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    Counterrevolutionary5708 thought/Relationships with Self-Insertions

    I simply want to announce my return to the PCB community, and for now, I am not accepting requests for self-insert additions to my relationships page, as I want to focus on my main page

    Relationships with Self-Insertions



    • Patrick thought - Based, but you're Orthodox and you need to be more reactionary.


    • - A bit based, just needs to be more Catholic and less progressive
    • Constantine - (You are literally Landian philosophy, but with more religious approaches) Based, I reckon I'm literally a sedevacantist Catholic version of yours, but I wholly disagree with the orthodox doctrine and oppose the lying and satanic Belisarius who invented falsehoods about Pope Saint Silverius I, which led to his exile and death


    • Rigby Thought - Not bad. Both of us are Catholics, although nearly half of your ideas aren't very Catholic.


    • - Perhaps your thoughts align closely with mine regarding society and perhaps in politics. The issue is that you are a religious syncretist, and It destroys your thinking.



    • Caesar12ism - Your thinking is a Roman system with some changes. I share some ideas with you. I think you need to change many things in your ideas, but aside from that, your thinking is good. However, it needs to change in many aspects, including taxes and your form of government.
    • Altemism - You're a reactionary, monoculturalist, supporter of an aristocracy and a noocracy, Radical Traditionalist, and that's great, but you're also a socialist and mystical Lutheran, and that's extremely horrible.


    • - I don't have a formed opinion, but just because it's Strasserism, I'll put it here, and for supporting some thoughts I disagree with, I'll put it here. Terrible!
    • Gooberism - I disagree with most of the ideas you advocate for. I have nothing against distributism; Chesterton was quite based. The problem with your ideas is manifold, such as Georgism. I'm a bit skeptical about global warming, and I'm not entirely against industries, only urban areas. Industries shouldn't cease to exist; I just support their reduction. Industries assist citizens in their productions. And you're an illuminist, and that is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
    • - Gooberism, but a tad more goofy ahh. At least you're more decentralised than your old thinking

    Utterly dreadful

    • Literally my opposite:
    • Brazilian Liberalism - I agree with some of your opinions, but only a few. Your ideology is entirely contrary to my ideas. It's a worsened form of liberalism, as if liberalism wasn't bad enough already. I'm not sure if it's really the owner of the page who requested to be added, but it's fine.
    • Schumacherianism - You're a terrible ideology, but I agree with a few ideas, although I don't like it.
    • Meowxism - Your thoughts are completely opposite to mine. You are similar to the ideology below you, but you are not selfish and seem to be less crazy.
    • Glorified Communism - An anarcho-egoism with even worse ideas. This thinking is utterly insane! It's pure fantasy! He doesn't have much information, so I can't give a detailed opinion, but him idea alone is dreadful.
    • - Do not be mistaken: the Catholic Church has never condemned the accumulation of wealth unlike socialism. Several popes, bishops, and saints vehemently condemned socialism. Moreover, socialist governments were entirely anti-Catholic. But I think we should discuss this further later. Saint Thomas Aquinas believed there was no issue with wealthy individuals as long as they continued to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Temujin Leeism - We both use a triangle, or a pyramid, as a symbol, but your ideas are completely opposite to mine. You're almost identical to the idea below you, but even more leftist and crazier. Your idea is entirely unsustainable and completely against my beliefs; I don't understand how anyone could defend such a idea. You seem kind, but your ideas are unacceptable! Change while there's still time.
    • Neo-Optimateism - An entirely futuristic and off the political compass ideology, yet reactionary. Well, I am completely against the idea of post-humanism and ideas out of the political compass, radical ideas. I will put you in the negative for several other reasons besides the ones I mentioned. Despite you being a reactionary, I don't like your ideas.
    • Pantheonism - You are literally an ANTI-CATHOLIC AND PAGAN FEUDALISM, certainly one of the worst ideologies I've ever seen in my entire life. I recommend that you follow a well-known pagan tradition: conversion to the holy Catholic Church.
    • German.red.patriot - SOCIALIST!
    • - Do I need to say anything? Completely contrary to my thoughts, although we share some ideas, but the theory behind these ideas is different from mine.
    • MacDeko's thought - Most of your ideas are contrary to mine. Terrible
    • Ayafantoho Thought - I hope this is just larping, but most likely it isn't
    • Terekhofism - Your ideas are terrible. I don't like most of them, but at least you're a reactionary. I wouldn't be your friend, but you seem nice, and I think I could have a conversation or debate with you.
    • Niiloism - A very radical, nationalist, and pagan thought. I have nothing to say.
      • - Hyvin radikaali, hieman kiistanalainen ja kansallismielinen. Ei minulla ole mitään sanottavaa. Täysin vastoin omia ajatuksiani.
    • User:SpanishBasedAbsolutist - You're a fake reactionary and a false Catholic! The Catholic Church has condemned your fascism, your ultra-nationalism, and nationalism. You are not a Catholic and never will be! Pope Pius XI would be ashamed of you.

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