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    DID-state is a form of Self Nationalism that believe that a singularity can't be referred as a nation/state, even if it has no contact with other individuals, for this reason inside the body of the individual there should be a multitude of minds, making the DID-state the exact opposite of Hive-Mind Collectivism, usually a DID-state follows democratic policies but the singular minds don't have to follow democratic beliefs (for example: a mind could be an anarchist while another one could be fascist) and the DID-state itself can follow non-democratic policies.


    The personality of DID-state can change easily depending from personality to personality but almost always it will agree on saying that hiveminds are the worst

    Stylistic Notes

    • use different colors for text depending on the personality that it's currently talking
    • put the personality that is talking or that have current control over the body on the top rotating the ball

    How to Draw

    File:Did-state flag.png
    Flag of DID-state
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw an X on the ball.
    3. Fill one of the quadrants with pink and then clockwise fill the others with light green, light blue and yellow.
    4. Cover the X with the color of the nearby quadrants.
    5. Add 8 eyes (2 for each quadrant).

    You are done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Pink 255,190,255 #FFBEFF
    Green 166,255,147 #A6FF93
    Light Blue 120,210,255 #78D2FF
    Yellow 255,255,166 #FFFFA6


    Note: Opinions on other ideologies differ depending on the personality, so these opinions are based on their similarity to the host ideology.


    • Omni-Person - Also create a one-person ethno state via merging the minds of many.


    • Self Nationalism - Great as a parent but how can you consider a singularity like that a nation?
    • Democracy - You represent the multiplicity of minds but with all those bodies doesn't it get too confusing?


    Further Information


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