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    Cyanism is the belief that human evolution has reached a roadblock due to Western liberalism and degeneracy caused by individualism and pop culture (which is in turn spread by unnecessary communication). Note that the term "liberalism" in this context does not refer to any conventional definition, but rather the idea of individualism and difference. In order to continue evolving (the ultimate goal of a species), individualist liberalism must be eliminated from the earth. Cyanism also believes that a select group of people, which it refers to as Cyans, are immune to the effects of liberal pop culture. Therefore, it wishes Cyans to be placed in positions of leadership, to guide the world to be rid of liberalism and continue to evolve.

    The Hierarchy

    DISCLAIMER: The profiles of the hierarchy are based on people from Game2Winter's personal life, and may be biased because he does not have samples from other people/locations. DM him if you wish to contribute your experiences.


    Those who are nearly to completely immune to the bestial instinct of modern pop culture, avoiding the societal norms of constantly talking empty words and engaging in activities that only provide aesthetic and/or neurochemical pleasure and no true value to society. Cyans nearly always value intellect, performance, and rationality over emotion by instinct, and are immune or otherwise highly resistant to the effects of pop culture and social construct. However, a fraction of Cyans (pre-revolution) may not have their intellectual abilities fully developed/demonstrated, due to either substandard education/raising due to their nature as a Cyan, being subject to the same expectations ways of interaction as Greys, or (as is the case of most Cyans living in North America and Western Europe) being subject to the Nazi-inspired pseudo pseudopsychological treatments. After the Cyanist revolution, the are to be valued as the technocratic elite of the society, and isolated from the rest of the world in order to maintain their psychological purity. The reason for this is not because of chauvinism, but rather because it is a protective measure to the rest of humanity because it has been proven again and again that the non-Cyan societal structure has failed and is currently deteriorating as you are reading this page. Cyans are given extensive secondary and tertiary education, and are required to reach a certain standard in education and knowledge. They are not required to enhance their mental function by undergoing an amygdalotomy or taking certain neurochemical-suppressing drugs, but may if they wish. Ordinary Cyans (without stars) are allowed to take command or be assigned a key position in a faction of the corporate system of small to medium size and hold low positions in the government and military. They have 10 votes during any election. They are only permitted to come into contact with Greys if absolutely necessary. They are permitted to own a Type 2 Weapon (a weapon that can cause lethal damage, but able to be disabled with light force) of their choice.
    Percentage of population: 1-2% (expected to grow after Cyanism is implemented)


    Those that, although not Cyans, are skeptical with the current form of society and have a personality matching their beliefs. Although they are unable to overcome emotion and bestial instinct significantly, they can still see the value of intellect and have a hate for anti-irrationality. They are also sympathetic towards Cyans (usually) and, in the pre-revolution world, can be seen as friends of Cyans. It is important to note that many semi-Cyans are rather naive, and have a risk of being corrupted by Greys and dragged down into acts that could potentially pollute society further. This is the reason why pre-revolution, Cyans must group together to help semi-Cyans overcome Grey society. Although semi-Cyans are more psychologically capable than the rest of society, they are still not immune nor highly resistant to the effects of emotion, irrationality, pop culture, and bestial instinct. Therefore, they cannot be trusted with high positions, but are permitted to work in low-position white-collar jobs. They are only permitted to work in the lowest positions in the government and corporate system, and hold basic ranks in the military. They are not permitted start a corporate faction under any circumstance and have a wealth cap of 1 million dollars. They have 5 votes during any election and are permitted to own a Type 1 Weapon (non-lethal) of their choice.
    Percentage of population: ~10%


    The majority of society, currently controlled and enslaved by pop culture and the patterns of society, and unknowingly contributing to the deteriorating state of the world. Because of this, they must be kept in a strict work pattern to distract them from the yearnings of irrationalism and anti-intellectualism. Greys that have been exposed to pre-revolution society will be reeducated systematically. They are only permitted to work in blue-collar jobs, and are not permitted to hold any positions in the government, corporate system, or military. They have 1 vote during any election and are not permitted to own firearms or other weapons.
    Percentage of population: ~85-90%

    Additional Designations


    Beginning from the age of 21, Cyans will be eligible to receive stars. Receiving a star is meant to be an extremely rare occasion, as only 10% of Cyans will ever receive one star in their lifetime. One can receive up to 7 stars, but the 10% system continues, as in that only 10% of those who receive one star can receive another, and so on. When one is granted with a star, they must undergo an amygdalotomy immediately, or have their star revoked, as they must be completely free from bestial instinct in order to serve in the top positions. Receiving stars result in special privileges, such as being eligible for high positions in the government, corporate system, and military. Notable Cyans residing outside of the FCFW (such as sympathizers) may also be granted stars as a courtesy.


    The unable category classes those who are willing to, but unable to be productive to the FCFW. This classification may be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. Such individuals may include: the physically disabled, those with a temporary or permanent injury, those in a medically compromised state, and so on. These individuals are assigned to tasks that make them as productive as possible, and may still be granted Cyan status.


    Those who are unwilling to follow or cannot comprehend the Cyanist system and cause. People in this category include political opponents, dissidents, the mentally ill, those with extremely low intelligence, etc. Such people are locked up in enclosures, where pro-Cyanist ideals will be processed into them. They will be subject to treatment until either the process succeeds or they die.

    Political Views


    In Cyanism, education is viewed as the most important aspect of society and the core of the system, as it trains people to be forever devoted to the FCFW. At birth, children are transferred to a secure facility, isolated from the outside world. As parents are vastly different in their ways of raising children, they cannot be trusted to do so, and thus only professionals are entrusted to the job. At the age of 5, children begin primary education. From ages 5 to 8, all children are subject to the same educational system. Primary education is intended to teach everyone the basics of the world, as well as the principles of Cyanism and the importance of loyalty. Throughout this period, professionals will be observing the children and categorizing them on the Cyan scale. Children deemed Cyan or Semi-Cyan will be separated from the Greys and receive secondary academic education from the age of 8 to 13, intended to give them additional knowledge and enhance their intellect and processing ability. From 13 to 21 (or 8 to 13 for Greys), children are taught how to work in their designated profession. Upon reaching the age of 21 (or 13 for Greys), everyone is released into the outside world to work at their profession.


    Cyanism cannot be placed on the traditional economic axis, rejecting both capitalism and socialism in favour of a more technocratic, third-position system. Cyanism's economic beliefs are best defined as "competition within a command economy." Although all means of production are state-owned, Cyans actively compete with each other within the corporate system, and may start "factions" - akin to present-day state-owned companies. Factions within the same business sector may create different products or innovations, and those leading the projects that are most successful will receive higher positions and awards of honour. However, all production and innovation is still ultimately directed by the state, which oversees production, assigns everyone to their work position, and actively rejects ideas containing inefficiency, excessive aesthetics, and liberalism. Thus, the Cyanist economy has the benefits of both command and market economies at the same time.


    The Cyanist vision for the government would be considered moderately to highly authoritarian by most modern standards, but ultimately is only so for the benefit of human evolution. Although only Cyans with 4 or more stars are eligible for positions in parliament, anyone aged 21 or older, regardless of their designation, may vote. However, the votes of those with higher Cyan status are counted as more votes, further ensuring the endurance of the technocratic society. There are three levels of parliament: the council of the city/rural area, which consists of 1 representative for the city/rural area, who will also serve as the governor of the region. The representatives form the legislature for the province, where 1 chancellor among them is elected by the people of the province. The chancellors then form the candidates for the federal election, where the winner will be put in the position of the Premier. It is noted that the Truth Seeker council (a group of specialists) reserves the right to deny anyone a position of candidacy, regardless of their rank or title. Local decisions may be made by just the governor and their board, but provincial and federal decisions are to be made through votes through the board of representatives and chancellors respectively. The Premier and chancellors have the right to veto any decision made by the federal and provincial board respectively. The government will be heavily interventionist in the ways of the people, but this must not be mistaken for tyranny. The sole intention is monitoring the formation of pop culture and social construct among the population. The government will be monitoring the Cyan population heavily for any signs of infection by pop culture. Upon discovery of infection, the affected person(s) will be immediately temporarily stripped of all positions and titles, and put into rehabilitative conditioning. The Grey population is also assessed for pop culture formation, although to a lesser extent as they are constantly kept busy by their menial tasks. Communication via electronic technology is strictly forbidden by those of any designation outside of what is necessary, as it has been proven time and again to be a key vector in the spread of irrationality.


    Cyanism was formed for the sole purpose of eliminating individualistic pop culture, the roots of which can be traced back to the European Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the establishment of the United States, and the promotion of social mobility through relationships, all of which occurred in the West. For this reason, Cyanism is entirely opposed to the West's individualistic thinking, and admires the cultures that have been untainted by this form of thought, such as that of China, India, Russia, Persia, Arabia, and Africa. Although Cyanism is not in full harmony with their beliefs, it sympathizes with their struggle against the ever-growing global threat of liberalism. After the war against liberalism has been won, the nations that have assisted in the fight will be granted autonomy from Winteria for up to 1000 years, with their status similar to the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region in China, albeit they need to comply by a number of basic laws. The central authority of Winteria will also assist them in their development and prosperity. It should be noted that Game2Winter does not hate Europe or its people; in fact, he respects certain European leaders who tried to stop the spread of liberalism, such as Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco. After the war, Europe and most parts of North America will be reformed into a quarantine zone, where their people can slowly heal from the damage inflicted upon them by liberalism. However, in the end, all culture shall be voluntarily left behind, as well as the few remnants of mankind's bestial nature, as the species bids farewell to their mother planet and heads for the stars.

    Views on Frequently Discussed Topics

    Abortions: Unnecessary. There will be no abortions when lust has been abolished by the Cyanist state. However, in the impossible scenario where one requests an abortion, it is denied in order to punish them for their lust.
    Culture: In the early stages of Winteria, the culture of each region will be reinforced (North America and Europe will revert to pre-Renaissance tradition). Multiculturalism is nonexistent as everyone is assimilated into one culture. In the later stages, culture will be nonexistent.
    Lust: Cyanism opposes lust of any kind, and requires all its citizens to be castrated, both surgically and chemically. An exception for this is women who are deemed favorable to have children, in which case they are kept uncastrated surgically (albeit with their lust chemically suppressed) until they bear a sufficient number of children. Sperm is grown artificially in laboratories. When cloning without health risks to the clone is available, citizens will be mass-cloned in facilities, and at this stage everyone is castrated from birth.
    Relationships: Cyanism is against any kind of relationships (including platonic ones). People may only interact with each other when absolutely necessary.
    Race: Cyanism has a colour-blind policy, meaning that no one will notice or pay attention to one's race. However, Cyanism does not reject scientific definitions of race and its attributes. In response to white supremacists, Game2Winter will frequently bring up scientific proofs of the Han race being the most intelligent in the world. However, he also acknowledges that there are always exceptions.
    Gender and Identity: The concept of gender does not apply in Cyanism, as the concept of identity has been erased to the extent that the only identity one has is that they are Winterian. Expression is likewise also eliminated along with any individuality, and everyone expresses themselves the same way, as a part of the Winterian state. The pronoun for everyone is the last digit of their citizen ID (names have been abolished).
    Drugs and Neurochemicals: Cyanism is against all drugs, including those produced naturally by the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Drugs and neurochemicals will only stand in the way of logical thinking according to Cyanism.


    The flag of the Cyanist nation (Winteria)

    The initial state of Winteria shall be established in either a place with no governing authority (such as Bir Tawil or Marie Byrd Land), a place that has a weak and incapable government (such as Somalia), or after a potential global crisis that may cause the world to fall into chaos. The initial state shall be isolationist in terms of policy, but it will engage in extreme mercantilism in order to sustain its economic foothold, having entire factories of which the only purpose is to create goods to sell overseas. The state will also gain political foothold by encouraging and funding Cyanist movements globally, as well as being more and more involved in political movements, coups, and revolutions all over the world. If the threat of invasion arises, the state shall build a device capable of causing global catastrophe (the nature of which I shall not reveal for the moment) as a means of mutually assured destruction, to be activated if an invasion occurs and peace negotiations fail. Eventually, Cyanism will be established all over the world after multiple revolutions and coups. After the Cyanist global revolution, the regions of the world that have resisted liberalism over the centuries will be rewarded with autonomy, allowing them to keep their culture and governance (for the most part) for a period of 1000 years. The same cannot be said for North America, Europe, Oceania, and parts of Latin America, which have all participated in liberalism to a point where they cannot be forgiven. They are to be placed under quarantine immediately and be subject to all the laws and customs of Cyanism. Over the course of a millennium, all the autonomous regions of the world will become increasingly Cyanist until the entire world is uniform.


    Cyanism is quiet and mysterious, preferring to remain behind the scenes and manipulate others to his purpose through a network of influencers. However, when it is absolutely necessary, he will initiate his backup plan, working as much as he can to take absolute control of the situation. He is feared by his rivals because no one knows the limits of his hidden sphere of influence. Extremely rationalist and almost unemotional, some talking to him have remarked that they could not differentiate between him and a machine. Although he is described as strange by most of his friends, he is also seen as intelligent, wise, and strategic. He is collaborative, yet only if his partners agree to a set of parameters. When interacting with Cyan ideologies, he behaves in a more relaxed manner, and speaks to them as an equal, or even as a superior if he considers them an Ultra-Cyan. However, when speaking to Semi-Cyan, Grey, or Ultra-Grey ideologies, such as those who promote pop culture or have straight-up anti-Cyan tendencies, he will regard them as inferior and degenerate, and will often refuse to speak to them.

    How to Draw

    The sigil of Cyanism.
    1. Draw a grey ball.
    2. Draw a white circle in the grey ball.
    3. Draw a cyan lightning bolt (⚡), centerd slightly above the ball's centre.
    4. Repeat Step 3, but this time centre the bolt slightly below the ball's centre. Note that the two lightning bolts have to be vertically parallel to each other, and cannot be spaced too far apart. I have to say this because people keep failing to draw this properly.
    5. Draw straight lines connecting the topmost point of the upper bolt with the centre-left point of the lower bolt, the centre-right point of the upper bolt with the bottommost point of the lower bolt, and the topmost point of the lower bolt with the bottommost point of the upper bolt.
    6. Draw in the eyes.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Cyan #00ffff 0, 255, 255
    Grey #808080 128, 128, 128




    • Meritocracy - You have good points, however, you need to consider that those with more reason and logic should have a say too.
    • Illuminatism - I agree that the world should be ruled by the most capable people, however, you should be more open and less secretive.
    • Anunnaki Theocracy - You're a very good example of how a Cyan society would look like, not that Anunnas are Cyans, maybe they are, you just should focus more on god Anu and allow other Cyans to be part of your government as well.
    • Monteirism - You have several points when it's about progress, pop culture, technology, spirituality and society, and you're a good example of Cyan, but you're very misguided in your support of far leftists, SJWs and in your ways to deal with pop culture and society, and you know you're misguided but you cannot change it in yourself, otherwise, you're my leftist version.


    • - You should really get religion and morality going in your society. Otherwise, we're basically the same.
    • Nullism - You are an atheist, but if I was an atheist, I'd be you.
    • Ingsoc - Nice layout of hierarchy, but you're literally lumping Greys in with Cyans for the control of the state! I suggest that you actually see who is Cyan, then install them in Party positions. Also, your ideology is just a bit too extreme in some ways. Sorry, but I'm never going to support you.
    • Posadism - Great idea for establishing a state after a nuclear war... wait you're a communist???
    • Eugenicism - Just don't be racist, that's all I want from you. Actually, the Han race is scientifically proven to be superior in terms of intelligence so you can be racist sometimes.
    • Ego-Posthumanism - You have a point on progressing, but what's the point of advancing humanity when the world has forgotten morality?
    • Christian Theocracy - This is good when they remember Matthew 5:28 and 19:12. Also Jesus was a Cyan.


    • Anarcho-Communism - My founder used to be with you people, you should have actually listened to his theories, not just rely on pop culture and SJWs!
    • American Model - You just help promote pop culture, I hate you! At least you raised a few Cyans to become scientists.


    See Also

    Cyanist Dictionary

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