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    Cupcakes is a polcompball Shockfic based on the MLP shockfic of the same name.



    The air was warm, the sun was shining, and all of Polcompia was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded. Busy users were making their busy way through the streets. All the pony folk seemed to have somewhere to be. All Except for Anti-Anti-Centerism, he had to meet with Airisu in five minutes. He’d gotten so caught up in Killing Extremists that he nearly forgot about it.

    Airisu.png - Why did you invite me here?

    AntiAntiCent.png - Oh, baking cupcakes.

    Airisu.png - I'm not really good at baking.

    AntiAntiCent.png - You just need to help me do one thing

    Airisu.png - What's That?

    AntiAntiCent.png - Just come here, I'll tell you what to do. You just need to try this cupcake I made.

    Airisu.png - I thought I was going to help you bake

    AntiAntiCent.png - Oh, you need to try this cupcake so i can have your feedback

    Airisu shrugged and popped the pastry in her mouth, she chewed a bit, but didn't swallow

    Airisu.png - Ok, now what?

    AntiAntiCent.png - Now you take a nap

    Upon hearing that, Airisu felt lightheaded. Her world spun and ,seconds later, she dropped to the floor.

    When Airisu regained conciseness, she found herself in a dark room. She struggled to move and found that a leather strap kept her firmly in place. As she writhed, AntiAntiCent jumped into her line of sight.

    AntiAntiCent.png - Great, now you're awake, let's start

    Airisu.png - What’s going on? I can’t move!

    AntiAntiCent.png - Well, duh, you’re tied down

    Airisu.png - But why? What’s happening? I thought you said I was going to help make cupcakes.

    AntiAntiCent.png - You are helping. You see. I need you to get the special ingridient.

    Airisu.png - Special ingredient ?

    AntiAntiCent.png - You, silly.

    Airisu.png - Woo, really got me there, I mean, tricking me in to thinking I’m gonna make cupcakes only for ME to be made into cupcakes

    AntiAntiCent.png - I know who you are and that’s why I’m so happy it’s that I’ve got you here

    Airisu.png - But, the other balls will wonder where I am. They’ll come looking for me and then you’ll get found out

    AntiAntiCent.png - Oh, don't worry, no will find out. I mean, how long do you think I’ve been doing this?

    Airisu.png - Oh god, no

    Airisu reeled in horror at the image presented to her. The room was decorated with colorful streamers of dried entrails danced around the ceiling, brightly painted skulls of all sizes were stuck on the walls, and organs done up in pastels filled with helium tied to the backs of chairs. Airisu cringed at the center piece on the table nearest to her. The corpses of four balls, their eyes closed like they were sleeping, wearing party hats made from their own skin. She recognized one of them as a Kira Kween Thought.

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