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    Crux Model is the ideology of Beidou and the Crux Fleet as a whole. It is mostly a libertarian right and market ideology that reflects mostly ideas and what Beidou does and the Crux Fleet as a whole.



    The Crux Fleet is organized into two teams, the Sword of the Crux and the Shield of the Crux. The Sword of the Crux's task handles naval warfare as well as handling cargo matters. Basically they handle mostly the outward business and affairs of the crux. The Shield of the Crux handles mostly the day-to-day things and logistics of the Crux like navigation, survival skills, counseling, cartography, maritime rescue, maritime meteorology, and even recreational activities.

    Principles and Doctrine

    The Crux although hates Treasure Hoarders respect the first come first serve rule when regarding treasure. The Crux operates outside of the law of countries not really adhering to any law of any country only adhering to the doctrines of the Crux Fleet itself. Crux Fleet believes in doing business with businesses to make money shipping cargo between Liyue and Inazuma or through illegal trading as a great way to generate revenue. Crux Model also believes in helping people in need whenever possible even beyond the "commodifying humans" principle which has been the center of Liyue business and will do whatever they can to help them.


    Crux Model is the personality of Beidou, brave, adventurous, and tough at sea. He can take a commission form time to time shipping good from one place to another and also likes to do illegal trade. Crux Model is also a mercenary willing to fight for who gets paid but also has heart in who she serves. Crux Model takes huge offense if you say that she has something to do with Liyue Qixing or is an associate of Ningguang calling herself her own boss.



    • Hydrarchy - The Crux Fleet rules the waves and Beidou is the uncrowned king of the oceans!
    • Communitarianism - I provide a lot of services for my crew members and treat them as family.
    • Agorism - One of my ways of making money is by doing illegal trade.
    • Vigilantism - I like to help people in need and fight against Treasure Hoarders.
    • Mercenary System - The Crux also provides mercenary assistance.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - I'm hired by her to help defend her against the Shogunate and I kinda like her ideals.
    • Frontierism - Sailing in the seas is such fun!
    • Humanitarianism - You wanna know why I help the common folk? Why not? Everyone has their low points in life. I don't really do anything, other than help steer those who are truly lost towards a brighter future.
    • Anarchism - My operations operate outside of the law.


    • Illegalism - I break the law a lot, I can handle the fines the Qixing give me. But I hate Treasure Hoarders.
    • Liyue Model - We have a complicated relationship. Ningguang and me cooperate from time to time but remember you're only cooperating with Beidou not the Crux Fleet and I am my own boss! Also I have a lot of people who admire me in Liyue.
    • Capitalism - I get most of my revenue from business and markets but I'm not greedy unlike you.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Yes I'm you against the Shogunate and I taken Kazuha for protection against the Shogunate and helped the Watatsumi Rebels but I don't like to do the same in Liyue. I cooperate with the Liyue Qixing more.


    • Ei's Eternity - Yeah I gave protection to Kazuha and cooperate with the Watatsumi Rebels what's your point?
    • Primalism - Oh this is gonna be a big catch!
    • Anarcho-Egoism - Yeah I like to help people! You have a problem with that?
    • Kleptocracy - You are the real criminals here! Not me and you're the reason why I'm joining the rebels against you!
    • Senatorialism - The time I slaughter you there will be so many legends of your defeat in Liyue!
    • Deep Ecology - What do you mean that killing that huge leviathan is wrong?

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