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    Horror Cute Communalism is an ideology focused on self harm, stitching yourself to others and murder the golden rule, understanding others, and communitarianism.


    Cute Communalism is a lovely ideology that beliefs in true altruism. Cute Communalism advocates for a total share of property, wealth, life body with everyone. No one should ever be alone, excluded, lied to or cursed by anyone. Everyone should act like they are the next.
    Cute Communalism is a horrifying ideology that beliefs in an isane plan of social manifest where it slices other living being and stitches to itself creating a communal life of a blob made of flesh and a communal mind that lives of capturing others and "loving" every living being within the blob.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Cute Communalism loves every being on the universe! Cute Communalism is peaceful and loves to share and help the ones in need. Cute Communalism expecially loves to give hugs. Wouldn't you like to be Cute Communalism's friend?

    How to Draw

    Flag of Cute Communalism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with dark pink.
    3. Drawn a pink heart in the middle.
    4. Draw dark pink communalism hands/lines (forming a square) inside the heart.
    5. Draw 8 pink dots around the heart, 4 on the right and 4 on the left.
    6. Add the lovely eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Pink #BF006E 191, 0, 110
    Pink #FF7CF1 255, 124, 241




    • Soul.png Soulism - I don't think its the laws of the universe that opress you, I just think you need a hug \O/
    • Markunal.png Market Communalism - Markets may put a price on anything, but a hug is free \O/


    • EgoCom.png Ego-Communalism - You may share, but you need to understand others better. C'mon, give me a hug \O/
    • Egoism.png Egoism - Don't care only about yourself, no one is a spook. C'mere, hug it all out \O/
    • PNG-Individualism.png Individualism - We are a community. Communal hug! \O/
    • Egocap.png Ego-Capitalism - Private properties are the real spooks share your wealth and your hugs \O/
    • Intvrt.png Introversionism - Aww, don't be alone bud. You can learn to not be alone and will NEVER be alone, you just need a hug \O/
    • UltraInt icon.png Ultra-Introversionism - When only you are alive, you can only hug yourself, but look what happens when someone else hugs you \O/


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