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    Danielism, is the ideology of user Daniel russ. It is an authoritarian right, culturally progressive, and incredibly nationalistic ideology based on its creators beliefs. It calls for authoritarian capitalism, an authoritarian semi-constitutional monarchy that wants to be seen as and highly respects fascism, and also has anti-Yugoslav sentiments, aka Serbia and Croatia, mostly due to the ethnic cleansing and Gavrilo Princip. It is into alternate history.

    Economic and governmental


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    Vignere ideology

    Danielisms economic views call for the complete obliteration of tariffs, as well as a limited stock market, and multiple national-level banks. It calls for the state to tell factories what to build at minimum, but doesnt care what else they build. It is also heavily anti-communist, purging communists from the populace via deportation, but allows socialism in moderate amounts. Also subsidize companies that produce weapons, ammunition, and other similar industries due to the fact that I will be the only one with large scale weapons. Also directing the parts of the economy that are struggling until they arent. Free Market Fascism, baby.


    The government calls for a semi constitutional monarchy similar in structure to that of Russia when they got the first Duma of Russia in August 1905. Neither the legislature nor the monarchy can abolish each other, so a power balance is in position. The monarch takes up the executive branch, and the second in command is elected by the people. Both have authoritarian powers similar in scope to that of a fascist dictator. The second in command does the governing of the country when the monarch is unable to do so or if the monarch wishes to pass some duties to the second in command. The monarch can choose to have their nearest living relative or their second in command succeed them, and if the second in command is chosen, he takes the powers of the monarch, causing the relative to rule in name only until the next election where the political party of the second in command changes, upon which the heir will gain the powers of the monarch. If the heir is under the age of 20 or the monarch dies without confirming an heir, then the second in command will obtain the powers of the monarch until an heir is found or until the heir reaches the age of 20. Elections would still occur, though. Also, political parties can be anywhere on the cultural level, but only the right two thirds of the economic level or the upper two thirds of the authority level. And no communist parties.

    Geopolitical Theory


    No enclaves, exclaves, single border countries, or divided islands.

    China and Taiwan

    Could they please stop fighting? They are both independent nations, but China is way worse under their leaders. They locked people in their houses during Covid! Early Taiwan wasnt much better, but nowadays, its fine. Hainan should probably go to Taiwan, though. Also, Tibet and East Turkestan should be given independence, as they either have a long independent history or aren’t ethnically Chinese respectively.

    Israel and Palestine

    I think both nations deserve to be independent, but Gaza should be part of Egypt, and the West Bank is the only part that is officially Palestine.

    Crimea Dispute

    Ukraine owns Crimea, but the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk should form an independent buffer state.

    Kashmir dispute

    I think Pakistan can have all of Kashmir, except for Aksai Chin, which is rightfully Tibetan, only if the Balochs are given independence. Otherwise, independence to Kashmir.


    I think there should either be a unified Korea under the capitalists, or an independent monarchical state made from the Central Eastern part of the peninsula. Under Andrew Lee. As king Andrew I.


    I actually like war, but I dont like the suffering it causes. I like to see the strategies and border changes, and I think war should exist in the case of a nation receiving independence. Or changing a corrupt government. Also it’s nice to look back on it.



    Yes, sure, limited democracy. It’s OK, but it will inevitably lead to a dictator taking power, as can be seen with Hitler, Latin America, and the Eastern Bloc. In the US the only danger is Trump.


    It is amazing, but preferably more along the lines of hereditary republic with a legislative branch similar to Britain’s. Just weaker. But monarchs are still amazing! Except those of Iberia. Those guys were crazy.


    No. Anarchy leads to destruction. In some circumstances it will work, but there has yet to be one found.


    This is an outrage to man, an ideology where everyone is seen as expendable, it is atheist, which I dont like but am fine with, and is just pure corruption. It has never worked. However, I am fine with Soviet communism in the late 80s.



    These people are still people, so they deserve rights, but the number of these people should be monitored just to make sure there isn’t a rapid increase. What I mean by this is take a yearly census, and one of the questions is are you LGBTQ. Also, no gays in charge.


    Only if in first trimester, and also, it will be taxed by the government.

    World Leaders with great mustaches

    • Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
    • Josef Stalin (1878-1953)
    • Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)
    • Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov (1868-1918)
    • Peter the Great (1672-1725)
    • Wilhelm II 1859-1941

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball

    2. Fill in with flag of Texas but with black #060606 instead of red

    3. Add a hat like on

    4. And a pince-nez

    5. You’re done.

    You should end up with this:

    What Historical figure do I remind you of?

    I would prefer if you explain why, but I don’t care if you don’t.

    Napoleon III- (I want to be Napoleon)/ Mussolini-(fascism)/Tsar Nicholas- (the mustache and authority)
    Napoleon I Bonaparte, because I dunno, general vibe and smth like that, and kinda Edward VIII, because Monarcho-Fasc


    This ideology is normally calm and collected, however, he can sometimes go into a hyper form, which mostly is just rambling and spinning.


    Basically artworks other people made of me. Thanks, guys


    Based completely on ideology btw


    Monarchism- All hail the glorious leader, preferably a prince or grand duke.

    Bonapartism - Tres Magnificque! Monarchy, taking over all of Europe under the banner of revolution, and a military genius. Yes please.

    American Monarchism - Yes! You must mix American ideals with monarchy. Oh, glorious monarchy. But not Henry of Prussia. He was gay.

    Good Allies

    Kennedyism - America’s greatest president. So sad he was blown away so young. A star that burned out. You could have done better with civil rights though.

    Bismarckism - of course. You unified Germany under the banner of a monarch, but you did help cause WW2 indirectly, but it’s forgivable.


    Capitalism Money is good. So get me money. Also the major economic player in world right now.

    New Deal Liberalism - You saved America from the Great Depression, but the internment camps, weren’t that sweet. At least you got nukes.

    Positive Leaning

    Fascism- I like the authority, and doesn’t necessarily mean it is him, but it Hitler still put enough of a mark to leave you here.

    Market Socialism - Only good socialism. It’s laissez faire and a more moderate variety. I give it a C minus.

    Tsarism - Though I like the monarchy, you are Russians, except Catherine the Great. She is A-tier monarch. Nicholas II is also a good monarch as he was descended from a Danish royal. And you also sent your country into communism by failing to stop the revolution.


    Socialism - The more centrist ones are fine, but the further left you go, the worse you get.

    Communism- good in theory, bad in practice, but, hey, it’s cute that you try to bring equality.

    Negative Leaning

    National Capitalism- capitalist but still a Nazi


    Off compass ideologies- these only hit the negative tier at best, as they tend to be waaaay too extremist.

    Nazism-only thing going for you is your leaders mustache. The Holocaust was bad, but tactically I am impressed. Defeating half of Western Europe in a couple months, yikes.


    Stalinism- You are even worse than him! Your 5 year plans left much of Russia in ruins. Trotsky probably would have been better.

    Showa Statism - How Could you do that to Nanking?!?! You are the scum of the Earth, and all you wish to bring is death, destruction, and an unwillingness to surrender. You should have been nuked again.

    Anarchism (all types)- how dare you destroy my authority! I will never accept it!

    Pure Evil

    Burgundian System- devil worshipper! You are just a Hitler wannabe and the Schutzstaffel was doomed!

    Juche- you filthy communist! North Korea has starved because of you! You are far worse than Stalin could even dream to be! The worst ideology in effect today!

    Robespierrism - You killed the French monarchs, made yourself a dictator with a God complex, and then went around guillotining everyone! How dare you.


    Corwin Schott Theory - Yes, fellow brother in arms. You are exactly the ideology I want as my ally. You are a moderate fascist, want to expand to a global empire, and a semi-constitutional monarchist just like myself. We will be great pals.


    New World Socialist Model - You actually have a very similar ideology to me. Market socialism is the only based socialism, and a benevolent dictatorship as well. Just a bit more rightist and you’re perfect. Internal policy is exactly what I like. I know you don’t think the same, but we should be friends.

    - I know you hate fascists and are socialist, but you are so based. Benevolent dictatorship, stratocracy, and protection of the people. Nice.

    Adriaugism - I like the fact that you like space, and your’e ideology seems fine. Your ideology is the final product for humanity, but I don’t like to think more than about a decade into the future.

    Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - A fellow Bonapartism is always welcome! Welfare, anti-corruption office, corporatism in the economy, moderate socialism. You are basically me but a social democrat.

    Konstantina Thought -Yes, Byzantine ideology, all well and good. I like your style. Your original ideology was perfect, but now you have kind of ruined it by you hating me even though I am like your original ideology. And, to answer your question, I can do those because monarcho-fascism is a thing, and I want to try and create a free market.


    - A based ideology, all in all. I don’t understand the post humanism, though. Humans are great! You are a little intense though, but totalitarianism combined with fascism, (and yes, I know you say it isn’t fascism, but it is), and technocracy. I love your economic policy. It is so sad to see you gone. Thank you for all you have done.

    - a market socialist who wants to unify the world under a democratically elected government. I like the idea, but it still conflicts with my ideology. I’d support it on a smaller level, though. Also made an amazing image for me.

    Positive Leaning

    Daniello Radicalism - He is a Socialist, which I will tolerate, and a fellow Progressive, and all in all he seems like a leftist version of a democratic me. Eh, I’m fine with it. Market Socialism is the only good socialism, after all.


    Jadedism - An OK ideology, but preferably move a little more to the right, and also be OK with monarchs!

    - yah you’re just Dutch Marxism. Not that much of a threat, and an OK ideology. Dictatorship of the proletariat is the only good part about communist theory.

    Belousism - A fellow monarchist is always welcome, but you are down here for the socialism, immortality, hierarchical structure, and being basically a space Nazi with people as Aryans.

    Meowxism - actually about as based as a Marxist-Leninist can go. Internally, the policies actually match up with mine. Pro-Stalin, but apart from that fine. Tolerable communist.

    Sundog - Yah, you’re a little short on any important information, so I will just put you here until you add some more stuff. You’ll probably actually end up here anyway, though, based on what I’ve seen.

    - I don’t really care about you. You just seem like an average ideology, just a moderate everything. Just don’t mess with me.
    • You should see just how average I am when I meet Authoritarians. Thank you for your honesty!

     Bread and Circuses Thought-You barely seem like a political party. I am purely neutral towards you. You barely qualify as a self insert.

    Negative Leaning

    Terekhofism - Wow, just wow. That is a lot to take in. You are a socialist who thinks he is a conservative and I am angry at you about illegal gay marriages, as well as nationalizing pharmaceutical companies. Nationalizing banks is OK, but you base yourself off of Stalin, who was an idiot. You aren’t as horrible as him, but you are still a socialist, so I don’t like you that much.

    Genosse Owens Thought - Yes you are very similiar to him but smarter. And more authoritarian. I like your idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat, as it could work. I will tolerate you, just don’t interfere with my country.

    Uberglowism - I have no strong feelings about you, but you do sound like the Siberian Black Army in TNO based on ideology. I don’t really care.

    BasedSnowFlakeism-You are just constantly rambling on and on about how you want to destroy civilization and rebuild from the ashes, and while Im not saying you are Burgundian, it is kind of literally the exact same thing Burgundy wants to do with civilization!


    - you write like a 12 year old, aka you are bad at writing. Also, you barely understand political theory at all! Taking you just by ideology, you are your average run of the mill socialist, you have just dropped down here because you are kind of an idiot, which I hate. - I, this is confusing. Ideologically, you seem alright, but you are nonsensical, and appear to not even care about politics at all! Go join philosophyball wiki or something. Capitalist in name only when not even in your name is also weird. You are just him but slightly more tolerable.

     Niiloism-Pure shitpost. No comment. Leave me alone.

    Pure Evil

    • Post-Owensism - super edgy communist. Post-Marxism is horrible! You have taken dictatorship of the proletariat to horrible levels. I hate you.
      • - "horrible" is just a human category by being an extension of moral, made by the Bourgeoisie, now get in the gulag!
    • Schumacherianism (////) - I’m sorry, what in the name of God is this? Firstly, you are a social Darwinist, which is absolutely horrible in and of itself, and you make zero sense at all! You are Leninist, yet capitalist. Libertarian and imperialist. I think your mind is broken from all the weed you like. Sober up and get the hell out of my sight!

    Ti knyeh ysy fzbruq mcbk gr ll iyik, vhw riyp glr pw niizuy hlfgzkm. Gkgt glyn oh aiuemyq. L ujfc llrh wpo wxiz bmvl gxcfrl.

    Vignere Burgundy

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    Rot. 2:VII-4-22

    Rot. 3:III-2-25


    * Corwin Schott Theory - How exactly are you a fascist? You don't support national palingenesis or an economic system inspired by corporatism.

      • - I do free market fascism.
        • Corwin Schott Theory - My question for you is: Do you believe your in-group (whatever that might be) can go through cycles of birth, decline, death, and rebirth?
          • No, that’s pure crazy
            • Corwin Schott Theory - Then in my opinion, you aren't a fascist. To be a fascist, you must accept palingenetic ultranationalism (or "corporate nationalism" as I like to call it). You must advocate for your in-group's rebirth, where a new society (usually combining elements of the mythical past with progressive ideas) is created in the shell of the old from the top-down. You're just an authoritarian capitalist.
              • - I actually do believe that the essence of the leader passes on through the generations, but not in rebirth. More like… inheritance of the true heart of the ideology. And for the new society thing, I build around it, and then destroy the shell on the inside.
    • Meowxism bruh who told u i hated stalin?? i dont 😭😭 i just have my criticisms of him but overall i view him very positively. criticism is an integral aspect of marxism. you know you can have criticisms of people you like, right?


    • - why would they ban me?
      • - Because in PCBA the administrators denounces fascism, and they can ban you because you are a fascist.
        • Corwin Schott Theory - Administrator here. As long as he's not openly advocating for racism or violent bigotry, he should be fine. Our concern is with people like neo-Nazis making pages that openly call for sending Jews to gas chambers. Previously we employed fascists to rewrite pages like Futurism and Fascism to improve accuracy. And besides, Daniel isn't even a fascist; he's an edgy liberal. Move along.
          • - Tiberius is right, he's not calling for a genocide of Jews and other minorities.
            • - Thanks, and besides, I only advocate for generic, aka Mussolini style fascism. And deporting the communists.

    Genosse Owens Thought - Greetings my friend, I created an artwork of yours as you wish, I hope you like it! (Im not sure, what this thing on your head is though and what do you mean Im like him!?)

    • the thing on my head is a hat. Could you put a Bonaparte hat on the image?
      • - Done
        • - thanks, and I am also getting the help of someone else to make me a different image so I can have two images that both look cool. Also please search alliance proposal.
    • - btw, you should use my template in relation too. Cuz my alt designed isnt main designed and beacuse I have got template!
    • Humanitarian Socialism
      — Hey there. I'm done with the artwork for you, it's Danielism-artwork by ZiXan 00.png. Sorry, if it looks not so good, but I tried.
    • Belousism - Hail!

    Terekhofism - add me
    • Add me first.
  • - I added you, add me back please? :3
  • Humanitarian Socialism
    — Hello! Could you please add me? I can add you back if you want.
        • - I do not take personally. I just want it to be known, i am not leninist, i just agree with one of his ideas, that being the criticism of insurrection as opposed to vanguardism in the name of revolution.
    • - Wut?
    • Post-Owensism - Hello Daniel, here is Owens Schizo Version, pls add me
    • Schumacherianism (////) - add me please :D
      • Done. Add me back. Also, please don’t take the last thing personally. Your artwork is amazing, by the way.
    • Meowxism - add me?
      • Add me first.
        • Meowxism - i added u. now u can add me ^^ UPDATE I ACTUALLY DIDNT ADD U BUT NOW I DID THIS TIME SORRY LMFAO 😭😭
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