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    Daniello Radicalism is socialist, democratic, revolutionary political ideology. It is economically and culturally progressive, civically liberal ball.



    I support idea of social and cultural progress, destruction of outdated systems and building of new, revolutionary society. I believe that nothing can block radical work and demontage of conservatism and traditionalism. Movement forward is essential and natural way of the humanity.

    Daniello Radicalism support gay rights, feminism, anti-slavery theory and Multiculturalism. Hard anti-racist rhetoric should keep social progress on.

    Laissez-Faire Socialism

    Daniello Radicalism strongly admire socialist economics and theory. It see capitalism as the biggest problem of modernity, wanting its total destruction. Anyways I recognize that we can't achieve full equality, and uncompetitive trade is a threat for stability.

    Combination of laissez-faire economics and socialist theory (also known as Market Socialism) became central principle of Daniello Radicalism. This economical model built on Mill, Keynes and Tito beliefs.

    Global Conflicts

    Russo-Ukrainian War

    As a ukrainian, I'm deeply concerned about this situation. This war strongly damaged my personal life. Despite this fact, I consider this conflict as a regular war. I don't support neither Ukraine, nor Russia. Just because of this conflict is very escalated and absurd. However I don't deny the fact of aggression from side of Putin, he is definitely imperialist. War crimes that was made by russian armed forces are mad and cruel.




    • Belousism — What the fuck, this guy has mad beliefs... Anyways it's better than regular capitalism...
    • Corwin Schott Theory — He is something crazy for me, but overall not bad.
    • Gualguaiapathy — I don't know about his ideology very much. But I believe he has good.
    • Jadedism — He has a point on economic issues. But his cultural beliefs are too conservative for me. But we share common views on LGBT+ people.
    • Danielism — Based cultural views, but he is capitalist, fascist and monarchist. At the least, he is tolerant to socialism someway. Fellow Daniel.


    • Nazism — Nazism is meaningless ideology of scum beaten by life. I can't believe that someone seriously embraces these ideals.
    • Reactionaryism — Progress can be imperfect and even false in some cases, but step back is impossible and evil. Humanity should move forward, any reaction deserves the hate.
    • Totalitarianism — It's an example what can happen when bureaucracy gets too much power.


    Test Results

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