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    Cybercapitalism is an off compass right wing and civilly variable (but likely authoritarian) economic system which combines cyber planning with private ownership. It is the consequence of advanced artificial intelligence becoming centralised into the hands of a small group of private owners. It's existence is possible under the following conditions:

    • Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it can make investments and other economic decisions better than any capitalist could
    • This technology is controlled by a small group of private owners, who control access to and knowledge of this technology
    • Wealth and resources are consolidated to the point where this technology has little to no chance of being re-invented
    • Free market capitalism is the dominant economic system

    This would likely happen as a result of greater advancements in the enforcement of copyright and the corporatisation of computing and computing research, as the general public would have no way of taking and using this advanced technology for themselves.

    Resultant Society

    A cybercapitalist economy would lead to zero social mobility (the main reason for its position as off compass), as capitalists are entirely reliant on ownership over artificial intelligence and technology to reward them rather than their own merits. This access to technology would likely be inherited, as they would likely have the power to extend patents indefinitely (as seen with Disney) or to otherwise use their wealth to further consolidate their power.

    The economy would appear to function similarly to cybercommunism, but would be more likely to follow supply and demand and would privilege an elite few owners.

    The beginnings of cybercapitalism are already beginning to show with AIs being used to trade shares.

    A Way Out

    Cybercapitalism may seem like an inevitable result of neoliberalism, but it has some weaknesses:

    • Knowledge about AI is not limited to the elites
    • It would likely be met with resistance from the less corrupt governments of the world
    • Open source programming and piracy can keep access to technology open to everyone


    Cybercapitalism is aristocratic, and considers programmers not working for him to all be communist.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with white.
    3. Draw a gold cog/gear with rounded teeth in the middle.
    4. In the cog/gear draw a gold C with little lines coming the top and bottom
    5. Add a gold top hat
    6. Add the eyes, with the left eye being a gold cyber monocle with a green light, and you're done
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Gold #d5a500 213, 165, 0
    Green #00ff46 0, 255, 70



    • Corporatocracy - My more primitive self, you'll help me get governments on my side.
    • Pinkertonism - Hey can you help me get rid of some dangerous communists?
    • Neoliberalism - A good friend who helped me get where I am today.
    • Aristocracy - Where we're going, we don't need equal opportunity.


    • Anarcho-Capitalism - I am fine with you, you respect intellectual property too, right? RIGHT?
    • Meritocracy - We are already suited for power, there is no need for competition or equal opportunity.


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