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    Cybermutualism is a left leaning and very libertarian (potentially anarchist) economic system which utilises information technology to facilitate economic interactions in a free market socialist society. It is influenced by Cybercommunism, the idea that cybernetics should be used to plan a socialist economy, however differs in two major ways:

    • There should not be one centralised planned economy, instead many voluntary “cyber-collectives”
    • The AI that plans the economy should not act as a boss, it should instead facilitate trade between individuals who, with access to cybernetic technology, will be able to form organic and voluntary supply chains free from exploitation


    Cyber-collectives may be very small (only a few thousand or even hundred people) or large (up to the size of a small country). Unlike co-ops, cyber-collectives have a strong incentive to grow, since specialisation allows individuals within the collectives more opportunity to trade, and may allow for more (voluntary) specialisation. However it is important that cyber-collectives are voluntary, as many people will prefer a more communal lifestyle, and cyber-collectives must stay competitive if they are to truly offer a better life for people.

    Individual trade

    Within these cyber collectives, it is likely that the means of production would controlled by an AI which allocates them based on efficiency and market demand. This would be to prevent exploitation and conflict between members of the cyber-collective, utilising their ownership to gain economic leverage over others. However, an individual within a collective would work and receive the full value of their labour by selling the goods and services they produce on a digital market, and they would be payed in a virtual currency. This currency could be used to buy goods and services off of other members but not to buy the means of production from the AI, as these are owned collectively.

    Potential Policies

    Cybermutualist collectives could take on many of the functions of the state, such as providing free education and healthcare coverage, if this is calculated to efficiently improve the lives of its citizens and agreed to by the individuals joining the collective.


    Cybermutualist collectives could begin as websites which allow users to work for each other by doing small tasks without needing a boss (this could work well with Agorism) and growing their user base. The collective would be incentivised to grow, but will need to access capital and land in order to function. This may be acquired in a revolution, or could be acquired through voluntary transactions. Cybermutualism is compatible with most forms of anarchism. It is socialist, however cybermutualist collectives could easily exist in a sufficiently technological anarcho-capitalist society.



    •   Anarcho-Communism - Fellow libertarian socialist who wants decentralised social ownership.
    •   Anarcho-Capitalism - I'm glad you would allow me to exist, but would you fear me taking over?
    •   Agorism - The internet can let us replace statist institutions with voluntary ones.
    •   Geolibertarianism - Giving people equal ownership of land would really help our goals.
    •   FALGSC - We could achieve you eventually, as long as you don't mind a little bit of digital currency.
    •   Market Socialism - A market economy and a socialist society are compatible, but co-ops may not be the way to go.
    •   Geomutualism - You're almost there, just become a little more cyber!
    •   Left-Rothbardianism - Yeah I'm really pissed off we don't have more capital and land, it's definitely the state's fault.
    •   anarcho-transhumanism - Why do we need the state to get so involved in our lives when we have technology?
    •   Panarchism - Yes! And people should choose to be part of cybermutualist collectives!
    •   Anarcho-Collectivism - Currency and collective ownership? Based.
    • File:Wishlist.png Wishlist Communism - Okay, buy why no markets?


    •   Distributism - It would be really useful if everyone could have more resources to bring to our collectives, but I somehow don't think we're going to be good friends.



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