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    Danganronpa model or just Danganronpaism is the political model used in the Danganronpa anime and videogames. It's a model that advocates for the world being overthrown by despair, with this leading into total anarchy. Inside this society, another system would be implemented, wich we could call the Academy system.

    Antot.png Academy system Darwinist.png

    The Academy system consists in locking up 16 high school students with superior qualities in one aspect, such as sports, instruments, etc... I.e a talent, but not a normal one, but an Ultimate talent in an academy.The students are chosen through they're ultimate talents to attend to the academy, for it's a very exclusive academy were only the best of the best can enter, except for one student, wich is decided to attend by giveaway. The students live a normal life until the despair takes over the world. While despair is taking over the world, the academy will tell the students to lock up the doors and windows to be kept safe from despair, but the academy doesn't know the one person that caused despair to envelop the world is one of the 16 students told to lock the academy. The students then will get brainwashed by the mastermind to forget what was going on in the world, who were the students locked up with them, what happened to they're families and/or beloved ones and, in general, all of they're memories since they have entered the academy. The academy will now have as it's "headmaster" a robot bear called Monokuma, wich is actually a kind of alter-ego of the mastermind to controll the students, and will be the one that tells them that the only way to escape the academy and get back to the outside world is to kill another student (in wichever way they want) without being discovered. If a dead body is discovered, the students will have some time to investigate and look for clues that lead them to who the culprit is, then, a Class trial is held, wich consists in all the students gathering and putting the clues they found in common to fin the culprit. When the trial is finished, the students will have to vote out who the killer is, if they get it wrong, the culprit "graduates" from the academy and gets out, while the rest of the students are punished (executed), but if they find out who the culprit is, the culprit is punished (executed) in front of the rest of the students. Monokuma oftenly encourages the students to kill eachother to get out, but they don't know the outside world is destroyed until the mastermind reveals the truth and the last class trial is held, in wich the students will have to find out who is the mastermind.

    Antot.png Anarcho-Totalitarianism Antot.png

    Monokuma practically lets the students Awaj.png do whatever they want Egoism.png, except for some rules the students have to follow if they don't want to be punished, but also, Ingsocf.png there are surveillance cameras everywhere in the academy (except for the bathrooms), monokuma can pop up basically wherever he wants and the student's lifes are constantly monitored by cameras all the time and being retransimited as a TV reality show to keep spreading despair amongst the population. We could say the Academy system is Antot.png Anarcho-Totalitarian when it comes to it's govermental model.

    Darwinist.png Survival of the fittest + Egoism Egoism.png

    In the Academy system, the students can do as they please while it doesn't violate any of the few rules of the academy, this can be easily associated with Egoism.png Egoism. Also, the students are practically forced to kill eachother while also being consumed by they're despair, wich creates an ambiance in wich only the strongest and smartest (i.e: fittest) students of the bunch can survive, this can be easily associated with Darwinist.png Social Darwinism.

    Egoism.png Darwinist.png The outside world File:Cult.png World.png

    The outside world's system is a mixture of Egoism.png Egoism and Darwinist.png Social Darwinism with File:Cult.png Cultist characteristics.

    Egoism.png Egoist Social Darwinism Darwinist.png

    The outside world has been fully enveloped in anarchy due to the world's population falling into despair, this means, Egoism.png any kind of form of goverment in the world is gone and the people can do whatever they want, but, unlike mainstream egoism, the individual's actions are not influenced by their ego, but their despair, this causes, like in the academy system, Darwinist.png an ambiance were only the strongest (i.e: The fittest) can survive.

    File:Cult.png The worship of despair File:Cult.png

    Under a Danganronpaist society, everyone or almost everyone in the world has been consumed and brainwashed by despair, to the point where they worship despair, the feeling of despair and have a personality-cult around Junko Enoshima (The one responsible of the world falling into despair in the games and anime).

    World.png Ultra-Globalism World.png

    Despair is spread World.png all over the world, meaning the outside world's system turns into the status-quo in the whole world, with it falling into total anarchy.

    AntiEcon.png The economy AntiEcon.png

    In this system, the earth turns into an apocaliptical society consumed in total anarchy with the whole planet in ruins and everyone enveloped in total despair, wich means things such as markets, currency, the purchase and sell of products and economy do not exist anymore as the world has been completelly destroyed.




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