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    One day, Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png was tired an thinking about his waifu-makima and others, but...... Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png(Open the doors)
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: My lade, Ahhhhhhh! Makima: What's wrong, my pet?
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: Look at yourself.
    Makima:(Screaming Terribly). Why I become too fat and my feet looks like a stone, it swelled!
    Other Waifus of Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png-WTH of us, we're ugly!
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: What happened?
    Makima: Idk but I saw a bright light with a missile exploded then we are not died, I think we were good before it happened. Besides, why you look more handsome before?
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: Who hate waifu the most, mostly SJW and Terfs.
    (Phone Call)
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: Who's calling?
    Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png:This is Mikhail Celflosky Speaking. My Waifu......
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png:Don't be too sad, My waifu too...... Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png:I just know where are the missiles from. LibLeft zone. I knew it just TERF posted it.
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png:That Terftard, eat my lead! Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png:Let's start a conference at the Centreland, the telephone cost too much money from my E-wallet.
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: (Sending Email- We have to start a conference in Centreland).
    (8 hours later)
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png&Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png: Ok, is anyone come? Please line up and answer your count, I want to know how many people come.
    Arctoism Icon.png Arctoism:1!
    AaronSH.png Aaronism:3!
    Evol Soc:4!
    Joey Floppa:9!!
    Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism AdmAlt icon.png:14!!

    Chirotesla (new).png :15!!

    (Count lasting sometimes)
    Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png: Wait Template:NameQuarkism, I guess you're here because you don't like Terf.
    Template:NameQuarkism: That's Right! Actually, there are many people come because they don't like Terf just look like me.
    CS:Asuna, I'll save you and destroy the SJW and Terf.

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