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    Crypto-Capitalism or CrypCap for short, is a culturally neutral, usually libertarian, economic right ideology that advocates for a system were all trades are made by cryptocurrencies, similar to Hayekism, that compete with each other for the best service and more secure one's. CrypCap believes that most efficient way to run an economy is through decentralization of industry and fair competition. It is very laissez-faire-ist but also believes in a minimum state to regulate and prevent monopolies from being formed. CrypCap believes in general that the government is better when only protecting property rights and consumer rights, similar to a Night-Watchman state, although differently from Minarchism it doesn't believe the market can wipe monopolies off by itself.

    Crypto-Capitalism main ideal is that markets and industry should be decentralised, Crypto-Capitalism and all other forms of crypcap understand that currencies are another industry and therefore should be decentralised.







    • Mutualism - We can be friends if you accept Crypto LaborCoins.
    • Piratism - HEY HEY HEY! DON'T SCREENSHOT!!


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