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    Crypto-Totalitarian Entertainment

    Crypto-Totalitarian Entertainment believes that the best way to run a secretive world government is to kickstart world events that are as shocking and entertaining as possible. Reasons for this may vary, it could be just to make the world a more interesting place, or it could be to purposefully divert the public's attention away from other events being orchestrated.

    Personality and Behaviour

    They're very flamboyant and dedicated to keeping things interesting and the ratings up. They could even break the 4th wall in some sense if you wanna be that guy.

    How to Draw

    1. Fill the ball in black
    2. Draw a pink triangle in the middle
    3. Give the triangle a brick texture
    4. Put a white masquerade over the triangle
    5. Accesorize with a white cane, bow and top hat if you want to



    • Trumpism- He's like a magnet for global attention, truly one of our best assets!
    • Putinism You may be a monster but hot damn do you get me some good ratings!
    • Posadism- A show-stopper like you deserves to be kept for a season finale!
    • Bio-Posadism- A global pandemic is an interesting way to shake up the plot
    • Illuminatism- He knows the best way to direct this play is from the shadows
    • Satirism- Comes up with the best material


    • Neoliberalism- My current cover and current canvas
    • Fordism- I'm all for keeping the masses entertained, but this seems a little.. depraved?
    • Mediacracy- Double-edged sword, proceed with caution
    • Anarcho-Entertainment- You help me figure out what's popular with certain demographics, but you should stop letting social media control you and start using it to control other people!


    Further Information


    Flag of Crypto-Totalitarian Entertainment
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