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    DECBism is the progressive, ideology of DarkEggChocolateBowser. It is inspired by Liberal, capitalist, and progressive ideas. Template if y'all wanna add me! (OPTIONAL)


    Icons: (////)

    Self-Insert Test

    Civic Axis

    • Insurrectionary anarchism (0)
    • Egoist (0)
    • Anarchist (1)
    • Minarchist (+100)
    • Libertarian (+100)
    • Liberal (+100)
    • Statist (+50)
    • Authoritarian (0)
    • Totalitarian (0)
    • INGSOC (0)

    Type of Rule

    • Anarchist Anti-Democracy (0)
    • Democracy (+100)
    • People's Democracy (0)
    • Authoritarian Democracy (5)
    • Totalitarian Democracy (0)
    • Autocrat (0)
    • Hive Mind Collectivism (0)
    • Authoritarian Anti-Democracy (0)

    If none above apply...

    • Organic Centralism (0)

    Economic Axis

    • Anti-Economy (0)
    • Non-Marxist Communist (+1)
    • Communist (0)
    • Socialist (egalitarian type) (+50)
    • Socialist (non-egalitarian type) (+15)
    • Syndicalist (+50)
    • Market Socialist (+75)
    • Corporatist (1)
    • Distributism (+47)
    • Third-Positionist (0)
    • Welfarist (+100)
    • Economic Liberalism (+100)
    • Regulationist (+65)
    • Capitalist (+100)
    • Supercapitalist (3)
    • Social Darwinist (0)
    • Corporate Darwinist (0)[1]

    Economic Freedom

    • Anti-Economy (0)
    • Dirigisme (+56)
    • Regulated (+85)
    • Liberal Economics (+100)
    • Free Market (+92)
    • Laissez-Faire (+10)

    Religious Axis

    • Radical Theism (Set your score to 0, and skip straight to results)
    • Literally any other religion (+100)
    • Anti-Religion (0)
    • Satanism (0)

    Cultural Axis

    • Noveltism (0)
    • Revolutionary Cultural Leftist (0)
    • SJW (3)
    • Cultural Leftism (+100)
    • Conservative (+50)
    • Cultural Rightism (+50)
    • Ultraconservativism (0)
    • Antiquitism (0)

    Diplomatic Axis

    • World Federalist (+50)
    • Cosmopolitan (+71)
    • Internationalist (+100)
    • Globalist (+89)
    • Nationalist (+100)
    • Ultranationalist (0)
    • Ethno-nationalist/ Racial Nationalist (0)


    • West (+100)
    • West (Neoprogressivism) (+100)
    • Western Adjacent (+100)
    • Non-Aligned (+50)
    • Eastern Adjacent (0)
    • East (0)

    If none above apply...

    • Anarchistic Unaligned (0)

    Environmental Axis

    • Eco-Fascism (0)
    • Eco-Terrorism (0)
    • Environmentalist (+100)
    • Humanism (+100)

    User Results

    Re-add yourselves lol


    Economy and Government


    He wants a market liberal economic system but with some aspects of the current government, he wants to establish more liberal policies, etc.


    He wants to establish a Market Liberal government, and which takes inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and various others. I also a multi-party government and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties, and political freedoms for all people. When I'm talking about the multi-party government, I will allow political parties to have a seat in the government.


    I am a big fan of Universal Healthcare and support it because I believe that the government should take care of the welfare of its citizens.

    Geopolitical Views


    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a defensive military alliance to counterbalance the threat of the red terror back in the days of the Cold War, And I support NATO against Russia, so Ukraine can join NATO.

    The Korean Peninsula

    North Korea is a failed country in Asia, throughout 1948-Today, the Kim Dynasty has been oppressing people for a long time ever since its foundation with mass surveillances, rabid militarism, brainwashing via propaganda 24/7, mass starvation, cultism, excessive collectivism, and threatening its neighbors with nukes. that's why I support South Korea. The fatass "great leader" doesn't even care that the people are starving. I hope the Korean Peninsula will be unified under South Korea.

    China and Taiwan

    The CCP is horrible, worst is Chen Quanguo and Xi Jinping. Despite opposing the CCP, I will view the Pan-Green parties in Taiwan as good guys too, this situation, I’ll support some good Pan-Blue parties in Taiwan (the Kuomintang not included). I support Taiwan.

    Russia and Ukraine

    Russia is a failed country with a lot of corruption, under Putin. Russia does NOT have to dictate the fate of Ukraine. Implying that Ukraine has a long history of abusive history with Russia. I want Ukraine to join NATO and the EU. File:Cball-Crimea.png Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk should remain parts of Ukraine. I will also support the Anti-War movement in Russia, too.

    Israel and Palestine

    The Jews have owned the Holy Land for thousands of years before the Romans came. The Jews after being expelled by Emperor Hadrian from the Holy Land faced a lot of persecution under the guise of anti-Semitism for centuries, specially in Europe. This was the reason why the Jews cannot be stateless anymore. The Holy Land has to be returned to its rightful owners, the Jews. The Jews accepted the 1948 UN Partition of the Holy Land, the Arabs refused. I am a Pro-Israel Liberal, again, Look, I know what Netanyahu is doing against the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza is bad, but I also have to remind you that Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Islamic State in Gaza (Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade), Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine and other terrorist groups want to, I mean for real, kill every single Jewish people of the Holy Land. I support Israel against Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Fatah, Islamic State in Gaza (Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade), Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine.


    The Islamic Republic is a threat not only to the Middle East but also to the US. I hate both Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and Khomeini. Khatami and Mir-Hossein Mousavi are good because of their reforms. In this case, I fully support Khatami against the Ali Khamenei. And I also support Reza Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi.

    Kosovo and Serbia

    The fact that the Kosovar people suffered through a lot of massacres and brutality is sad. The saddest thing about Kosovo is the Pastasel massacre, Fuck Milosevic, and fuck Vučić. Kosovo is independent.


    The Tatmadaw Regime is an illegitimate government that killed off the liberty of the Burmese people, Min Aung Hlaing has been butchering his own people, including minorities too, which worsened the minority tensions in the country. The National League for Democracy (NLD) didn’t handle the situation in the country, causing the Rohingya Genocide. This is why support the Anti-Tatmadaw opposition. The military Junta should be overthrown and the country should transition back to being a democracy if it means that the Military Juntas will lose power

    Saudi Arabia

    I support Saudi Arabia, even though some kings like Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Salman bin Abdul Aziz were terrible, and the House Of Saud were terrible.


    I despise Assad but the FSA, HTS and the ISIS are the clear greater evil as they are terrorist organizations. The Chemical attacks allegations are true that Assad have been critical of using overly heavy weapons against his own people, Syria should rebuild by the will of the people under the banner of Democracy. even I support Rojava. I believe the US should support and fund the democratically led Syrian rebel groups and work at dismantling the tyrannical Assad regime.


    Regardless of how bad Saddam was, what the prisoners ended up being killed in the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse shouldn't happen to anyone. One good thing Saddam did was develop his country and had some achievements (although he's awful) until Charles Graner and Lynndie England razed Iraq down to the ground, and is why the Iraqis hate Saddam and wonder why ISIS and other Jihadists are gaining more influence. Abu Ghraib was a horrific thing and nobody should have to go though the things that innocent people had to go through there. I believe that the US government should have punished those criminals involved and paid back the victims and families of the victims. Anybody who was involved in the cruel acts of Abu Ghraib should have faced legal action and punishment. These are war crimes and should not go unpunished and there should be no excuse for them. The Mahmudiyah killings were acts of brutal and inhumane atrocities and the soldiers should have been charged for their crimes. However the US should not be blamed for it and it was a bad thing that those who did it did not receive justice. The soldiers should have gotten punished by more than just being demoted. For the crime of rape and murder they should have been thrown in prison. I think it is disgusting that the military allowed these people to avoid a harsher punishment.


    I stand with the Liberal side in Thailand here. Despite the fact that I hate that incompetent, corrupt ass King, I stand with those liberals. I support a side to emerge in Thailand, against both the King to build Thailand.


    Honestly, it's a shame to see that Erdogan is converting Turkey into it's Reactionary, Ottomanist roots. Erdogan is one of the worst people still alive today. Committing genocide against the Kurds, Invading Syria and destroying people's lives there, wanting to invade Armenia, causing tensions with Greece, backing the Taliban. For peace to truly prevail in the Middle East, Erdogan's evil government has to be dismantled, and a return of Kemalism is necessary.


    Afghanistan should have a secular and democratic government as majority of the problems in Afghanistan are caused by religious conflict. If not, a model of Democracy like the Basej-e Milli's ideas should be implemented. Fuck the Taliban government. I also support the NRA in Afghanistan too.


    I hate the Houthis. They have only brought suffering to Yemen. I would support an intervention to help the government and to make sure that the Houthis do not rule Yemen. And the AQAP, I would prevent them from taking control of Yemen and allow a legitimate and peaceful government to remain in power. And I fully support Hadhramaut. They are against Islamist Extremism such as Al-Qaeda. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and I think they would make a great ally in the fight against extremist groups. Once the War is over Yemen should Federalize to deal with their economic, religious, political, and historical differences between the northern and southern parts of the country.



    I am strongly in favor of Liberal Democracy. While flawed, I still consider it the best form of government that we have. I also value civil liberties such as freedom of expression a lot too, my support for democracy has some aspects from liberalism and the ideas of liberty from liberalism are something that is also important to my beliefs. Freedom must be protected from both the Far-Left and the Far-Right as both of them seek to destroy Liberal Democratic institutions and hurt and/or oppress the people, despite the general differences between the two groups.


    I think it can be quite good. Federalism allows for better governance of a local area and allows for more representation for all peoples of a nation. However the state should at least have some power and not be completely pointless as that will cause a power struggle between the federal and local governments.


    I personally prefer a Republic, though I could tolerate a monarchy if the king or queen were an extremely good leader who cared about their country and the people. Constitutional Monarchies are good, besides, Absolute monarchies are most definitely a bad form of government as the people end up being at the absolute mercy of the monarch.


    Anarchism wouldn't work, since someone would rig the system to make themselves leader and make another state lol. While the idea of total freedom is something every nation should strive towards I personally do not believe it should be pursued completely. We still need laws and a government to keep order in society.


    Totalitarianism is an EVIL system that should be avoided at any cost.



    I believe that, individuals with autism don't deserve discrimination, as autism is something normal. Even I have autism. I think people with autism need more support and less discrimination. After all, they are people.


    LGBTQ+ individuals deserve the same fundamental human rights as anyone else. This includes the right to be protected from discrimination, to live free from violence and harassment, and to have access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ individuals in many parts of the world face discrimination and violence based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. It is important for governments and societies to recognize and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, and to promote a culture of respect and inclusion for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


    In terms of religion, while I am a Christian, I support a secular government. BUT it should be up to the states/provinces if they want to implement religious laws or not. But, everyone else should be free to practice their religion (except if the religion is Satanism or any sort of cult, which should be rightfully banned.) Cults are dangerous to humanity, especially if they're satanic, death cults, or outright terrorist groups, so they must be purged at all cost.


    I am a supporter of the gender equality movement. Feminism is pretty cool, while those feminists that want all men dead on twitter, or want to suppress men and discredit whatever men did good for humanity, are horrible. In this case I support women's rights. Speaking of that, women should have the rights to determine themselves, as they can choose to be nuns, businesswomen, or even the Prime Minister.

    Views on BLM

    Ditto for LGBT and Feminism, BLM, too is great. It seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and racial inequality experienced by black people, and promote anti-racism. That sounds very great! Most of the stuff I said about LGBT can be said about BLM.


    I abominate Racism, seeing it as a very stupid idea. What's even the point of racism? We're all humans regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, race, and this stupid ideology of racism is only used to justify imperialism, tyranny, and genocides. I highly admire MLK Jr for ending Jim Crow. I also oppose Reverse Racism, which only promote national betrayal and divides the country. Individuals must combat racism ASAP.

    Views on Child Predators (Pedophiles)

    Now I’m supposed to be okay with and accept these child rapists? NO. These perverts literally do inappropriate stuff with children. CHILDREN. The stuff they draw is fucked up, and the worst part is that they bring children into it. I'll have Pedophilia banned too.


    I think Abortion should be mostly illegal unless a woman’s life is threatened or a woman is a rape victim.

    Questions and Answers

    - Ask me anything (or something.)

    Neo-Optimateism - What economics books do you read?
    Ego-Libertarian Marxism - You talk about being Anti-Satanist, but what is your opinion on Secular Satanism?
    Rojtavs - If you are an opponent of Communism, what is your opinion about Communism, which has Libertarian and opponent Authoritarianism?

    Hypothetical made up timelines or something...

    Fascist Party of Nazi America

    My Opinion on IRL Figures


    I might as well rewrite this

    Middle East

    • Jesus () - He died for all of us


    I might as well rewrite this

    Australia and Oceania

    I might as well rewrite this


    I might as well rewrite this

    The Americas

    I might as well rewrite this


    I might as well rewrite this

    Middle East

    I might as well rewrite this


    I might as well rewrite this

    Australia and Oceania

    I might as well rewrite this


    I might as well rewrite this

    The Americas

    I might as well rewrite this


    • Stepan Bandera () - A Genocidal Fascist and committed ethnic cleansing across Ukraine, a true genocidal maniac.
    • Vladimir Putin () - Seriously using Nazism as an excuse to invade Ukraine? Shove your "Denazification" up your ass, and tell your friend to do the same. ( Azov Battalion is bad btw)
      • Vladimir Putin- Typical NatoNazi
    • Aleksandr Dugin () - Laid the groundwork for the Imperialist war against Ukraine, advocating for a return of the Eurasian Empire.
    • Eduard Limonov () - Yeah sure, opposing Putin even though you worked with him later on in 2014 can be good but that does forgive your charges of incitement of ethnic hatred and terrorism? Absolutely NOT!
    • Pierre Sidos () - French Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Anti-Semite, etc. What more is to be added for this fuck?
    • Alexey Dobrovolsky () -
    • Valery Yemelyanov () -
    • Oskar Dirlewanger () - Pedophile, Child Rapist, and disgusting to the point that even most of the Nazis consider you to be a disgusting man. Your treatment towards villages, innocents, and Poles, are absolutely sickening, you motherfucking psychopathic bitch.
      • Your Honor, It's a minor incident of Trolling and Tom Foolery
    • Hermann Fegelein () - A Nazi mass murderer who genocided thousands of innocents in Belarus. Sickening
    • Paul Hausser () -
    • Benito Mussolini () - Invented the ideology that murdered tens of millions of people in just few decades, later turned himself into Hitler’s puppet. I will never forget what you did to the Balkans, North Africa, East Africa, and the world in general.
    • Ante Pavelić () - Imagine being so fucking evil that even the Nazis and Italians shit their pants when they see the insane shit you did.
    • Oswald Mosley () - The fact that there are still Mosleyites in this world praising this fascist is beyond me.
    • Joseph Stalin () - This is Communism at it's finest. Purges, famines and genocides such as the Holodomor, a brutal cult of personality, Lysenkoist pseudoscience and submitting Eastern Europe to Communist oppression, installed similar regimes to his, but the only good thing you did was fighting the Nazis, but does this justify your crimes against humanity? No. Fuck you.
    • Adolf Shitler () - No explanation.
    • I might as well rewrite this

    Middle East

    • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan () - Neo-ottomanist reactionary.
    • Osama Bin Laden () - A complete scumbag who completely ruined the name of Islam.
    • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi () - A savage terrorist and the most vile person to ever come from the middle east, the amount of people he killed in name of religion is horrifying and a Jihadist maniac that terrorized the world. What a literal maniac.
    • Hafez al-Assad () - Your Autocracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, Anti-Liberalism, Totalitarianism, etc are horrible.
    • Bashar al-Assad () - Same as Hafez, but more aggressive, also, you're brutality which arguably also is partially to blame for starting the civil war.
    • Benjamin Netanyahu () - Rak Bibi? More like... FUCK BIBI! Anyway, you should stop killing innocent Palestinians, they deserve human rights too!
    • Ariel Sharon () - You're a mass murderer and genocidal that terrorized the Arabs and destroyed their homes for no apparent reason.
    • I might as well rewrite this


    • I might as well rewrite this

    Australia and Oceania

    • I might as well rewrite this


    • Robert Mugabe () - You killed white farmers during your rule and basically made reverse apartheid. Also, your a fucking dumbass when it came to economics.
    • Muammar Gaddafi () - Dictator who also sponsored terrorist groups!
      • Muammar Gaddafi- you fund the terrorist state of Israel and the north Atlantic Terrorist organization. You just have a problem when nonwhites standup for their rights.
    • Gamal Abdel Nasser () - The Egyptian anti-Semite who expelled the Jews from Egypt and wanted to wipe Israel off the map by expelling all Jews from the Holy Land while backing others like Arafat.
    • Anwar Sadat () - Not much better than Nasser. Also, your Nazi past really isn’t something I’d let go of that easily.
    • I might as well rewrite this

    The Americas

    • Alberto Fujimori () - Sterilized Natives for no reason, Corrupt as hell, and the brutality you did to his citizens know no bounds. What kind of monster are you? Even if you ask for forgiveness, i will not give you any forgiveness. The only good you did is beating the shit out of Guzman, tho.
    • Abimael Guzmán () - I hate that bitch Fujimori too, but what the actual fuck are you doing? Terrorism, kidnapping and boiling children alive, hanging random people's dogs on the streets, bombing buildings and massacring entire towns is absolutely NOT how you would achieve socialism. Hell, I think your "socialism" is the same as the "socialists" who support people like Pol Pot. Just fuck you. I hope you're burning in the deepest pits of hell. And to all the people who actually support this person, fuck you.
    • Francis Parker Yockey () -
    • George Lincoln Rockwell () - Horrible person. Plus, how does it feel to be assassinated by one of your own party members, filthy Nazi scumbag?
    • Hugo Banzer () - The murderer who used the notorious Nazi war criminal, Klaus Barbie, in torturing the indigenous of Bolivia. This devil also allowed drug traffickers to fuck up the country. I’m glad that you’re burning in hell right now.
    • Augusto Pinochet () - This pedophile dictator harbored Nazis, sexually abused young boys, fucked over the lives of the Chilean population, absolutely destroyed the socioeconomic situation of Chile, had brutalities similar to that seen in Nazi Germany, corrupt as hell, and exploitative as fuck. Let me tell you one thing. If you like Pinochet, then fuck you.
    • Jeffrey Epstein () - Rest in piss and burn in hell, pedophile.
    • I might as well rewrite this

    Political Parties/Movements I support or hate

    The Americas


    • Croatian Democratic Union
    • Brothers of Italy/Fratelli d'Italia
    • Reformation (1517-1648)

    Middle East

    • National Council of Iran


    • File:VRL2.png Vietnamese Restoration League/Việt Nam Quang Phục Hội


    The Americas


    Middle East



    The Americas

    • American Nazi Party
    • National Socialist Movement (United States)
    • File:Thomas Rousseau.png Vanguard America
    • File:Patriot Front.png Patriot Front
    • Ku Klux Klan
    • The Base
    • Communist Party of Cuba
    • Shining Path
    • United Socialist Party of Venezuela


    • Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
    • Communist Party of Germany
    • Socialist Unity Party of Germany
    • Communist Party of Romania
    • File:Cball-LitSSR.png Communist Party of Lithuania
    • File:Cball-LatSSR.png Communist Party of Latvia
    • Nazi Party (and every neo-Nazi party, no exceptions)
    • National Fascist Party (and every neo-Fascist party, no exceptions)
    • Combat 18
    • File:BNP.png British National Party
    • File:Sudeten.png Sudeten German Party
    • File:PatAlt.png Patriotic Alternative
    • BUF/British Union of Fascists
    • National Socialist Workers' Party (Sweden)/Swedish Socialist Union
    • National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD)
    • Golden Dawn
    • File:Reconquete.png Reconquête!
    • United Russia
    • File:Barkash.png Russian National Unity
    • Iron Guard

    Middle East

    • Justice and Development Party
    • Nationalist Movement Party
    • File:DHKP.png Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front
    • Ba'ath Party
    • Fatah
    • Hamas
    • Likud[2]
    • File:OtzmaYehudit.png Otzma Yehudit
    • Kach and Kahane
    • ISIS


    • File:Cball-TurkmenSSR.png Communist Party of Turkmenistan
    • Communist Party of the Philippines
    • Communist Party of Thailand
    • Communist Party of Indonesia[3]
    • Communist Party of China
    • Lao People's Revolutionary Party
    • Communist Party of Vietnam
    • Worker's Party of Korea
    • Communist Party of Kampuchea
    • People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan
    • Taiwan Democratic Communist Party
    • File:Prachanda.png Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
    • Nepal Communist Party
    • File:PPBM.png Malaysian United Indigenous Party ( Muhyiddin)
    • Cambodian People's Party
    • Taliban
    • National Socialist Japanese Worker's Party
    • File:JapNeoFash.png Nippon Kaigi
    • Japanese Communist Party


    • National Congress Party (Sudan)
    • People's Revolutionary Party of Benin
    • Jewish Anti-Zionist League
    • National Party (South Africa)

    Best/Worst parts of my ideology?

    Put down below what you think is the worst aspect of my beliefs, and what the best part is according to you



    I'm rewriting this shit


    I'm rewriting this shit


    I'm rewriting this shit



    • Socialism - You have your ups and downs, most of you are good, and most of you are downright terrible.
    • National Conservatism - I'm rewriting this shit




    • Bibism - Lol no just because I oppose Hamas doesn't mean I support you.
    • Paleoconservatism - Anti-Progressivism, Anti-Immigration, Isolationism etc. You fucking suck.



    • Alt-Right - *circus music starts playing*
    • Clerical Fascism - What kind of Bible were you reading bro 💀.
    • Fascism - banito mussolini? more like Benito Shitalini
      • Neo-Fascism - Currently in the Italian parlament but never in my head
    • Jihadism -
    • Juche - Ah yes, Korean Red Fascism. What a horrid ideology, pretty much 1984 in real life.
    • Marxism-Leninism - And then marx said to Engels: "If they Implement this system we will run for the hills!"
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Honestly, you are worse than ML. All you do is terrorize people and eat human flesh. also, shut up, Red Jihadist!
    • Maoism - Worst ideology ever, you completely ruined China!
      • Nazi-Maoism - Maoism is already bad! Why do we need to make it worse?!
    • National Bolshevism - Nothing more than a meme. Also, Putin may be a bad leader, but he was right to ban your party and jail Eduard Limonov.
    • Nazism - How the fuck can someone not hate you? You started the holocaust, caused a million of unneeded deaths, started WW2, and the list goes on.
    • Pol Potism - Soviet union but so extreme that his followers came to their sences and did put him down like a dog. Gets memed into oblivion for it tho.
      • National Pol Potism - And I thought the other was THAT bad enough. Seek mental help. I'm glad this abomination is not a real ideology, right? ...right?!
    • Red Fascism - Evil + Evil = EVIL.
    • Social Darwinism - Kill yourself.
    • Stalinism - A communist who massacred millions! Thank you for beating the Nazis though. Your still a bad person though and are further proof that communism sucks.
    • Strasserism - Basically Nazism but more socialist. Still bad nonetheless.
    • Posadism - So you want to nuke the earth, destroy nature and then the aliens will come on earth to make communism permanent? This is the end result of communism.
    • Totalitarianism - No, scratch that, you are the worst fucking ideology in existence. A tyrannical ideology that straight up want complete control, like what the fuck. Fuck off! You only brought pain to humanity.
    I'm rewriting this shit

    Judging you guys by ideology, NOT personality btw.

    Best People on this Wiki (S Tier, 100-86)

    Great People (A Tier, 85-76)

    • (81/100) (//) - We both agree on anti-fascism, anti-bigotry, progressivism, etc. But why support the PKK? But your kinda like me but leftist.
    • EWBR2006 Thought -

    Nice (B Tier, 75-61)

    Neutral/Not fully decided/Mixed bag (C Tier, 50-46)

    •  Bread and Circuses Thought (?/100) - This is a very small ideology so I can't rate you mate.
    • (48/100) (//) - Sorry took so long. While stuff like anti-liberalism, anti-Westernism are not my jam, at least you oppose fascism, which is already something but why'd you put me at the bottom? ALSO FOR THE TRILLIONTH TIME I AM NOT A NAZI
    • (//) -
    • Constantine (40/100) (//) - Libertarianism is good, but you go WAYYYYY to far....

    Kind of bad, NGL (Bad ideology but not at the lowest, 45-36)

    Terrible Ideology (E Tier, 30-21)

    • Esoteric YTrojanism (24/100) (//) - ...Good. Fucking. Lord. And if this isn't a ironic LARP, then I think you should get some help.

    Near-Worst (F Tier, 20-11)

    • Terekhofism (Add 3 icons here) - Wtf is this?
    • Genosse Owens Thought (//) - Average Stalinist. also totalitarian democracy is an oxymoron.
    • Niiloism (16/100) (//) - Ethnonationalism is already bad, but you decided to make it far worse by combining it with antisemitism!
    • Bourgeoisie Destroyer (//) - Nazi Anarcho-Primitivism? Oh god...
    • Michael Messard (//) - Are you Bourgeoisie Destroyer's brother? What??
    • Wallism (//) - Same as above
    • Mr Whooper Man (13/100) (//) - This guy actually calls himself a Libertarian. No way in hell you are.

    Hall of Roaches (Z Tier, 10-0)

    • Altemism (4/100) (//) - Reactionary? Anti-Globalism? Anti-Capitalism? Socialist? Anti-Western? Yeah, you are pretty much my opposite!
    • Filipino Fuhrer (2/100) (//) - Alt of Confederate Crusader. You also have retarded beliefs. Atleast we hate Saddam Hussein, Putin, etc but for completely different reasons
    • Nickfuentesfan (2/100) (//) -
    • Vizdun (1/100) - You would make the culture war 10 times worse with your extreme progressivism, and then next, there's the fact that you support Juche. And let me add this, I can't even explain the worst parts...
    • Comrade Kretk (0.1/100) (//) - One of the worst users here. Vandalized pages on this wiki, vandalized pages to fit his bullcrap communist propaganda, actively supports Stalinist USSR (either downplaying or denying shit like Lysenkoism and Holodomor), Denied Beria's history of rape, "The Tatars deserved it", vandalized users pages because they dared to oppose your bullshit, and created a lot alts to continue that. You got rightfully banned, keep crying. Cry how much you want.
    • Implianium (0.01/100) - Disgusting degenerate!
    • Comrade Phil Thought (0.000001/100) (//) - Literally me after seeing your page
    • Hydra (0.000000000000000001/100) (//) - Schizo-fascist who unironically supports pedophilia and rape. Not to mention he planned to blow up a power plant. Get this motherfucker locked up and straight to jail.
      • Hitler Rouge - SHUT THE FUCK UP, (((NEOCUCKSERVATIVE)))!!
    • MugiKotobuki8814ism (0/100) (//) - White supremacist, nazi, fascist, peronist and a nazbol. My complete opposite. Would NOT recommend.


  • Anti-Anti-Liberalism -
  • Anti-Communism - FUCK COMMUNISM! Though a lot of you are either Fascists, which is cringe.
  • Anti-Putinism - Fuck Vladimir Putin!
  • Anti-Stalinism - Based! Though a lot of you are either Fascists or Trotskyists, which is cringe.
  • Anti-Totalitarianism - While I do want to impose Statism, I still wanna let people have freedoms.
  • Anti-Authoritarianism - Ditto.
  • Anti-Racism - If you're racist, then you have below 130 IQ.
  • Meh


    Personal opinions on a few countries (Referring only to the political and social situation of these countries, not to the people as whole)


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     Bread and Circuses Thought - I developed new ideology add it

    •  Bread and Circuses Thought - Wdym you can't rate it? The page clearly shows what ideology is about (wanting beer to parliament), which doesn't need long essays, because it's one simple thing what it supports, so it can be explained with couple sentences. So basically you can rate your opinion about bringing beer to parliament when you're rating the ideology, because it's same thing.
    • Ego-Stalinism - A D D
    • Pensamiento de Champi Add Me? Please

    I'm rewriting this shit.

    1. Corporate Darwinism is a ideology that strongly denies and make fun of poor people, also steal money without someone's permission, but they refused someone's requests to return their money
    2. LOL no just because I hate Fatah and Hamas doesn't mean I support Likud.
    3. Adding this, the PKI did some ATROCITIES against its political rivals (7 Generals on the Indonesian Ground Forces), brutally murdered them with a sickle, and put them in a pit of CROCODILES! Also, the PKI disrupted Muslims from praying Subuh, and even ripped the quran with a sickle, etc. (Info from Oreo)
    • Belousism - Add me if I deserve a -1 rating :)
    • Danielism - Please add me.
    • Humanitarian Socialism
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    • - Add stuff for the recent African coups in Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, and Gabon. To your geopolitics section.