them to make the most out of it's income, to conclude, prostitution, the porn industry, and sex work in general are truly harmful elements in society that must be rid of for the better.

    However, if sex work in it's entirely is to be phased out into obscurity and demonization, the process should be done gradually, not to be destroyed as soon as the dawn of the next day as to ensure the porn industry's untimely end, buyers will be criminalized and sex "workers" that were forced into the industry/joined it because they have no other choice for a providable job will be rehabilitated and opportunities for alternatives will be brought to the table, those who were willing to become prostitutes despite having the opportunities for alternatives will be condemned however, eventually when society has reached a point where it's in the rate where sex work has become an evil, full criminalization shall commence and prostitution as a whole will be deemed unprofitable

    Environmental protection

    The environment and the many ecosystems have been proven to be a crucial necessity to facilitate the earth's health, in which the earth's health has also become an extremely crucial factor to maintaining quality conditions for human society, as without clean air and resources all thanks to nature's providence, virtually all of us will face at best, serious degradation of societal conditions to a point of collapse, and at worst, total extinction, this is further proven with the threat of climate change, pollution, and ecosystem destruction, thus, meaningful actions must be taken to prevent a devastating era of catastrophe from happening.

    The following plans are examples of environmental action:

    • begin transitioning to green energy for already industrialized nations, for industrializing ones, if there isn't a green alternative, continue industrializing(though there will still be some environmental regulations) and then switch to green energy
    • set up a punishment system for anti-environmental acts, minor punishments will be set for more minor punishments like littering, and more severe punishments will be set for major crimes like ecosystem destruction, poaching, deforestation, and maritime pollution
    • implementation of a carbon tax that gradually increases based on the level of carbon content
    • begin phasing out non-eco friendly products in favor of eco-friendly ones and punish any greedy capitalist or anti-environmentalist in general that dares slow down this process or even prevent/halt it outright
    • investment of research into eco-friendly vehicles and technology in general, having them mass produced alongside phasing and banning out fossil-fuel vehicles as soon as possible.
    • enact anti-plastic pollution laws, requiring plastic products to be composed of 50%reusable/biodegradable material, otherwise illegal if the requirement is not met, all plastics not meeting the requirement shall be phased out as soon as possible
    • taxation rates lowered for renewable energy sources and eco-friendly power plants
    • begin a strong tree-planting program in addition to encouraging other air-purifying plants to be planted, with the intent of having more than 5 billion trees planted
    • creation of eco-friendly jobs and cooperatives in environmental energy sectors
    • place harsh environmental sanctions against industrialized countries committing anti-environmental acts, in addition to monitoring industrializing countries

    Technological Advancement

    From using several inventive ways to improve the lives of humans to ensuring that society develops and progresses to ensure the certainty of survival, the advancement of technology has proven to be an overall force of good for humanity as a whole, thus I am considered a technological progressive, as technological advancement can be very useful when solving many of our problems, green technology and space technology especially will be of great help when countering environmental issues and pollution as well as further help in space exploration respectively, both of which will help humanity survive in the long run.

    However, whilst technology can be a force of good, there can come it's downsides, one of them is the notion of machines replacing humans in the workplace, which can cause serious unemployment problems, although machines themselves can assist human workers on points where they fall short of efficiency, as for transhumanism, whilst beneficial if done in moderation, as it can rid of disabilities for some and even potentially save lives for those who suffer fatal conditions, shouldn't go to a point where humanity is erased or extremely altered.

    Nation.png Diplomatic World.png

    A Nationalistic Aura

    A nationalist, he puts emphasis on nationalism and believes that the rise of non-chauvinistic and non-identitarian nationalism has been a good thing for humanity, as it allowed a greater sense of community for people to love a nation and solve it's own problems which strengthen the bonds of such a community to achieve a better society, he also believes that it is natural for humans to feel a sense of belonging to the nation, obviously because of his endorsement of nationalism, he despises globalism as globalism, unlike internationalism, disregards the sovereignty and self-determination of nations and peoples and threads on them, which is pretty much imperialist, which he utterly deplores, speaking of internationalism, his strong emphasis on autonomy of nations also makes him supportive of international cooperation and argues that it can be used to preserve nationalism.

    he also believes that nationalism has proven itself to be a strong anti-colonial and anti-imperialist force of good as several nationalists from the third world endorse liberation against colonialist oppressors which have resulted in such form of nationalism being responsible for several third world nations gaining independence, he does however, unlike other "anti-colonialists" who embrace reverse chauvinism by justifying oppression against others coming from "oppressor backgrounds", respect nationalists from even major powers like China, Russia, and America that are aware of their nation's shortcomings and atrocities who are also willing to redeem a nation's from it's own flaws and horrors beyond the scope of failure.

    Civic Patriotism

    A nation is a community of people united under a banner of shared language and patriotic values, and that a patriot to the nation should be based on one's love to the nation itself, not from the limited boundaries of identitarian concepts of racialism and ethnic supremacy, thus, he is a civic nationalist, seeing both racial and ethnic nationalism as foolish and toxic ideologies that can threaten the nation through the implementation of the aforementioned identitarian boundaries that can cause division and injustice, which in turn, will fracture the nation apart and force patriots of differing identities to fight against each other, even going as far to argue that those ideologies are even anti-nationalist themselves, as they prioritize identity more than patriotism, to merely call for worldwide ethnic/racial supremacy and describe yourself as a patriot is oxymoronic.

    Cohesion in Country

    Whilst he is indeed a civic nationalist, he also emphasizes the need of cohesion to ensure harmony for the nation's inhabitants, because of this, he is an interculturalist, wanting to conserve the national culture(s) but at the same time ensure that other cultures can co-exist so long as they don't override the national culture, as other cultures can help enrich the national culture(s) under moderation.

    this sort of emphasis towards preserving the national culture(s) make him a cultural nationalist in a sense, thus his policies towards immigrants and refugees, whilst allowing legal ones to come by, must learn the standards, history, language, and values of the nation should they ever settle here, lest they are forced to leave otherwise, further backed by background checks to ensure none with a criminal record is to ever enter, his policies towards significant native minorities however are different, since natives themselves have been neglected of having their cultures preserved and their living standards have also been poor as well, thus he believes that natives should their culture and languages should be preserved, as well as them being only having to just adopt the patriotism of the nation, no more than that, and even become a plurinational identity in the nation, which leads him to support plurinationalism as a means to help natives gain their self-determination.

    When dealing with multiple peoples of differing cultural/ethnic/racial identities in a nation, Darknight Yuusha Model endorses a brotherhood and unity policy, utilizing common patriotism alongside plurinationalism as a way to prevent balkanization and chaotic division, as should the nation's ethnic tensions allow cracks of division to tear it apart, it's overall cohesion to efficiently solve many problems is stripped and it's strength against threats diminished.

    Rejection of Intervention

    The nation's very own problems are to be put first and foremost from outside problems as the nation itself must take care of it's own people and serve it, not to meddle in the affairs of other regions which have no business, making him a non-interventionist and to a lesser extent, an isolationist, as foreign intervention often incentivizes imperialism and subjugation/destruction against other nations and has almost always resulted in a negative outcome which usually has the nation itself drained of it's honor and resources as well as wreak havoc to nations subject to such intervention, only should a threat against national security will intervention be justified, but even then this shouldn't be used as fodder to spread influence, he further argues that intervention has resulted in the strengthening of imperialist hegemony and advocates that a nation should not have such a harmful concept of power that can cause despair and suffering to other nations, this also results in him opposing military alliances in general and ideological backing as those are often used to spread hegemony or are the outright result of it.

    The Question of Military

    Despite his opposition towards militaristic imperialism and his somewhat pacifist stance, as well as his dislike towards military juntas for the most part, he believes the military still holds great importance, especially when protecting the nation against threats like terrorists and imperialists, and thus believes that the military should be given adequate funding to fulfill that purpose, with increased training quality and better military technology(albeit not to the point of being too destructive and criminal), however, he want's adequate funding, never emphasizing on overspending as it dissuades the people's needs and incentivizes corrupt bureaucratization and imperialism.

    His emphasis on nationalism also means that with the military's purpose to protect the nation's citizens, he believes that the military shall be praised as defenders of the homeland and protectors of the people, however, he also puts emphasis on shame towards the crimes and atrocities done by the military and that he puts the military's role as protectors, not aggressors, this doesn't mean he will support defunding of the military unless on the case of overspending, in which he doesn't support the latter idea either.

    It is true that he is indeed a supporter of nuclear, nuclear energy that is, but on nuclear weapons however, such weapons are far too dangerous for any nation to have as the effects of nukes are utterly catastrophic to an area, he further argues that the destructive potential of nukes have been often used to force a nation to concede to it's unfair demands, which is imperialistic, thus most of them should be dismantled for the better, with the few remaining nukes being relegated to a third party that will fulfill very specific, non-military niches, particularly when it comes to destroying incoming large meteors that can significantly damage or even cause extinction on the earth.

    Geopolitical Stances

    Because of his staunch anti-imperialism, he is opposed to every single major power of the world and despises the concept of hegemony as a whole, believing that any country should not have the status of a superpower, let alone the idea of a superpower being a feasible idea at all, since it not only put's a strain to other nations due to imperialist hegemony and exploitation, but also to the nation itself since it put's much of it's resources into maintaining geopolitical dominance instead of solving it's own domestic issues, for these reasons, he hates both the 1st world and the 2nd world equally despite viewing the west as a slightly worse evil due to it's worse overall atrocities, instead, he is thoroughly supportive of the third world, adopting a non-aligned policy and seeks to form international comradery amongst third world nations as a means to fight against imperialism from both sides' imperialist powers and put an end to imperialism once and for all


    Armenia and Azerbaijan


    China and Taiwan


    The EU


    The Indian Subcontinent

    Israel and Palestine


    The thing about Korea is that both Koreas are false images that imply that either one of them is the true manifestation of that nation, but in reality both are merely puppet states subject to the influence of both imperialist blocs, the North is a corrupt state socialist hellhole that doesn't even live up to it's "socialist" and "democratic" name thanks to the fact that a nepotistic system of leadership is practiced under a unnecessarily draconian bureaucracy that threads on the rights of it's citizens, made worse by how it takes an extreme form of isolation that limits the country's citizens to a more primitive image in addition to allowing a conformist sense of paranoia to thrive and degrade the country's sanity, the South is a capitalistic oligarchical hellhole that presents itself as a seemingly developed haven that puts itself as a superior choice over it's northern counterpart, only for the true colors of such a borderline plutocratic entity be revealed, unemployment among the youth is high, plutocratic and corporatocratic entities called Chaebols rule the nation nearly unopposed, dictating the fate of the country to be subject to have much of the people's livelihoods be falsified under a capitalistic bourgeois "democracy" under which the rights of workers are trampled by capitalists day and night, these sorts of rather depressing qualities are made worse by how western hyper-consumerism influences it heavily, which chip away from the values of family and community, one might say that those criticisms are heavily exaggerated, and one might be right, but make no mistake, even if both the DPRK and ROK aren't the most hellish places in the world, they are still far from being heavenly, and only can this heavenly aura be reached when the Korean nation is unified under a truly direct democracy, by the people and for the people, under which it will develop the socioeconomic livelihoods and material conditions of it's people through a common good-based economy, fully undeterred and free from imperialist threats.


    It doesn't matter how many times those atlanticists justify NATO's actions, let alone it's entire existence, it is absolutely rotten to the damn core, being responsible for plunging the third world into hell, destroying once developed countries through militaristic intervention out of the sake of keeping western imperialist hegemony, speaking of militaristic intervention, often do they do such intervention under the facades of "freedom and democracy" to ensure those unnecessary actions will come to fruition, even in the very rare cases where intervention is actually justified, those rare opportunities end up being ruined completely through their maliciously ulterior motives that result in those opportune moments being used as fodder to spread geopolitical dominance, impoverishing millions under the road of a permanent capitalist revolution, and making it's so-called allies gain a stockholm syndrome for it as a means to further it's greedy ends lead by the elite capitalists who look down upon the world on bliss, worse is that they often manipulate the will of 2nd world imperialist victims under the guise of "liberators", and that they use this to their advantage to commit imperialist acts even further, which in turn worsens the situation by giving second world imperialists a justification for imperialism of their own, those very reasons have made it clear that not only should NATO's existence be erased completely, but also militaristic imperialist hegemony as a whole.

    And before someone says "but NATO has been responsible for providing aid to nations and destroy colonialism", the Soviet Bloc did similar acts too, and there's a reason he doesn't trust this bloc, let alone both blocs, and that those very acts are done out of self-serving ends, wanting to replace an old form of imperialism with a new one.

    The Philippines

    As one who comes from the Philippines himself, Darknight Yuusha Model is a Filipino Nationalist when regarding the Filipino nation, more specifically, he identifies as a revolutionary left-wing Filipino nationalist as whilst he loves his country, he sees the overall political situation there to be horrible in of itself, as the country is ripe with self-serving nepotistic crony representatives that very much betray promises left and right, and often do many of these cronies are endorsed by imperialist powers, the atlanticist empires like the American one in particular often support said cronies and exploit the Philippines' position as a proxy base to spread it's own imperialism and heat up tensions in Southeast Asia for the capitalists' benefit, furthermore, since the political system has a tendency to basically corrupt virtually any politician that dares participate in it, he sees any hope of reform through the system as a far-fetched and utopian failure that will only continue the rotten bourgeois system that infects the Philippines day and night, thus, he instead wishes to gradually take power through a slow process of gathering popularity to the point it is enough to upstart a bloodless revolution against the system and establish a base point to start his goals for the country.

    the following plans will be done below once he has seized leadership:

    • Do a massive corruption purge, abolish the current corrupt system and replace it with a superior participatory democracy, albeit one that will eventually mature to be more direct as during the early stages of power, there might be a transitionary vanguard and/or a bit of non-corrupt semi-direct representatives to ensure the gradual transition, federalization will also replace the current unitary system as to ensure that much of the progress will not be exclusive to just Luzon
    • introduce major socioeconomic reforms, using social corporatism as an initial framework to advance towards a more market socialist economy, promoting economic democracy and cooperatives in the economy, unions will be promoted and union busting will become discouraged or even illegal for most cases, the welfare state will be improved and reformed to provide better for the people whilst punishing any leeches that dare abuse the system, a progressive taxation motif will be implemented, which includes LVT, carbon taxation, and small income taxation, and promote a series of strong social programs, including the introduction of universal healthcare, infrastructure development, rural and urban development, scientific and environmental progress, and drastic improvements to public education, further backed through a wealth redistribution program that will come with the addition of punishing any wealthy individual that has committed heinous means and shady deals, a fair trade policy will be implemented and any foreign investor that dares commit exploitation will be punished.
    • Overhaul both the military and the police, improve training for both of them and give adequate funding to deal with threats like terrorists and criminals, put a major overhaul to the justice system and purge corruption there to ensure fairer laws, restrict the death penalty only to certain individuals guilty of very heinous crimes beyond any shadow of doubt, force an ultimatum to terrorist organizations that they surrender and give up their violent means, in the case they don't surrender, swiftly defeat their forces efficiently through the overhauled tactics, strategy, and equipment.
    • Adopt a non-aligned policy for the nation, alongside a non-interventionist one, promote anti-imperialist internationalism in regards to much of the third world, including Southeast Asia, implement a policy of skepticism regarding Major powers like the US and China, force American troops to leave, and force China to give up their Spratlys claims, there won't be further aggression beyond that however, and peace will be pursued to prevent tensions from being heated to the point there will be war.

    Russia and Ukraine


    South Africa

    Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia, a region of nations potentially ripe with prosperous and harmonious societies, has been stripped from much of that potential to the evils of imperialist powers, from the old days of European Colonialism to the new age of capitalist neo-imperialism, it was a good thing that the peoples of the region have liberated themselves from imperial control, and that steady progress has been made throughout the years, but with the loom of the Eurasian Aggression spearheaded by China and the selfish desires of the Atlantic lead by the American Imperium, Southeast Asia isn't truly liberated from imperialism yet, not to mention how ASEAN, whilst not a bad concept, still leaves much to be desired in practice, seeing how it embraces capitalistic tendencies and that it's somewhat lacking in strength to stand up against major powers.

    To ensure Southeast Asia and it's peoples are liberated from it's present shackles, Darknight Yuusha Model endorses a Pan-Southeast Asian rhetoric of solidarity to help the peoples of the subcontinent form closer bonds and unite in a struggle to free themselves, although he does see a single pan-national state as a far-fetched idea, he still wants a pan-national organization to help with this rhetoric, thus he wants to overhaul ASEAN to fit a notably more anti-imperialist policy to ensure that the nations of Southeast Asia will ensure their independence, in addition to curbing imperialist influences present in the region, he also hopes to ensure fair game and mutual commerce amongst it's countries not only to ensure a closer bond, but also in hopes to achieve economic sovereignty for all Southeast Asian nations.


    The US


    Constructivist approach

    Darknight Yuusha Model is a constructivist, believing that the nature of humans and their characters were never born with the inherent qualities of being evil or good, but are instead shaped through the differing environments that have molded them, citing how material conditions play a major factor in such shaping process, such constructivist viewpoint also contributes to how he believes in the concept of redemption, believing that for the most part, even malicious individuals could potentially become heroic beings through the maturation of character.

    Such is alluding to how he was partially influenced by Classical Marxism thanks to it's emphasis on the idea that class, material conditions, and class conflict have been a significant driving force in history, despite this influence however, he is still non-Marxian as he believes that the goals of Marxism are virtually impossible to reach outside of very small communities, in which there is some sort of potential due to lower population count but you get the idea, the reason for why it is impossible is not because humans are inherently greedy and evil, but rather it requires the total destruction of an abstract concept(namely greed and evil as aforementioned, and that abstract concepts are not concrete and thus cannot be truly destroyed.

    Because of how differing material conditions shape differing individuals, he comes to the conclusion that for the most part, determining the true nature of humanity is difficult as with each conclusion from differing determinations will lead to conflicting and inconsistent results, he does however believe that there is one thing consistent in so many human beings and it's how they strive to pursue happiness in some sort of form.


    He believes that a sense of community is necessary in human society, as whilst he does acknowledge others like free will and individual ingenuity to be a part of human's being a powerful species, he believes the greatest factor of such success is through humans working together as a community to achieve success, as humans acknowledge one cannot work alone as an island, and that free will and individual ingenuity wouldn't induce those positives without a community, as without a community, there wouldn't be ideals thought of and strived for to improve the lives of humans to be spread, being discontent with individualists on how some of them are claiming that collective methods are a notion of stupidity, failing to realize collective methodology is present in several of the most intelligent and successful animals, especially seen in mammals like primates, whales, elephants, some wild cats, and giraffes, being also discontent on how they focus too much on the individual(or in the case of objectivists, outright promote greed and immorality), which brings to his argument that individualism is an ideology of shamelessness, he is however also discontent with mass collectivism, as it also disregards other factors on why humans are so successful and that they focus too much on the collective and even outright promote the collective to preach for greed.

    although he is very much a communitarian, he often is collectivist leaning, as mentioned, collectivist notions are present in some of the most successful and intelligent animals, and very much does he emphasize the community in a higher priority than the individual, in fact, he puts the family as the smallest unit of significant importance, not the individual, as he sees the family unit as a crucial part of society that has been responsible in forming tribes and ultimately nations, entities that have proven themselves to define humanity in it's struggle, however, he dislikes the commodification of the family done in the industrial era, as the resulting corrupt bourgeois family values has strayed away from the original extended family's traits, and how it promotes an individualist and capitalist motif that erode the original values of family as a whole.

    The Utilitarian need

    It is indeed necessary to focus of providing happiness in the collective community of humans, within a community is the existence of individuals however, and that human individuals themselves have the intelligence of the freedom of will, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that individuals themselves will think differently amongst others in at least some way and have desires and wishes outside the collective community, therefore the right to happiness for individuals should be maintained so long as there aren't any desires or acts that would go negatively against morality and the wellbeing of the people, regarding the line to prevent negative desires against morals and the wellbeing of the community, such a line exists since the acceptance of negative desires would involve the threading of happiness against an individual, which makes it contradictory in regard the right to happiness for individuals within a community.

    Moralism in society

    When asking about the question of morals, to understand it's necessity in a society is to ask some of these example questions, why is it that innocent families and individual citizens are protected from being murdered, for the law forbids, why is it that kindness thrives under a rhetoric of that one must treat and respect the other like how he treats oneself, why is it that there are norms that man must not discriminate another just for one's identity and judge one for character instead, and to the culmination of all of these questions, why is it that those norms and laws help prevent destructive toxicity from becoming a completely dominating force in all of humanity, this is the answer, morals, for they serve as the blueprints of laws that keep and shun society from individuals who dare harm the people in it, such morality can also serve as the basis for egalitarianism of several forms which are necessity in a community, no matter the factor of the different thinking and mindsets of individuals, the objectivity of morals still remain necessary to prevent harm.

    Populist Rhetoric

    With the aims of achieving a new stage in human development, where there will be a patriotic and democratic society for the people, one where the youth will not suffer abusive trauma during their genesis, one where the grown ups are not burdened in their values to strive for hard work, and one where the elderly can live their last days with a smile, he endorses populism and cites it as a necessary driving force to achieve change for the better, and thus emphasizes the need to rally the people to achieve greater heights and to fight against malignant tumors present in society, most especially the elite capitalists who are responsible for omnipresent problems in humanity such as imperialism, social and economic injustice, and corrupted bureaucracies, all of which he uses populism to unite the people to fight against these aforementioned plagues, he further proves his argument in that the many revolutions that were responsible for bringing in significant and necessary change such as the American Revolution, Russian Revolution, French Revolution, Chinese Revolution, and the 1848 revolutions, all of which brought beneficial long term effects that better society as a whole.

    He does however acknowledge that populism can also be used as a tool to fulfill malicious and self-serving ends of individuals that are keen in betraying the people's will as they please, and thus is wary to be careful that populism should only be spearheaded through those that serve the people, this results in him being a left populist, seeing how many right-"populists" often betray the promises made by the people and end up endorsing capitalist systems that contradict their rhetoric, in addition to how many of them embrace a disgusting obsession over culturally right idpol in general, which adds up to become even worse in that some of them are cucked towards imperialistic blocs and powers, namely the west, but sometimes the east, those reasons are further backed by his argument in that several left populists often stay true to their promises more often that right wing ones even with their flaws, which often does result in getting the job to change things meaningfully done, although he does acknowledge how some left-wing populists in the west like AOC betray the name of populism and become outright hypocritical elitists, who at times also result in them endorsing a disgusting culturally left idpol rhetoric.

    ideological critiques

    Feud.png Feudalism, The Predation of oppression

    Cap.png Capitalism, the old world of elitist tyranny

    Corp.png Tyranny of financial elites, the peak of capitalist degeneration Plutocrat.png

    Socdem.png Reform, capital's ripoff of the left Soclib.png

    Imp.png Imperialism, antique and modern, the poisoning Colonial.png

    Necon.png Hegemony and it's consequences NeoComBall.png

    ML.png Bolshevism and State Socialism, parallels of the oppressor class Statesoc.png

    Stalin.png the degeneration of the "proletarian" dictatorship of capital Hoxha.png

    Mao.png A "great, cultural, proletarian, and revolutionary" failure MLM.png


    DNY model's personality is a mix between positive and negative energies, whether it be from calmness to a more feisty and angry rhetoric, he is usually shown as fun-going and light-hearted towards most, which gains him a lot of respect from others, resulting in him gaining a lot of friends and friendly acquaintances, to at point where he may be even referred to as one of the most respected individuals in the community, if not the most respected, from laughing to memes to going with the flow in debates through this light-hearted manner, he is proven to be a nice guy to have around

    however, as he is a mix between positive and negative energies, he can also be incredibly feisty and fierce, towards his enemies, whilst he does indeed follow a conduct and code of dignity, he will not hesitate to become nigh merciless towards those he hates, most especially the status quo, and he will gleefully execute them with pleasure with varying methods of execution, one such is the Yugoslav fashion of death pits, but another more recent method is the utilization of wave motion guns to incinerate and atomize said enemies, this menacing side of personality is often found most prominent during times he is especially at a huge distress, often caused by very undignified acts of individuals or by the continuous destruction done by the elites, giving him a fearful and dangerous reputation that one must account for should one be a foe

    despite having a very tough exterior at times, he can also be incredibly kind and warmhearted, in addition to following a code of dignity of his own, generally does this warmhearted character show up under times of reconciliation, kinder and modest discussions, or wholesomeness towards his several comrades, displaying a modest, compassionate, dignified, and tender personality in times like these, this more wholesome and calm side seems to be more significant as of recently as after months of hatred, arrogance, madness, and selfishness in his past experiences, enduring so many bad experiences, finally does he drops much of those things to enjoy life more often added with a greater respect to his conduct of dignity, this newfound calmness also resulted in his consideration to adopt apoliticism more

    Answering Political/Quadrant Unity

    Throughout the very experiences he has gone on throughout a year, from his more moderate Admiralism Icon.png iteration to the present day, he has concluded that the entire concept of political/quadrant unity, and to an extent, ideological unity, is virtually a sham to him, not even left unity is favorable to his standards thanks to how it is infested with greedy opportunists, dogmatic ramblers, and naive cowards, in which any of these character examples are found on(but are not limited to) Bolsheviks, Reformists, baizuos, Dengists, Hardliners, Ultras, and Trots, all of which he very often distrusts, and it isn't just left unity he is dissatisfied with, he shames on Auth Unity for being a union of unlawful bureaucrats, fascistic maniacs, reactionary preachers, and narcissistic imperialists, dislikes Libunity for it's frequently erratic hatred for any form of an adequate state, and the lack of morals for several of those within it, not to mention his refusal to adhere to anarchism, and there wouldn't be a need to explain his sheer hatred for right unity, instead preferring to be in unison with his own convictions and a few comrades he sees as genuine by his standards, he won't make the mistake of drawing the line of a genuine comrade through ideology alone however.

    How to draw


    Mega Yes.png Very Positive

    • Guildsoc.png Guild Socialism - This is the essence of economic democracy, the essence that shall serve the common good and workingmen alike to achieve a harmonious and prosperous society, and this shall be through the guild in being.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Courage and Valor under the banner of liberation shall be brought forth by socialism and nationalism, not just for a single nation, but for the greater good of all peoples.

    Yes.png Positive

    • Apolit.png Apoliticism - Pass me a burger, it can be quite rough when going in the toxic and chaotic realm of politics, so I really need some good old apoliticism to prevent me from eroding mentally in that hell.

    Kinda Yes.png Positive Leaning

    • Social corpratism.png Social Corporatism - Alright in mechanism, good as a blueprint, great as a starting point, and never good for anything beyond those things however.

    Meh.png Neutral

    • Marx.png Marxism - Very Contributive to the science of politics are your studies of class struggle, the goals to your ideals nevertheless remain a far-flung thought.
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - Honestly, you had a lot of potential to be the pride of the left and bring glorious revolutionary might with your support for other anti-imperialist movements in nations like China, but the eccentricism and bureaucracy you have brought have ultimately made your beloved bolshevik movement a vain afterthought of counter-revolution in the end.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - I hate to break it to you, but this whole trade union thing is just too soft and divisive for the workingmen, hell, it's even becoming a roadblock to socialism.

    Kinda No.png Negative Leaning

    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - A broken, tradition loving and intervention hating clock may be right twice a day, but with such reactionary-sympathizing and capitalistic tendencies, it's still a fact that the same clock will be wrong on every other occasion that day.

    No.png Negative

    • LeftCom.png Left-Communism - Ah yes, socialism is when you rant about your extreme political arrogance in an armchair while doing literally nothing to help the workingmen.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - See, your cult of state-worship is one of the many reasons why left-unity became a sham, you may have indeed proven yourselves to develop backward nations into a higher stage, but it's best for me to not stagnate in the long term, so I'd rather follow my own convictions than your bureaucratic dogma.
    • Mao.png Maoism - The Maoist ideology and it's "great cultural proletarian revolutionary" pillars has never been a boon to the name of the left at all, for it was neither great, nor cultural, nor revolutionary, and in particular not the slightest bit proletarian, and instead was the culmination of totalitarian, fanatical, and ideological cultism for the vast majority of it's adherents.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Naive and foolish at best, Treacherous and Opportunistic at worst, even in the days when you were genuinely socialist, your reformist antics were doomed to the point of becoming a defining feature of the elitist and imperialist system itself.
    • Reform.png Reformism - You are a lost cause, face it, change will ultimately be in vain should it be done through the cooperation with the elitist system, for the system will do anything to maintain it's very throne and will commit to anything that will reverse any meaningful change to dethrone it.
    • Rpop.png Right-Wing Populism - One of my favorite circus shows to mock at is the concept of bourgeois capitalist "populism", now keep pumping out your jokes that come from your "anti-establishment foundry".
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - Will you at least think for two seconds and understand why internet Baizuos are the least of any concerns compared to crony politicians, unlawful bureaucrats, soulless imperialists, and power-hungry plutocrats?

    Mega No.png Very Negative

    • Cap.png Capitalism - Oppressive, meager, or whatever you're called, always were you like the money-worshipping scumbag to the common good, to best rid your consequences and tumors you have done to society, it's a must that you should be toppled over, scorched in hellfire, and reduced to the dust, where you will fade away into obscurity and oblivion forevermore.
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy and Plutocrat.png Plutocracy - Your assets? Seized. Your despotic rule of finance capital? toppled. Your proxy puppets and politicians? Liquidated. And your very rights to exist? Forfeited and Wave Motion Gunned to oblivion
    • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - Revolution is good, Progress is good, but you bring neither and instead drive society into destruction, no matter how many times people debate whether you're woke or not.
    • React.png Reactionarism - Me? The degenerate? look up the meaning of that word and you'll clearly see who's the real degenerate, you.
    • SJW.png SJW, Altr.png Alt-Right, and Rwsjw.png Right-Wing SJW - idpol was a mistake and so are your brain-rotting agendas, you're clearly a mere speck compared to the dangers of the capitalists, but if you ever stand in my way, I will not hesitate to vaporize all of you in your attempts to stop me
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Everything that is very much wrong with the world today can be thanks to you, your mass-privatization, your neo-colonial and neo-imperialist ambitions, your deplorable individualist elitism, and the many degenerate products and manufactured consent meant to serve you, made through capitalist exploitation and lies, you make the poor stay poor, and trick society into thinking it is at it's peak, when in reality it's not, may you be atomized to oblivion and descend into hell, for eternity.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - May the self-centered and narcissistic of atlanticists like you burn in the deepest pits of hell, knowing that you will be drowning in the agony of the victims you have brought into pain and despair, to conclude the crimes of maintaining imperialist hegemony, constantly intervening in foreign affairs unnecessarily, spreading the corporate degeneracy of "free"-market capitalism, and installing and backing the most corrupt, tyrannical, and self-serving despots, the only purpose you have is absolutely zero, your life is nothing, your very existence brings suffering, your assets are an omen of hell, and your intentions are the peak of sinfulness, YOU SHOULD KILL YOURSELF NOW.

    Mega Yes.png Very Positive

    Yes.png Positive

    Kinda Yes.png Positive Leaning

    Meh.png Neutral

    Kinda No.png Negative Leaning

    No.png Negative

    Mega No.png Very Negative

    Mega Yes.png Very Positive

    Yes.png Positive

    Kinda Yes.png Positive Leaning

    Meh.png Neutral

    • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism - America is diseased, rotten to the core, but it was never the nation and it's people that are to blame, for the politicians and elites are at fault, so we must pull it out by the roots, wipe the slate clean, burn it down, and from the ashes a new America will be reborn.

    Kinda No.png Negative Leaning

    No.png Negative

    Mega No.png Very Negative

    Gigachad.png H(Gigachad)

    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism(Codename: The perfect Kagemusha of basedness) - America shall know the legend of your ideals of justice and egalitarians, for you are the revolutionary storm that is approaching.
    • Chirotesla (new).png (Codename: Sukarno rose up from the dead) - If there is anyone that Sukarno will be easily most proud of for Indonesia, it's you, my fellow Asian Democratic Socialist Nationalist.

    Mega Yes.png S(The Basedness is real)

    • Uzar icon bigger.png Uzarashvilism(Codename: Jorjian Ultranationalism with liberal socialist characteristics) -
    • Blink.gif(Codename: The Ultra-rare Polish Soviet Nostalgic) -
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup(Codename: Flowers, Tea, and a whole lot of Ralph Nader praise) -

    Yes.png A(Hey, that's really good)

    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism(Codename: If Hoxha was a liberal) - Probably the only good radlib ever, since you actually are a true radical, not a status-quo loving shit, even if you are a bit too liberal.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism -
    • TAM icon.png Third Aquarian Model(Codename: A Baizuo in resemblance, but a really good one too[5]) - You are a baizuo, but you are a good one, hell, the only thing that holds you back is being baizuo itself, and compared to others, you're conscious, rather aware of what is needed to be eliminated, what is needed to be done in these times, and what must be achieved for the better, even if the minor lines of our rhetorics will skirmish.
    • EvolvingSoc.png Evolutionary Socialism(Codename: Ho Chi Minh, I have reformed Vietnam through liberalism with your repertoire, are you proud of me?) -

    Kinda Yes.png B(Overall solid, just flawed as well)

    Meh.png C(A mixed bag of sus and not sus shit)

    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png(Codename: Chiang Kai-Shek woken up in a modern world and reincarnated into a social democrat) -
    • Beryism.gif Beryism(Codename: I fucking hate East Germany-ism with a side of anti-colonial nationalism) -
    • Tomjazz.png Tomjazzism(Codename: Vaush's number 1 simp) - Not as bad as I initially thought, guess I could support a libmarketsoc against the multitude of today's opportunistic bureaus, but your berating me of a "tankie enlightened centrism" is a weak-minded representation of your dwelling into pro-establishment Vaushite politics, and the more you continue into that dwelling, the more I want to even reconsider any hopes of friendly terms.
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism(Codename: What The Marxist Dog-Thing doin?) -

    Kinda No.png D(DON'T LIE TO ME WALT, you sussy baka)

    • GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought(Codename: Shrek, the 6th head of Marxism-Leninism) - You see, Stalin was a sussy baka, Hoxha was a sussy baka, "this whole Immortal Science" is sus as shit, good takes may you occasionally utter, but don't lie to me, you're an imposter.
    • NekoqingBolsh.png Nekoqingist Bolshevism(Codename: The Liyue Qixing: Leninist Edition) - Good that you finally accepted the fact that China is fucked up, Bolshevism is a really dark path to head forward however, and it's just going to get worse if you continue down that path.
    • MATTball.png Mattism(Codename: BERNHE's worst nightmare) -

    No.png E(Sorry, you ain't worth shit)

    • NeoArctoismIcon.png Neo-Arctoism(Codename: That one autist who can't stop uttering woke) - Let's be real here, everyone will make fun of your "anti-woke" obsession, yes, even fascists and reactionaries, and to a lesser extent, standard conservatives and traditionalists, hell, your obsession with woke is so bad it's makes it clear you're closer to it than some of those whom you accuse as "woke", also doesn't help how the rest of you policies outside culture end up being rather capitalistic, despite your claims of "radical centrism", a lesson for all kids to learn is that this is why Jordan Peterson is bad for your brain.
    • NguyenreichismIcon.png NguyenReich(Codename: I think Marx would like r/antiwork but unironically) - What kind of terminally online degenerate would ever focus so much energy on hating me for the shittiest of reasons and never let go of it? is it because you hold jealousy against me because you can't comprehend how my ideals will always be an offense over your illiterate and out-of-context-based dogma? is this the way you project your insecurities? how pathetic, is that how you want to be remembered? but regardless, I'll allow you to focus more and more energy on hating me so you can prove yourself to be the fool that you are, that's all I'm going to say, keep coping.

    Mega No.png F(You have the dishonorable judgement of getting Wave Motion Gunned)

    • (Codename: The Apex of Hobbes' degenerate reactionary politics) - If a filthy imperialistic, atheistic, and idpol-loving novelist doubling as a reactionary in denial of the church of "reason" wasn't bad enough, imagine that person was also a damned neoliberal, and that is the scum that is Quark, there is virtually nothing that is fundamentally redeeming of you, and the only thing you will ever progress to is a combination of what the B&L Axiom and the Brave new world have to offer, a truly nightmarish, totalitarian, and inhumane society of pleasure, where we no longer live and die as humanity hides under the false image of "survival".

    Mega Yes.png Very Positive

    Yes.png Positive

    Kinda Yes.png Positive Leaning

    Meh.png Neutral

    Kinda No.png Negative Leaning

    No.png Negative

    Mega No.png Very Negative


    Mega Yes.png Very Positive

    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - An economy should be made by the common good and be for the common good, and a cooperative-based democratic economy is the way to go, you could be more leaning towards a mixed market however.
    • Distributist.png Distributism - There's a reason why despite my socialistic aura, I'm not a full on socialist, with your decentral economics, democratic economic structure, and good utilization of private property, you pair up very well with market socialism.
    • Socgeo.png Social Georgism - Social ownership of the means of production + LVT is the perfect nightmare to scare capitalist landlords to death, also Sun Yat-sen and Jeremy Corbyn are based as hell.
    • Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism - An economy based on serving the people and community is needed to bring the true spirit of populism to awaken, and with a populist spirit, a driver for change can exist after all.
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism - One of the only sane cultural ideologies, maybe even the only one that reaches true basedness, an emphasis towards a balance of tradition and progress is needed for society to remain prosperous
    • Envi.png Environmentalism - An Earth without a clean and healthy environment is an Earth ravaged of it's qualities that provided us the right to live our lives under quality elements, therefore it is a duty that the environment and Terra's many ecosystems must be protected.
      • Ecosoc.png Eco-Socialism - Total support for the destruction of the elitist status quo in the name to save the environment through socialist methodology under green cooperatives and an environmental new deal is where I'm at.
      • Ectrans.png Technogaianism - No one with a sane mind said that you cannot support technological advancement and environmental ideals at the same time, hell, supporting technology may be even key for saving the environment.
      • Econat.png Eco-Nationalism - Those who reject the necessity to take care and preserve the nation's ecosystems that have helped it maintain it's healthy qualities for society and/or even promote it's destruction are national traitors in the end.
    • Fed.png Federalism - Why yes I want a cohesive yet decentralized governmental system where regions and their people are best represented through it, how can you tell?


    • Sankara.png Sankarism -
      > Be Thomas Sankara
      >Rename country translated to "land of the incorruptible men"
      >Plant millions of trees to counter desertification
      >Initiate a nationwide literacy campaign
      >develop and build a fuck ton of infrastructure including railways, schools, water reservoirs, and health centers
      >redistribute land and suspend rural poll taxes
      >abolish female genital mutilation, polygamy, and forced marriages
      >reject IMF "aid" and accept other sources of anti-imperialist support
      >Piss off the Frenchoid imperialists so hard that they kill me for being too based
    • Long.png Longism - Huey Long Dong was the man America needed the most, with populist leadership, leftist economics, and center-oriented culture stances, who helped thwart the KKK and develop Louisiana, even with the corrrupt bs you did, you were not deserving to die, and sadly, you did die before your dream could be realized.
    • MLK.png MLKism - Truly a pioneer of solidarity and justice, both in the social sense and economic sense, one who understood that society must not be held by the boundaries of racial idpol, and one who emphasized that it is not only blacks who are in the struggle to attain equality, not whites, not yellows or whatever idpol bullshit there is, but the masses(especially the lower classes) as a whole.

    Yes.png Positive

    • Soc.png Socialism - A great system that helps achieve an economy be based on the common good and be for the common good, which convinces me you're the next stage of humanity's development, state socialism is pretty cringe however, and so are your more economically extreme forms
      • Demsocstar.png Democratic Socialism - May be too reformist at times, but nevertheless, democracy is a complement for socialism to serve the common good.
      • Relsoc.png Religious Socialism - Secular rhetoric is a better choice when compared to a religious leaning one, but unlike other religious ideologies who embrace capitalist/reactionary bs, you utilize religion's best to help the common good, which easily makes you the best religious ideology.
        • Christsoc.png Christian Socialism - FINALLY, ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THAT CHRIST WAS NOT A GREEDY CAPITALIST MEANT TO BE USED AS A TOOL FOR ELITIST REACTION, I'm sorry but Sun Yat-sen, MLK jr, and several Latin American socialist figures like Evo Morales are BASED.
        • Islamic Socialism.png Islamic Socialism - Christian Socialism but Muslim, it is Allah's will that one must serve the people's livelihoods and topple down the capitalist sins.
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism - Capitalism is an exploitative and outdated system easily powercrept by more superior ones like distributism and market socialism and thus must be phased out to obscurity.
    • Anti-antirevision.png Anti-Anti-Revisionism - It's clear that I've been getting more opposed to the current dogmatic trend followed by the radical echelons of Marxist-Leninists, especially when considering the irony that they claim their marxist analysis is a science yet have an increasingly idealist philosophy that rejects many factors on why their ideals have failed, though I won't side with every "revisionist", social imperialists especially.
    • Nation.png Nationalism - Arguably among the best ideologies of all time since your inception, time and time again, despite how your extreme and identitarian forms often ruin both of your reputations, you both stand the test of time willing to create a greater sense of community for many peoples around the world.
      • Modnat.png Patriotism - Might as well be a bit moderate but still based nonetheless, and it's a good thing you're a natural entity in societies as it gives the people a sense of community through shared love of the nation, not to mention you can work well with apolitical goals.
      • Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - I dream of a time where a nation is defined not by the boundaries of identity politics, but by the content of the people's shared patriotism and loyalty.
      • Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalism - To accept other cultures is not a bad idea so long as this is done in moderation, because it is still a necessity that the national culture(s) should be protected to preserve the nation's spirit, however, a few of you are cultural imperialists at times 💀.
    • GRights.png Gun Rights Advocacy - A degree of control is at least needed to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands, but that doesn't mean the rights to bear arms should be abolished and scorned, after all, when the masses are readily armed, the bourgeoise shall be deservingly harmed.
    • Honk.png Satirism - SEIZE THE MEMES OF PRODUCTION.


    • Afrsoc.png African Socialism - I might be doubtful about how many of you embrace bureaucratic authoritarian socialism, but it was based of you that you liberated Africa against the colonial oppressors and how you improved the socioeconomic conditions of African nations.
    • Absoc.png Arab Socialism - Same as the above, cool it with the state socialism though but otherwise, good job for resisting the atlanticists and zionists.
    • Hochi.png Ho Chi Minh Thought - The trees speak Vietnamese, and they say that Atlanticists must get the fuck out of Vietnam and let the Vietnamese nation liberate itself from imperialist shackles, and I take these words kindly on my uncritical support, even if I might as well dislike the suppression of Montnagard natives, Long live Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh.

    Kinda Yes.png Positive leaning

    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - Quite the solid ideology for me when I'm in a pinch, but whenever I'm not, I might say otherwise, but still pretty solid nonetheless.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - The non-commodified family unit, sense of community, and beneficial traditions in society can complement socialism in the ascending spiral of humanity's development, however, you should be focus more on socialism and less on culture, also cool it with the tankie apologism.
    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - You actually have a lot of good traits worth going for, free speech, decentral economics, popular assemblies, and rejection of over-bureaucratization are all based, a shame many of you subscribe to the intersectional side in the elitist-made culture war, also you're too civically libertarian.
      • Libms.png Libertarian Market Socialism - Libsoc but with even better economics, but you still retain much of the same flaws, also V*ush is cringe but G.D.H Cole is chad.
    • Partip.png Participism - An interesting concept worth investigating, especially on governmental views and to a lesser extent, decentral economics
    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - Despite being too moderate nowadays, your overall framework is still doable, but seriously, drop the cultural conservatism when dealing with underdeveloped areas.
    • Isolation.png Isolationism - What happens in other areas is not our business, we should deal with domestic matters first, not meddle in other areas like imperialist fucks, total isolation isn't so good though.
    • Marxfem.png Marxist Feminism - Socialist Feminism is the best feminism, some of you are too intersectional and radical, but nevertheless, it's true that women hold up one half of the sky and men hold up the other half.


    • Gaddafi.png Gaddafism - Despite having many bruh moments in supporting some awful groups abroad, you've developed Libya to new heights never seen before thanks to how you drastically improved it's material conditions, I also thank you for writing the Green Book as it has been a major influence in my political literacy, a shame those damned Neocucks murdered you, and a scalding hot take is that you're actually quite progressive in a relative sense.
    • Castro.png Castroism - For a long time I have held respect for Castro, even when it was at it's lowest when coming out from my Baizuo past, I still heralded you with honor, and honestly my respect for you has actually increased now that you think about it, even with your faults, especially with the excessive vanguardism(though thankfully you're starting to realize the potential of market socialism), I champion you for your genuine resistance against the Atlanticist empires and your major improvements to the healthcare sector, DOWN WITH AUTISTA.
    • Duterte.png Duterteism - You're actually alright for a Filipino politician compared to most others, since your economics are ok at least and that you tried to implement a federal system alongside doing a degree of environmental policies, in addition to distancing my nation from the US alongside committing to end the Moro conflict, however, like almost every other Filipino politician, you still have your own fair share of bullshit and corruption despite your anti-corrupt efforts, not to mention that you were too soft in dealing with the spratlys in addition to being a bit too authoritarian.

    Meh.png Neutral

    • Mutalist.png Mutualism - great economics, especially with your democratic banking, but it's a shame your anarchist tendencies hold you back too much in your potential.
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - Nice for preserving beneficial traditions and customs on societies that have reached a high point of development, but when it comes to underdeveloped areas, you're no good, and you're even worse on your stance towards phasing out detrimental customs that hinder humanity.
    • Prog.png Progressivism - Vice versa of Conservatism, a necessity for underdeveloped societies plagued with detrimental pillars of reaction, though on the case where those negative traditions and customs have been phased out, you don't seem to have a good niche to carve, and it doesn't help how you lack any foresight on how some traditions and values are worth preserving to help society.
    • Gay.png LGBTism - Oh you want your rights? Then shut up and never talk about it at all, the only LGBT I support is Let's Grill Borgars Tonight.
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - probably the only LGBT ideology I would actually support, anti-idpol LGBT individuals who actually want to live their lives at peace are based, so why aren't you higher? easy, YOU'RE INFESTED WITH A FUCK TON OF N*OCONS.
    • Lgbtphobeicon.png LGBTphobia - Cool it with your obsession over hating LGBT individuals for the basis of identity, you know it's not going to stop pride culture and gender/sexuality flamboyance, in fact, it would only further it.
    • Anticom.png Anti-Communism - As much as I agree Communism is virtually impossible, I absolutely deplore how you endorse so many filthy capitalists, reactionaries, imperialists, and fascist bandits.
    • Ecocap.png Eco-Capitalism - Sure the free market may be of some help to save the environment, but to use an economic system that prioritizes profits above all else is not feasible at all.
    • Aneco.png Anarcho-Environmentalism - Decentralized communities helping to preserve the environment is hella based but Anarchism? no way will it be based.
    • Keynes.png Keynesianism - While your economics make up for a good framework as well as being a good economist for your time, capitalism is still an outdated system whether it would be in tandem with regulations and welfare or not.


    • Native.png Indigenism - When it comes to improving the socioeconomic conditions and lives of the natives, it is a necessity to recognize their need to be helped, as they are amongst a civilization that have helped made their contributions to other civilizations in the ascending spiral of humanity's improvement, it should be also noted that they are indeed a people of their own and thus must be granted a degree of autonomy as a co-existing plurinational identity in the nation, but to go as far as complete separation won't do good, as it disregards factors which make a proposal so unrealistic, and such a proposal is so unrealistic it causes consequences that will result in the lives of the many in an area, which include the indigenous, being hurt and degraded should it ever happen.
    • Tito.png Titoism - It was most impressive of you to hold Yugoslavia together against the fascist imperialist bandits as well as the many ethnonationalists who are daring to destroy Yugoslavia, even more so is how you are one who befriends the third world and reject either imperialist blocs, not to mention how you (kind of) pragmatically adopt a market socialist system to help Yugoslavia, although your overall brutality has made you less impressive as well as your meddling in cooperatives, which have been responsible for higher unemployment, but what really let me down was that you FUCKING TRIED TO IMPERIALIZE BULGARIA AND ALBANIA, even if I'm not fond of Hoxha, it wasn't necessary to do this bullshit just to enlargen Yugoslavia.

    Kinda No.png Negative leaning

    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - Even as I agree that a degree of civil liberties will be a necessity for the people and that abusive bureaucrats that serve only themselves should be ousted, I hate how childish your rhetoric is, like why the hell would a democratically elected warmonger imperialist be better than a dictator that prefers to keep everything to himself and leave others alone? also I absolutely hate how many of you endorse atlanticism, which funnily enough, is very ironic of you to side with a bloc responsible for promoting capitalist bureaucrats who don't give a shit about the people.
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism - Just admit it, a "socialist" bureaucracy of stagnation and hierarchy is nearly no different from the typical capitalist bureaucracy.
    • Councom.png Council Communism - Somewhat resembles some parts of the system I want in my ends, which sounds nice, but you're still shit because you're another dogmatic ultroid.
    • SocCap.png Social Capitalism - Socdem but more honest about the capitalism part, especially on how you tolerate ultra-wealthy elitist billionaires because you think some of them are "fair game", well what if I told you that no billionaire has been ever fair game.
    • EvolvedPSP.png Evoluder Lelouchism EvolvedPSP2.png - My pseudo-fascist self, I can't believe I nearly fell to fucking fascist propaganda, and it's made even worse on how I still was a succdem in economics and government, lacking the guts to go all in on revolution, note to self: never EVER throw away your socialist pride in favor of idpol no matter what.


    • Hoxha.png Hoxhaism - Better when compared to other hardliner state socialists in a relative manner, as you helped Albania resist imperialism and develop it's material conditions, but just like Stalin, your vanguard resulted into a nightmarish bureaucratic cult of paranoia that took Albanian isolation to the extreme, which traumatized Albania in the long run under corrupt scars, also ironic how you like Stalin yet he abandoned his anti-religious policies later on whilst you didn't.

    No.png Negative

    • Lib.png Liberalism - No, you are not the face of progress, you are a facade of it, what you really are is a mock to the very definition to the name of progress, and you taint it with your culturally left idpol and your sympathies towards the system, you do not bring equality, for you merely are a capitalist, you do not bring democracy, for you support an individualist system of representatives that is oligarchy in practice, like the rest of the capitalists, antiquated and hierarchical ideologies like you should be torn down to make way of a better time under which true socioeconomic egalitarianism is achieved, you will never be a true leftist, you will never be a true egalitarian, YOU WILL NEVER BRING ANY REAL PROGRESS.
    • Lolbert.png Libertarianism - Gun rights and free speech are based, and that's just it, UNFORTUNATELY, your extreme civic libertarianism and capitalistic economics has made you a rather undesirable prick with your inability to realize your glaring flaws that will hinder your real life performance, thus, unceremoniously, you're overall viability is to be ranked untiered
      • Austrobert.png Austrolibertarianism - State socialists when they're in an economic retardation contest and their opponent is the Austrian School of Economics: 💀
    • Antisoc.png Anti-Socialism - What if Anti-Communism was even GAYER? oh wait nvm we already have you, and you're already shit because you retain all of the goddamn imperialist, fascist, capitalist, and reactionary idiots regular anti-communism has, socialism may have it's flaws, but it's the next step of humanity's development, cope.
    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - No matter how many human faces you implement within the system, capitalism will always be rotten in the end, whatever achievements FDR has done were put to shame by your pro-system nature, especially in the present days of neoliberal hegemony

      And no, I will not vote Leni Robredo at all.
    • MLM.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Hard to swallow pill for you: You are not doing a people's war, you have no legitimate support from the people at all, what you really do is just form a terroristic cult of ideological fanatics that rebel under "the name of liberation" as a guise for you to cover your vile crimes, which only serves to legitimize the capitalists and imperialists you claim to fight against, Looking at you Sison and Gonzalo.
    • IMMORTALSCIENCEOFMARXISMLENINISM.png Hardliner Vanguardism - the hell is your immortal science? a dogmatic ideological cult? based on extreme historical revisionism to suit your own narratives, why call everyone that is not you a capitalist when your nightmarish bureaucracy under the mask of what you call as a people's democracy is far closer to capitalist bureaucracy than it is to my system, do you think that the winds will sweep away what you claim as the garbage of slander that occupies the black taint of your totalitarian echo-chamber? it will not, you exemplify why the ideals of Marxism-Leninism have been a failure in the end, and you will only continue rotting as you refuse to accept your glaring flaws, regardless of how many good takes you occasionally spew.
    • Parti.png Particracy - The excessive dependency to political parties as a means of leadership have very much resulted in many failures, both the US and USSR are perfect examples of those failures, as both of their revolutions that have resulted in their births were completely undone through their slip to corruption.
    • Radfem.png Radical Feminism - Feminism, IS NOT ABOUT FEMALE SUPREMACY, now go outside and rethink your philosophy you feminazi idpoltard.
    • Mansphere.png Manosphere - As much as I sympathize on you for your tragic backgrounds, why should I support an ideology based on whining just because you hate women for having none of their respect?
    • Irridentism.png Irredentism - The nation's top priority is to take care of it's citizens that have sustained it, not to obsess and whine over the matter of gaining more territory like an imperialist bitch.
    • Ultranat.png Ultranationalism - What's the damn point of nationalism when you're so damn insane you use hatred to liquidate even other nationalists and drive the nation to a psychotic and imperialistic state of agony.
    • Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism - Idiot, there isn't anything that is fundamentally beneficial in forcing societies of all ethnicities and cultures to be homogenous, for the attempt to attain purity of identity is an impossibility as humans won't prioritize the purity of identity in their quest to develop society, for this path to achieve this sort of "purity" will only result in a chaotic spiral of segregation and division.
    • Postconan.png Post-Colonial Anarchism - If there's one ideology that would put the great name of anti-colonial sentiment to shame, it's you, whatever you are, it's ironic how you claim to be "consciously" anti-racist when you propose solutions that are composed of an indigenous-centric ideal, which is contradictory and utopian, and those indigenous-centric minded ideals would only serve to harm rather than to help society through the scope of a chaotic rupture of balkanization, and that includes the native you claim to help, and this is all thanks to the identity politics you embrace, nations can fucking progress, but you disregard this reality and think such is impossible for nations cursed with imperial politics, just face it, you're ethnopluralism under a different style, and don't make me categorize you with the damned colonialists you hate, lest you go to the pits, at least you hate Gl*balism.


    • Trump.png Trumpism - "HahA drUMpf FaSh biGOt bAd orAng men kring he dA himTler" FOR FUCKS SAKE I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS IMPROPER CRITICISM BY LIBTARDS, because, he is not fucking hitler, he is not a fucking fascist, nor he is a fucking racist, he is far from those things because he's actually a cucked capitalist bourgeois libtard who simps for the rich and continues American imperialism, although it was good that you wanted American troops to leave unnecessary foreign conflicts in places like Syria and that you helped cool down the situation in Korea, still pretty cringy nonetheless.
    • Khrusch.png Khrushchevism - Destalinization may have been a good thing as well as your technological development, but you were a filthy social imperialist who suppressed the Hungarian revolt, Controlled the Warsaw pact like a filthy hegemon, escalated tensions to the point of near extinction, reinstated anti-religious laws, banned worker cooperatives, and continued the excessive bureaucratic corruption that plagued the Soviet Union.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Preferable to Trotsky for obvious reasons and a fierce fighter against the black shadow of fascism, who also helped rapidly industrialized much of the Soviet Union alongside bringing a surprisingly based pool of social policies for the USSR, so many good qualities in the fray, yet why are you here, simple, your regime is a nightmarish hyper-bureaucratic state that governed the lives of tens of millions in fear under a constant state of unnecessary paranoia and terror which has resulted in the millions of deaths, not to mention you also committed social imperialism by conceiving a soviet sphere of hegemony in Eastern Europe after ww2, no matter how understandable the reasons are.
    • Ilminism.png Ilminism and Juche.png Juche - In NO WAY I'll be supporting either of my fatherland's degraded puppet forms, one is a pro-atlanticist capitalist hellhole that gave rise to Chaebols responsible for South Korea still having hellish problems despite the seemingly timely end of it's dictatorial tenure, and another one is a state socialist hellhole where the Dictator is worshipped as some sort of religious figure, overly dependent on 2nd world imperialist aid, made even worse by it's over the top hyper-isolation(though still better than being interventionist)
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Despite China not being the worst of the major powers, being generally overexaggerated as a threat itself, that doesn't mean your fair share of bullshit will be excused, even as much as you uplifted the PRC out of Mao's chaotic and kakistocratic nightmare state in addition to making note-worthy achievements, it came at a cost, and that cost was China embracing a state capitalist bureaucracy that betrayed the workingmen it once promised to uplift, speaking of bureaucracy, you're too authoritarian in your presence even despite how naturally authoritarian China is, so much to the point you do some sus stuff in your own nation and the special autonomous regions, not to mention that your land claims are GAY.
    • Marcos.png Marcosism - Cuckold capitalist puppet that was friendly with both the social imperialist and atlanticist states, who also continued the kleptocratic trend my country is cursed with, sure you may did do some economic development, but was that really worth it when millions are still impoverished? fighting the MLM terrorists was the one of the only good things you did, but the way you dealt with them was just so bad it's easily offset, so yeah, you suck, and even if you're among the less bad atlanticist dictators, that just still speaks to how awfully low such a bar is.

    Mega No.png Very Negative

    • Imp.png Imperialism - An evil most worthy to die in a pit, being responsible for ruining the lives of more than a hundred million people throughout the course of history, whether it be through the old days of colonialism to the new trend of neo-colonialism, you must go for good, and to the pits you should fucking go to.
      • Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - Will I ever spare you from the pits because of the achievements Kagame and LKY have done? no, they're just two people compared to a dozen more dipshits that demonstrate the nightmarish hell that is a stratified capitalist bureaucracy.
      • Moncap.png Monarcho-Capitalism - Maximizing elitism in both the economic and governmental aspects eh? praising absolutely deplorable figures like Leopold II eh? instantaneous death via the pits you go.
      • Fiscon.png Fiscal Conservatism - When the only thing "conservative" about you is conserving the rotten state of a plutocrat-ran economy, bitch you want to keep the economy afloat? then why don't you put your fucking austerity policies in the pit.
    • Obj.png Objectivism - Objectivism, more like objectively garbage and disprovable philosophy of degenerate greed that is easily pit-worthy for punishment, Stalin was wrong to kill millions of innocents, but you are one of the very exceptions that deserves to perish under him.
    • Feud.png Feudalism - Do I even need to explain how inefficient, unfair, and outdated you are, you're going to the pits and you will rot there.
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy and Plutocrat.png Plutocracy - Rich elitist scums like you who thread on the common good with your shameless pleasure made me realize I support a particular variant of LGBT, Let's Guillotine Billionaires Today, whilst I'm at it, me and my comrades will send your decapitated remains to the animals, and when the bones remain, they shall be thrown into the pits where your deserving end is nigh.
    • Bankocracy.png Bankocracy - The existence of usury and the presence of bank and credit monopolization was a mistake to begin with, you should've gone to the pits of death where you belong.
      • 3way.png Third-Way - You're literally both Neolib and Neocon but with welfare, in which you basically share all the bullshit qualities they have, SO YOU'RE GOING TO THE FUCKING PITS.
      • Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism - There is no liberty in needless intervention and imperialism, not even standard right-lolberts are this fucking bad, GO TO THE PITS NOW AND FUCK YOURSELF.
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - Permanent "Revolution" and it's consequences have been a disaster for humanity, as much as I hate Stalin, at least he wasn't a warmongering dickwaver like you, glad he ice-picked your red imperialist ass to death, speaking of which, you'll be both ice-picked and thrown into the pits since an imperialist like you is worthy of an untimely end
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - You're doomed, you just are, you won't be viable at all and you will never succeed, the ideals upheld by you are completely incompatible with human society ever since it's inception, and any moment you do attempt to demonstrate yourself to achieve desirable results, they're all thrown away and crumpled to dust, flowing in to the pits of failure as punishment for the resulting chaos and hell you cause, in short, YOU WILL NEVER BE BASED.
      • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU, A FUNCTIONING UTOPIA? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, of course you will be a functioning utopia, that is when I destroy your chaotic and LARPy capitalist society from within, throw you into the pits, and establish a democratic socialist revolutionary nation.
      • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - The epiphany of pure utopianism, I may prefer libsocs over tankies usually, but I WILL NEVER SIDE WITH A CHAOTIC ANARCHOID LIKE YOU, face it, Makhnovia wasn't going to last even without Trotsky's bs red imperialism, and you won't last either if you dare stand on my path, it's either you give up and rethink your ideals or you are sent to the pits.
    • React.png Reactionarism and Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - One claims to end societal degeneracy, the other claims to bring revolution and progress, but in the end, both of you fulfill the opposite of your respective promises like two sides of the same maniacal coin, fuck your culture war and get into the pits, NOW.
    • Libfem.png Liberal "Feminism" - Being a whore does not equate to gender equality, nor does sex work or the intersectional idpol you uphold, I would gladly resurrect Lenin to shoot you all and throw your corpses to the pits.
    • Christy.png Muslim 2.png JewTheo.png Theocracies Hind.png Bud.png Chine.png - I say to myself that religion is indeed a double-edged sword, and you all take the negatives of it to the worst they can get, you use religion as a tool to deny progress, maliciously manipulate our minds and thoughts, and justify the most horrendous of crimes all for the sake of selfish gains, if I was more religious, I can definitely assure you that your God(s) will send you to the pits of hell, for you have tainted religion through your sinful motives.
      • Neckbeard.png State Atheism - Don't tell me you're a fucking true man of secularism, you're just a neckbeard like always, preaching your dogma of so-called "rationality" when in reality, are merely baseless pillars of nothingness only formed through irrational conclusions during an incomplete experiment, the only things you really "contribute" to humanity are to scream like dogshit towards anything remotely spiritual and literally justify and commit the worst of terrorizing acts against society for that rhetoric, it's not the spiritual who deserve to go to the pits just for their "lack of reality", it's you, you're an irreparable failure and you always will be.
    • Racenat.png Racial Nationalism and Ethnonat.png Ethnonationalism - Don't call yourself a patriot when your definition of a patriot is based on one's skin color/ethnic makeup, and if you want to exclude fellow patriots just out of racial/ethnic chauvinism, then I'm excluding you as a patriot and therefore, include you to the list of those who must be killed in the pits.
    • Fash.png Fascism - Death to fascism, freedom for the people and the nation, with the people's marshal we shall send the fascist-imperialist bandits to the pits.
      • Nazi.png National Socialism - The logical conclusion of racialist chauvinism, and your results and effects are as horrible just like the tenants you uphold, so go die in the pits you damn fagscist-imperialist bandit.
      • Cfash.png Clerical Fascism - So what do you choose between re-enacting Barbara pit or being boiled alive as your untimely death awaits? if you choose neither, then a theocratic chauvinist fuckface like you will suffer the worst choice, being tortured in the pits of hell for eternity.
    • World.png Globalism - Whilst the concepts of families, tribes, and nations can allow many to co-exist, the concept of a globe requires that it and only it would remain as the current existing entity of humanity, therefore, you are an imperialist who seeks to destroy the many nations, tribes, and families that have been forged by humans to achieve successful communities that have helped define man on what it is, and scum like you belong to the pits.
      • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - Fuck yeah I want to throw both your one-world state antichrist ass and torn-up United Nations charter copies to the pits, and I have no regrets in doing so towards globalist imperialists like you, problem?
      • Anat.png Anationalism - I can't believe it, I found an ideology so goddamn idealistic and utopian that it basically destroys itself apart to the point the rubble goes to the pits by itself, guess I won't be needing to do the job of Yugoslav-fashioned execution, anarkiddie globetard.
      • Cosmo.png Cosmopolitanism - Yes indeed it is an agreement that internationalism is a force of good for humans, but that is when it's not used to erode national sovereignty and patriotism in favor of a global imperial entity that disregards the existence of nations, tribes, and families that have shaped the human being and it's values, you make it clear that you are yet another globalist imperialist who claims to respect humanity, yet wants to erode the patriotic values in each society present in man under the facade of a human face, you're not fooling my nation this time with your ulterior motives, now off to the pits you reactionary cosmopolitan.
    • AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism - So you want to destroy the environment and deny climate change? then let me and the comrades destroy your entire movement and deny you any right to live, OFF TO THE PITS.
    • ProtoAdmiral Icon.png Proto-Admiralism - Fuck you, fuck you for your illiteracy, fuck your redditor politics, fuck your 2nd world imperialism, fuck your red globalism, and fuck your intersectional wokeness, you represent my immaturity and regrets I disowned long ago, now go to the pits, fowl red fascist.


    • Zio.png Zionism - I was never against the concept of a Jewish Nation, I was against the concept of a Jewish Chauvinist Nation hellbent on committing exploitative acts against innocents, and yet you accuse me of Nazism despite the state of Israel's manipulative imperialism and crimes against humanity, how shameful you truly are.
    • Khom.png Khomeinism - When the atlanticists overthrew Mossadegh and cooperated with the Shah, nails on the Coffin were put into place where Iran will have it's spirit corrupted by imperialism, it was awful, Iran was subject to the tyranny of imperialist rule, the people's livelihoods were violated, but what did you do, oh I know, PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN AND HAVE IRAN'S NATIONHOOD FULLY STRIPPED AWAY, NOT ONLY DID YOU RAMP UP IRAN'S PROBLEMS EVEN MORE, YOU TURNED IT INTO AN IMPERIALIST POWER OF IT'S OWN HELLBENT ON SPREADING REACTIONARY RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST "REVOLUTIONS" THAT HAVE TERRORIZED THE MIDDLE EAST, FUCK YOU.
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - You really did make it clear that you're so utterly deplorable even the nazis are scared of you, marking yourself as arguably one of the most vile imperialists in all of history, with the Britannian Imperial state being only on par, hell, you might as well be even worse than them, hundreds of millions under your conquest were raped, plundered, ravaged, and murdered, whether it be through firing anything that moves even the slightest to using the conquered as target practice, maybe it was right that a third or even a fourth nuke should've been dropped upon imperial Japan, because what's worse is that your remnants teamed up with those atlanticist barbarians to continue the fowl legacy of imperialism, TO HELL WITH THE RISING FASCIST SUN.
    • Reagan.png Reaganism - A madman, a tyrant, a degenerate, and a hypocrite, both home and abroad, in many ways beyond just one, ranging from the absolutely dogshit trickle-down neoliberal economics that fucked over millions of lives both in America and the rest of the world, to the barbaric hawkish stance in foreign policy, backing the most horrific dictators and ruinous dictatorial elite capitalist regimes that commit the most despicable of crimes in the third world, with your dipshit policies further piled up by your double standards towards degeneracy and your opposition towards guns, having prostitutes for your own pleasure for the former and signing the Californian gun bills for the latter, it's mighty clear that you are one of(if not) the worst American figures in all of the nation's history, and arguably, one of the most despicable figures of all time.
    • DemocratF.png Democratism and USAGOP.png American Republicanism - If I took a sip every time both Democrats and Republicans take turns on fucking over the people, committing lobbyist bullshit, heightening the bourgeois culture war, and ravaging the third world, then I'd die of liquor intoxication

    Note: this is entirely based off the ideology itself, not the person itself, also, the assessment of self-inserts will be underway, also, those assessments are quite long, so there will be an option to show them or not to make this section less cramped.

    I might also do a revamp on the scoring system sometime soon


    Considered the allies of Darknightist ideals, ranging from having nearly zero deviances to being outright kagemushas(virtually identical).

    • Chirotesla (new).png (100/100) - Conclusion: Chad Indonesian transhumanist counterpart
    • Blink.gif(95/100) - Conclusion: based polish authleft version of me, wait, what's with the femboy clothing?
    • EvolvingSoc.png Evolutionary Socialism(88/100) - Conclusion: Further deviant than I thought, but still great regardless.
    • Uzarashvilism.pngUzarashvilism(86/100) - Conclusion: nice Georgian leftist comrade although too liberal and not strong enough.

    Positive leaning(66-85)

    The lesser allies, whilst those self-inserts are in a range of majority agreement, there are some noticable flaws that prevent them from being truly based

    • PATS.png Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics(84/100) -
      To start things of, although too centralized and dirigisme for my tastes, your economics seem to be near-identical in structure, sharing both the need to emphasize worker-owned means of control, class horizontality and solidarity against the elite classes, progressive taxation, publicization of essential services including land, and a policy of fair trade, which also acknowledge the realities and material conditions of society when taking efficiency into account in order to ensure those goals can be reached, a good start from what it seems.

      But when I viewed how you dealt with civics, state, and government, I am generally less impressed, arguably one of my main critiques of your ideology is your tendency to be too authoritarian and vanguardist, even as you allow a degree of direct democracy, which is based, and how some areas like China are still in need of a degree of strong state rule, the people need a sufficient and equal amount of power as to ensure corrupt bureaucracy doesn't take hold, although you and I do accept the necessity of paternalism, I will admit you at least try to take measures to solve any shortcomings like party discipline, but that might as well run the risk of an ideological cult forming, the jail system from what I can conclude is impressionable enough however.

      My view from a lack of impression to a significance of beholding comes when viewing the societal views, whilst overall "conservative" leaning(at least in the sense of modern illiterate politics), we're virtually the same in regards to the need to balance tradition and progress as well as our need to address the material conditions when applying societal/cultural policies, and it seems our degree of paternalism also extends to that section as well, addressing the dangers of idpol is also a huge win, alongside our shared enthusiasm for technological advancement and environmental protection.

      The continuation of my overall marvel towards your basedness extends in the regards to the matters of diplomatic politics, I am in total agreement in the necessity of socialist patriotic nationalism that extends beyond the scope of identity, furthermore backed on by your anti-imperialst and non-intervening foreign policies, for the nation's priority is to take care of it's people, although even as my respect continues in your geopolitics, as we're both allies of anti-imperialist rhetoric as well as being generally supportive of the third world, you end up being a bit too 2nd-worldist which takes me a step back, I also find it(though thankfully not to the point of supporting 2nd-world imperialism), for example: I find it quite irrational that the PRC should take back Taiwan due to the many factors that would result in a lot of negatives(especially with the risk of a bloody rebellion occuring post-invasion), on the flip side though, I don't think Taiwan should reclaim the mainland.

      one more note is that I find your 8 honors and 8 shames to be quite impressive in tandem to your values of community and family.

      Conclusion: Basically me but radical with Yi Lan Ma characteristics
    • TorchSoc.png Torch Socialism(79/100) - Conclusion: Dengist Demsoc, Bottom text
    • TonyNew.png South Floridan Socialism(77/100) - Conclusion: great that you took the true redpill, but you aren't the best.
    • XT.png XarTario Thought(76/100) - Conclusion: Actually quite decent, but doesn't reach out to full basedness.


    A mixed bunch of self-inserts under which they all have notoriously great ideals and notoriously bad ones too, whether it be leaning negatively or positively, the overall consensus is a neutral opinion.

    • Syntridem.png Syncretic Tridemism(57/100) - Conclusion: Much better than the Celfloskism.png other guy, but you still got a long way to go before you reach true basedness
    • GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought(55/100) - Conclusion: The S in Stalin stands for Sussy Baka.
    • Beryism.gif Beryism(49/100) -
      I wouldn't find it surprising when you know I'm going to say that your economics suck, it's just typical of a right-lolbert to have rather disappointing economics, free-market liberal capitalism isn't really cool, and it doesn't achieve a true economic democracy due to a lack of adequate strength of the state to prevent the dangers of destructive monopolies and oligopolies, and your fiscally conservative policies, whilst I do understand the concerns for leeching, isn't feasible either, although I like how you want universal healthcare, Land Value Tax, and public education, in addition to utilizing environmental measures and acknowledging any shortcomings in your system that could ruin it, I also don't see much good in a lack of tariffs in trade, economic sovereignty is also a must have for a nation's economy, though you do acknowledge the dangers of foreign dominance, so overall, a bad start, but not the worst.

      Your governmental views seem to be better than the economic section though, albeit they aren't the best either, on one hand, a federal democracy(you could be more direct however) sounds pretty neat, on the other hand, you're too civically liberal in things and I dislike liberal "democracy", though I agree with free speech and all, a more paternalistic rhetoric will still be needed, of course with a degree of liberty but still, the justice system you propose is fine, but it could mix itself with some punitive justice, to sum this section, better, but still meh

      Then there is the cultural issues, and it's a bit of a let down in all honesty, albeit not really severe but whatever, not really my tastes, being this culturally liberal, while not too extreme, is still not fine by me, as is the toleration of pornography and abortion, the social egalitarianism is nice however, especially the racial and gender equality, but you should address wokeness' dangers more, I do like how you oppose affirmative action and intersectional idpol, but you generally lack the overall strength to oppose it, of course it isn't the world's greatest threat and all and that cultural right idpol is also bullshit, but still, overall, you could use some improvements

      But what really made me shock in awe was your policies regarding diplomacy and nation, they're nearly perfect, being a civic nationalist is one great thing, but so is being an anti-colonial, non-intervening, and anti-imperialist nationalist, which is even more based, likewise to the third worldist stance you hold, with the only flaw you have is that you still acknowledge military alliances, it's nice that you also have a comfortable, yet relatively strict policy regarding immigration, for one must know the nation and it's customs before settling here, whatever the case, those ideals were major saving graces for you to have

      finishing things off though, not much to say but I'm disgraced with your anti-populism, it's still a necessary driver for change, despite it's flaws.

      Conclusion: Surprisingly based for a right-libertarian relative to others.

    Negative leaning(45-26)

    Among the worse ends of how DNY model views self-inserts, often are they considered bad in their ideals, being so far to be unquestionably be labeled as antitheses, only to avoid that labeling thanks to a few saving graces.

    • Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism(27/100) - Conclusion: it was good that you dropped Vaush long ago, because if you didn't, then you would've been even worse than some of the people in the bottom tier.
    • METBOL.png Metbolism(27/100) - Conclusion: If I was still stuck in my reverse woke corporatist phase, you would've been much higher, but this isn't the case, capitalism is still GAY no matter the social views.
    • SCT.png Sílas Carrasco Thought(27/100) - Conclusion: Dunno, you seem quite similar to the above guy, kind of like an imposter among us
    • Truetech.gif BERNHE0504(26/100) - Conclusion: still gamer, but in all seriousness it's complicated
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism(26/100) - Conclusion: A name fitting of a description of how I rank you.


    the enemies of DNY model, well known for the contrasting ideals that are so awful that any positives they have(considering that those positives exist) are outright overshadowed, thus being unceremoniously cringe.

    • AaronSH.png Aaronism(8/100) - Conclusion: My name is Muammar Al-Gaddafi, you killed my comrades, prepare to die.
    • Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism(1/100) - Conclusion: One of my notorious near-antitheses of mine, even despite your occasionally alright takes.
    • Vermaatism2.png
      (-infinite/100) - Conclusion: You're so damn gay that I died from laughing at a KEKW stock like you.


    Note: just because a person is listed here doesn't necessarily mean he's a figure I like, even though it's the case for most of those figures

    "We have spilt an ocean of blood for the brotherhood and unity of our peoples and we shall not allow anyone to touch or destroy it from within." - Tito.png Josip Broz Tito

    "He who feeds you, controls you" - Sankara.png Thomas Sankara

    ""Our secret weapon is nationalism. To have a nationhood, which is a sign of maturity, is greater than any weapon in the world" - Hochi.png Ho Chi Minh

    "A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture" - Stalin.png Joseph Stalin

    "We got to face some facts. That the masses are poor, that the masses belong to what you call the lower class, and when I talk about the masses, I'm talking about the white masses, I'm talking about the black masses, and the brown masses, and the yellow masses, too. We've got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don't fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism" - BlackMarxism.png Fred Hampton

    "The Future Belongs to Socialism" - Honecker.png Erich Honecker

    "You cannot enjoy the advantages of a free press without putting up it's inconveniences" - Marx.png Karl Marx

    "We should use our old moral values and our love of peace as the foundation of national reconstruction and look forward to the day when we shall become leaders in world reconstruction upon lines of international justice and good will." - 3princ.png Sun Yat-sen

    "A national spirit is necessary for national existence. A flag is a material aid to the development of such a spirit." - Ghandi.png Mahatma Gandhi

    "Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin." - Gaddaficap.png Muammar Gaddafi

    "Every day, we are reminded of the duty to continue our struggle against imperialism, against capitalism, and against colonialism. We must work together towards a world in which greater respect for the people and for Mother Earth is possible. In order to do this, it is essential for states to intervene so that the needs of the masses and the oppressed are put first. We have the conviction that we are the masses. And that the masses, over time, will win." - EvoMorales.png Evo Morales

    "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." - Chesterton.png G.K. Chesterton

    "There is often talk of human rights, but it is also necessary to talk of the rights of humanity. Why should some people walk barefoot, so that others can travel in luxurious cars? Why should some live for thirty-five years, so that others can live for seventy years? Why should some be miserably poor, so that others can be hugely rich? I speak on behalf of the children in the world who do not have a piece of bread. I speak on the behalf of the sick who have no medicine, of those whose rights to life and human dignity have been denied." - Castro.png Fidel Castro

    "The meaning of pro life isn't to be limited to the scope of the unborn, but should extend itself to caretaking the mothers, fathers, families, and innocents that compose the community and it's values, to deny this realization and proclaim oneself as one who cares for the sanctity of life is the act of a fool who indulges himself under a destructive bourgeois culture"

    "Social equality cannot come true without economic equality, the poor isn't merely one identity of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or whatever identity that makes up the clusterfuck of identity politics, but one mass of people, and that one mass was never limited to the walls of identity essentialism, and they are disregarded to their deserving rights to a sustainable and happy life, and it is here that the fight to ensure those very rights must not come from the obsession of identity, but through solidarity and brotherhood against those on the top who will do anything to watch society burn in a state of bliss."

    "It is concluded that there has never been a superior civilization, for every single civilization is fundamentally equal in it's important contributions to humanity, like how the East introduces the concepts of legalism, writing, and technologically advanced entities like gunpowder, and how the West conceives the enlightenment, forming the new ideas of nationalism and rennovating the old customs like democracy, and how others of the third world revise enlightened ideas to a higher stage to improve their societies and to free themselves from colonial tyranny, those very civilizations and other peoples end up demonstrating those ideals towards others and so on and so forth, humanity itself is a self-improving machine, determined to survive and thrive for the greater good."


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      • Nuoh Okita.png DarknightYuusha - I never believed that all anti-auths have always supported warmongering, it's just that some of them that proclaim that they're anti-auth are so damn supportive of imperialist organizations like NATO(or see NATO as a lesser evil)
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    1. Some of them are potential insults, others are actually said
    2. will be revising
    3. I hate this whole intersectional idpol bullshit, but twitter baizuos are the least of my concerns when compared to the threat of the omnipresence of crony bureaucrats and plutocrats
    4. Whilst those people have a different self-insert, the ideals upheld by them are quite similar/virtually identical to mine
    5. please can you not let your planet flood everything that it passes? lest I will fucking blow up a damn space battleship with tritium-hydrogen energy in front of it just to stop any fatally catastrophic flow of water.
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